Gigabyte Touchnote T1028 (and 912M) Extended Battery Test.

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T1028M 046 The Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M [details] is a great convertible netbook. I’ve been using one as my main laptop for nearly 4 months now and I’m very very happy with it. Of course I’ve retro-fitted one of the new Runcore Pro IV SSD drives and added a 3G modem which connects to the pre-wired antenna turning it into more than your average netbook but even without the SSD and 3G it’s a great convertible netbook. The only niggle I have is with the 3hr battery life. My Ultimate Netbook U20 battery pack does a good job of back-up power duties but to make things a little more compact I bought the 6-cell battery pack option.

At 68 Euros plus tax, I wasn’t too exited about the price but it turns out that its more than just another 2 cells. The 6 cell pack has 170% the capacity of the standard battery and is returning 5.5 to 6hrs on-net working time. As I write this I have over 2hrs left with 36% battery remaining with the Wifi on and the backlight at 70%. With the standard battery as a spare, I have a full day’s computing available without having to worry about mains power.

The sizing is good too with no noticeable increase in height and only a small section jutting out from the rear.

T1028 with extended batt T1028 with 6 cell

Touchnote 4 and 6 cell Gigabyte 6 cell

Unfortunately the 6-cell sticks out too far for it to fit into the supplied case but if you attach the standard cell and put the 6-cell in the case pocket you’ve got up to 9 hours of netbooking!  Total weight of the T1028M with the 6-cell attached is 1450gm. (3lb 3oz)

If you’ve got the M912 or T1028M and need enough battery power for a full days work, the extended battery is the answer.

With the addition of the extended battery on the Touchnote I’ve run out of ideas for improvement. I honestly can’t think of anything that I don’t like about the device now. Agreed, it’s cost me way way more than any netbook available but there’s nothing out there that comes close. The T101H would be the only competitor but there’s still no word of a release date for that. If you’re waiting for the T101H, you might want to take a closer look at the T1028. (Note: The high-end version, T1028X, with the N280 and 1366×768 screen is available in the U.S. from the 2nd August)

T1028 M Product page.

I bought the extended battery at

17 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Gigabyte Touchnote T1028 (and 912M) Extended Battery Test.

  2. James Pond says:

    On a side note, I should receive my T91 on Saturday! :-)

  3. James Pond says:

    By the way, shouldn’t the T1028X provide better battery figures by using the N280? Well maybe that won’t be a big improvement, since it seems to still use the 945GSE chipset instead of US15W. (which can be a very good thing, depending on what you do)

  4. chippy says:

    The N280 is much the same as the N270. I wouldn’t expect any improvement in battery life on it.

  5. Ryan says:

    Chippy, Brad from referred me to you.
    I was looking at the Gigabyte T1028 for portability and to capture handwriting i.e. i do a lot of brainstorming sessions and want to project the screen whilst capturing notes/brainstorming. I dont particular need handwriting recognition software but just want to capture notes. My iPAC seems to be able to this but is too small and cant project. You’ve used this netbook extensively. Do you think I can easily use the T1028 for my intended purpose?

  6. UMPCWatch says:

    Are there any rumors about a multitouch screen? In fact, it’s the only feature that might be difficult to add “cheap and dirty” for an average user and that is the reason why I am still waiting for someone to offer a decent 8.9″ convertible (need a keyboard!) with a multitouch screen. The T91 looks attractive in this matter, I only hope it will be easy to upgrade its meagre SSD.

  7. John in Norway says:

    Any chance of changing the screen to an active digitiser? That would make it really useful.

  8. BRYAN B says:

    PCMicrostore lists it as in stock now

  9. Eric says:

    Do you have an external battery charger?
    If not, how do you actually recharge both batteries if you use them both together (the extended and the normal) 8h+ a day?

  10. Alslayer says:

    What is this “10” Atom-based tablet in front of me right now that matches closely with the Crunchpad. In quantity it’s available for $320.”? I would love a device like that.

  11. stwc says:

    Ordering (from here in Korea, where I live) the T1028x today. Web retailer is throwing in an upgrade to 2Gb RAM. W00t!

  12. Jaap van der Veen says:

    Is it in general easy to replace the harddisk of netbooks for a SSD? Are they supported from the BIOS of the netbooks?

  13. Mabus says:

    I have my T1028 for 2 months and I’m very happy with it.

    I also have the 3G Modem, that works like a charm. In the forth day I had to make a support my remote controlling several servers, and I had a party, I went to the back of my car, my wife was driving (very fast, because we were late) and had no problem with the internet connection (we drove about 20km).

    The only thing that I might buy is the 6 pack battery.

  14. TareX says:

    I can think of a least one big thing lacking from the t1028, NVIDIA Ion. I mean it’s a bit of a waste at this day and age to have this beautiful big swivel screen, good battery life, on a laptop that can’t play full HD movies, or HD flash smoothly.

  15. ScottyJavea says:

    Dear All,

    I have had the Gigabyte T1028X for 2 months.
    It is performing as expected using XP (touch) and Win 7.
    (Gigabyte kindly provided apps and drivers for Win 7)

    My next projects are :

    1. To find / install a Linux touch OS.
    2. An instant-on OS.
    3. Boot Win 7 from a USB-mounted 16 GB SD card (ongoing)

    More later,


  16. miriad says:

    Hi Scotty,

    I was wondering if you’ve had any luck with finding an OS…

  17. Loic L. says:

    I juat ordered the T1080G(i hope, model wasn’t listed) from PC Micro Stores here in the US. I’m planning on using the tablet functions in my classes, mostly shorthand and math problems and was wondering how it has performed for others. Any gripes?

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