CrunchPad event possibly at the end of this month, unit for less than $300

Posted on 05 July 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

You’ve probably heard of the upcoming CrunchPad by now. Its a project started by Michael Arrington, and the goal of which is to bring a web tablet with easy to use functionality to market with a reasonable price.

A recent post on CrunchGear says that Arrington may be planning a CrunchPad event (presumably an official announcement/launch) at the end of this month, or perhaps early August. Additionally it looks like the final price of Intel Atom powered CrunchPad will still be under $300 which certainly seems reasonable as long as the device is adept at consuming web content.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: CrunchPad event possibly at the end of this month, unit for less than $300

  2. KN97a says:

    Can anybody tell what are the specs under the hood of this thing, can’t find it anywhere. Hope the browser and flash content are smooth enough for normal web surfing.

  3. ydtang says:

    CrunchPad event possibly at the end of this month, unit for less than $300

  4. DwaynePhillips says:

    The CrunchPad in a month or two

  5. Josef says:

    I like the idea behind this device and hope to see it soon. 300 $ will be a fair price i think.

  6. focus says:

    This is far better than Q7!and is atom not arm!!!

  7. Chippy says:

    I’m getting more and more worried about battery life on this.
    They will need 30-40wh of lithium polymer cells but that’s a very expensive item.


  8. joenoe says:

    it looks too good to be true. usually, that translates to a big let down. i wished it supports other browsers (opera, chrome, safari) and not just firefox.

    since it’s intended just for web browsing/youtube videos, i think the spec is going to be really low. if it’s going to use the intel atom cpu, then it’s probably going to be the slowing/cheapest version. the ram in this thing is probably around 64 mb or less considering it’s using a linux distribution. the hdd is probably around 32 gb or less.

    so is it really worth $300 just for browsing the web and playing back flash videos? it’s not very functional for anything else. also because it’s linux os, it’s going to be a pain to update the web browser when a new version is released.

  9. Mihnea Parascan says:

    [Umpc] CrunchPad event possibly at the end of this month, unit for less than $300

  10. IronHide says:

    I really am very curious about this device. As I already own a Netbook (HP Mini 2140 HD), I don’t need another one, which rules out the Gigabyte 1028, the Kohnjinsha SK3 and even the Viliv x70 or S7.
    Right now, I am looking for a slim, light device with which to read eBooks, pdf docs and browse the web.
    Right now, the only 2 contenders are the as-yet-unreleased AlwaysInnovating Touchbook and the Crunchpad. The Q7 did not really appeal to me, so that was crossed off the list.
    I guess we will see in a month or so. Isn’t the TouchBook supposed to be shipping their pre-orders soon?

  11. Ben says:

    TouchBook was supposed to send out an email to pre-order holders a few weeks back, but we haven’t seen anything yet, hopefully they didn’t take our money and run with it!

  12. Britman says:

    Nice design, I see this more of a coffee table device, something to quickly (hopefully) browse the net and read ebooks.
    But less then £250 ($300) not this side of the Q continuum. Also as Chippy says, battery life is a worry.

  13. squirrel says:

    did anybody find the weight? will it be 1 kg (like netbook) or much less (like always innovating)?

  14. PiotrBartkowiak says:

    They say it will go straight to browser after start so it won’t bring any new hardware.
    I hope it will be similar to Acer Aspire One AOA110 insight because I have one and you can do nice staff with it.
    cpu will be probably Atom N series, if it will have more than 8Gb of SSD I will be surprised, I would say 512mb of ram.
    Well that’s just what I would like to see. and I think price target it possible with this specks.

  15. icura says:

    or the Via Nano with a gig of ram and 12″ screen?

  16. atroz says:

    La CrunchPad-tableta se lanzará previsiblemente a final de mes y por menos de $300

  17. Robert says:

    If everything is true about this Crunchpad like 12 inch size, atom cpu, and a price of $300.
    Then it will be the talk of August 2009, overtaking Netbooks, which were the talk of August 2008.
    We all have to wait and see.
    Talk about a technology shift in tablet computer!!!!

  18. lintweaker says:

    For $300 it will be a nice webbrowsing only device. Although I hope the specs will allow a more generic use beyond just browsing.

    @joenoe with do you mean with “also because it’s linux os, it’s going to be a pain to update the web browser when a new version is released.” ?

    It seems you have not been paying attention to the current linux distros out there today. Just hit update and…although I guess you probably mean this device will have a custom Linux, I think it will not be very hard to update the browser :)

  19. Von Woodford says:

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