MIDPhone News. Leo, Mondi, X3 and TG01

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As time goes on, more and more of my time is being taken up reading very interesting smartphone news. WVGA, Android, WM6.5 and Cortex are the important keywords and every time a device comes up it becomes clearer that the push towards the MID market is greater from the Smartphone manufacturers than it is from the Intel-based MID and ultra mobile PC market. With Menlow in a strange UMPC-like state (with no Moblin support now) there’s a long wait until consumer-focused MIDs come out on the Moorestown platform in 2010. It’s even clearer than before that ARM will have the upper hand in the MID space in 2009 by building up from existing products and brands that already sell millions of devices. Intel will have to sit back and wait for the time being.

Today has been particularly active in the ‘MIDPhone’ space.

Orange_Toshiba_TG01_SlashGear_15-540x303 As I was updating myself on the status of my Samsung Omnia order (no delivery date in sight) I took a quick look at other options that are available and the Toshiba TG01 (soon available in the U.S.) jumped up at me. With a screen size of 4.1 inch, a resolution of 800×480 and  processing power that is 2-4 times as much as the Nokia N800 / N810, it’s difficult to ignore. Pricing is now under 500 Euro for an unlocked version and 02 in Germany are selling it for 150 Euro with a 25 Euro / month contract. Add 15 Euro on top for Internet and you’ve got an interesting option that you I could walk out and buy tomorrow. Chris over at SlashGear has just finished his review and although he wasn’t impressed with the UI and predicts that the WM operating system could be an issue, I still think that the device represents great value for mobile internet fans. When Windows Mobile 6.5 comes along it could make it even more interesting, especially if Opera 9.7 works on it. I’m looking forward to seeing some browsing speed tests on this one. Note: No keyboard!

As I was finishing up reading Chris’ article a news item about an HTC Leo popped up. The Ai.rs blog has posted what they say are the specifications for this new HTC device. I don’t know who Ai.rs are but everyone seems to be following up the story. WMPowerUser (a blog I frequent more and more these days) says that the device is the HTC Firestone. All I know is that it’s rumored to have a 4.3 inch screen and run a Snapdragon platform at 1Ghz. This is definitely another one to add to the MID list. Again, it looks like there’s no keyboard.

samsung-mondi-wimax-smallOnly a few minutes later I read the news that the Samsung Mondi is launching. The Mondi is an even bigger device with a slider form factor and a 4.3 inch screen. Samsung are dropping a WiMax module inside and handing it over to Clearwire for a launch in Las Vegas. It’s an ARM11-powered device running Windows Mobile again. No pricing, No availability details. Style and feature-wise it’s not too exciting and in fact it doesn’t even support voice so this is really focused at mobile internet activities.

The Mondi’s compact design provides the user with a more mobile form factor and ease-of-use than the typical laptop or netbook. While it is small enough to fit into the user’s hand or pocket, the Mondi packs an impressive Web browser, powered by Opera 9.5, which takes full advantage of the device’s 4.3-inch touch screen.

I’d like to see this with HSPA, Android, a high-end CPU and a big fat battery for all-day mobile internet use!

Press release. Via.

Finally, in addition to all that, there’s news about a Sony Xperia X3 which had previously been known at ‘Rachael.’ Dutch blog ‘All About Phones’ found the information in an Expansys we page and it’s quite the interesting read, largely because it’s going to be running Android and will have a 4 inch 800×480 screen. As yet, the CPU information is unknown. If you’re thinking about an HTC Hero, you might want to wait for final specs and pricing on this one.

Breaking: Xperia X2 news is coming in

None of these devices represent the ultimate MID yet but you can see where things are going. The 4 inch to 5 inch space is getting very busy already. I’ll beadding some of these (if not all!) to the database very soon.

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  1. turn_self_off says:

    heh, what comes to mind is the saying “when it rains, it pours!”.

    just about zero news of anything interesting for a month or more, and then boom, here comes a load of it all at ones…

  2. Vit says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed Gigabyte getting reed of its old model inventories. That’s why that limited stock of T1028 we could see few days ago. I am expecting some new models to come out soon. More likely in September, when Windows7 will become official (for OEMs).

  3. apa7714 says:

    I read yesterday that they are pulling all of the TG01’s from the German market due to a built in virus. They came “preloaded” with it. Toshiba says that it may have been in the software at the time they loaded it or in the microSD card that is in the unit.

  4. Chippy says:

    Hi Vit
    You’re right but they re-started sales a few days ago.

  5. Vit says:

    Is it T1028 or new M1028? Although there’s very little difference beween these 2 models, I still hope M1028 will be more “Windows7 ready”, maybe even multitouch. :)

  6. BRYAN B says:

    You probably are already aware of this site, but if not check here for comparisons and release dates.


  7. focus says:

    Hmm…where are the good old days when no smartphone was here?

  8. Chippy says:

    Interesting question. UMPCPortal always covered devices from 4-10″ so what we’re seeing is smartphones creeping in. I’d say the good days are now because we have a lot more choice!

    That LG01 is arguably more of a MID than the N800 was.
    We’re going to see more of it too.


  9. animatio says:

    well one should mention that these devices still are called smartphones and are marketed as such. in reality these devices are smart pda’s with additional functions like phone services, voip capabilities, gps, radio even television integrated. and all this at a price equal or even below what had been asked for mid devices with far less capabilities …

  10. Carl says:

    Voice calling is rapidly becoming a “feature” rather than primary purpose of smartphones.

    Rather than it being a case of MIDs loosing out to smartphones, it’s more a case of smartphones being subverted by MIDs as well as by PMPs and game consoles. Sooner or later its all going to converge and the only differences will be specs and the screen size you’re most comfortable with, and possibly the OS it runs on.

  11. turn_self_off says:

    indeed, with LTE basically saying that if one wants to use it for calls, do it by way of voip, the mobile carrier have become just another isp ;)

  12. Robert says:

    We want the Inkia 5 inch Mid.

    Tell the China Manufacture to open distribution in USA/Canada.

    Price it below $300US and many people will buy it.

  13. Realty says:

    I think what we are seeing is the beginning of the end of the pure MID. (Seems like it was a short life.) Eventually several browser makers are going to put full featured browsers on most smartphones making pure MIDs, Internet devices that do not have a phone built in, unnecessary. The carriers will continue to subsidize the smartphone price and the manufactures will continue stuffing their smartphones with more features thus expanding their market into surrounding territory. Rest in Peace, MID, we hardly new ya.

  14. Chippy says:

    I still think there will be a market,much bigger than the umpc market, for a dedicated mid but for consumers, it looks like voice will be included in most cases unless carriers choose to differentiate them from phones to increase sales. I can see somethink like a mondi and a mini voice phone being sold as a pair.

  15. Realty says:

    I could see a small group carrying two devices but for the vast majority, if their smartphone can provide 90% of the functions found in a pure MID, they will opt for only carrying one device, the smartphone. The average consumer, never heard of teathering, only buying a smartphone saves the cost of a second MID purchase and the cost of a second data plan.

    Chippy, dont write off the UMPC market yet. The large netbook market shows there is a great deal of demand for a truely portable, full function PC. I know a lot of people who bought netbooks and are now very unhappy with them. They want more power, smaller form factor and better keyboard entry. Its coming and I hope you will spot it and tell us about it first.

  16. focus says:

    At the end of the day i think is all about the os,still those old dusty os.
    Hardware as it proves can`t make a lot of diference.
    Iphone is the living proof of what an breach can make an powerful os on market.Take an iphone and put wm or symbian on it an nobody will buy it.

  17. Vit says:

    Really? It looks like iPhonish devices, and I mean form factor do pretty well. Toshiba G01 for example. And it is WM device.

  18. focus says:

    Well,that just apearance,after an few moths of bad seling you will never hear again about g01(see old g series from toshiba,all at garbage now).
    But IPHONE,iphone is forever.
    In the world off blind,one-eyed is king!

  19. Vit says:

    Here, people! Typical example of Apple funboyz speicies! :)

  20. focus says:

    Wrong!i don`t have an iphone.I just see facts,thats all.

  21. Chippy says:

    its true. you may never hear about the tg01 again after a few months. But it doesnt mean that people who want to make the right choice (rather than blindly following a trend) wont consider it. There are plenty of devices you dont hear about that sell well. Isnt it the Nokia 1110 that’s the biggest selling phone of all time? When did you last hear about it?

  22. Sinaâ„¢ says:

    mid phone news?
    it’s pocket pc phone news, not mid phone.
    you can’t install win xp on arm based devices like TG01.
    poor umpc portal.

  23. turn_self_off says:

    and thank a deity for that. winxp and the software that run on it have been focused on desktop so long that it would eat a battery in minutes because a bad loop or similar will not allow the cpu to go sleep.

  24. Carl says:

    There are lots of Linux distros that work on ARM chips. The world doesn’t begin and end with Windows.

  25. Chippy says:

    sina. You think a MID is only a windows compatible x86 device? If so, you have been focusing too closely on Intel. Note that Intels next mid platform wont initially support windows (moorestown and moblin will be the only possibility and note that MID only means Mobile Internet Device. To me that includes ipod touch (that Intel themselves call a MID), kindle and many other similar devices.
    PocketPCs and smartphones are evolving to meet the demands of mobile internet users and becoming very valuable MID options in my opinion.

  26. Sinaâ„¢ says:

    well, what’s differences between mid phone & pocket pc phone?

  27. Vit says:

    Pocket PC phone is a part of MID family, so is iPhone, iPod touch, Nokia N810, etc… MID stands for mobile internet device. Meaning you can have full, or close to full internet experience on your mobil device. The only what could separate it from your regular smartphone maybe a larger screen and more capable browser. the rest is optional.

  28. Sinaâ„¢ says:

    i think 95% same.

  29. Skag says:

    “…it becomes clearer that the push towards the MID market is greater from the Smartphone manufacturers than it is from the Intel-based MID and UMPC market.”

    It’s obvious why isn’t it? Money? smartphones are cheaper to produce & there is much, much more revenue on the tail end from monthly service agreements? and, on the consumer side, it’s cheaper to get into a smartphone set-up thanks to 2-yr service contracts. I love the UMPC concept and would love to see it flourish, but the market doesn’t seem to be there.

  30. Vakeros says:

    The netbook concept was about coming from the other direction, but instead of becoming a UMPC it has grown towards being a laptop.
    Viliv S5, X70 and S7, KJS SC3 and SX4 and a few others are where it is at in the UMPC area.
    What is the difference between MID and UMPC. I had understood MID was an OS and UMPC was Windows. But now people associate size more with MIDs i.e. the bottom end of the UMPC space is now MID i.e. 3″-6″ screen is MID, 7″-10″ is UMPC. This is a question of perceptions and marketing and the power of the Net to redefine terminology which is still in its infancy.
    I see most MIDs (those which don’t have a limiting OS) as being part of the wider UMPC Concept. So they aren’t quite the same, but there is a HUGE overlap between the two.

  31. BRYAN B says:

    If it wasn’t clear to you before, it should be clear now, UMPC Portal is needed as much now as it was needed in the past, if for no other reason than showing people how the overlapping devices can make there work and life easier. Even more to the point, it can make it more fun.
    It’s not so much fun at present with Netbooks and UMPC’s as it is with Smartphone/PDA’s, but I think that is due solely to how light weight the UI’s and application are for Smartphones.
    If you look closely to all of the spec sheets, Smartphones are all using the same or similar hardware. The difference comes into play in how the UI’s and the application are handled. With UMPC’s to get the response that you desire , you will fall back on all the old programs that you have used in the past, creating the same feeling you had with the old device, it will just runs a little faster with the new device. With Smartphones, if you don’t like how you device looks or performs today; it can be changed to reflect your different mood easily.
    With the help of some very smart people at XDA developers anybody with a little time and the ability to follow directions can “tweak” to their content. With UMPC’s and Netbooks, the operating systems and performance aren’t so flexible and you need a lot more experience to achieve the desired results.
    So I will say it again, your services are in more demand than ever before. The major problem you are going to find though is, to keep up with everything; you will have tripled your work load. It will be interesting to see in which direction you will be taking UMPC Portal.

  32. admin says:

    Hi Bryan.

    You give me inspiration. Thanks.

    The challenge of keepiong up with everything is indeed going to be hard despite our remit being the same. The range or devices we cover is the same but there’s a huge tidal wave building up from the south.

    Maybe I should put the call out for help.


  33. ARM Community says:

    AR: UMPCPortal on MIDPhone News. Leo, Mondi, X3 and TG01 – http://tinyurl.com/nqvqcf

  34. Alban Rampon - 冉昂理 says:

    AR: UMPCPortal on MIDPhone News. Leo, Mondi, X3 and TG01 – http://tinyurl.com/nqvqcf

  35. Sinaâ„¢ says:

    I think LPPC: Lite Portable PC, or Netbook to: Litebook.

  36. philipps says:

    Nice…To read the article..

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