Update on UMID availability, screen issues.

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umid1Despite the UMID MBook [details] being a very powerful and very small little computer at a very reasonable price, it has never really gained the traction I thought it deserved [review]. The USB dongles and the screen hinge were two significant issues but despite that, I thought we might have seen more action on blogs and forums than we have. To get a handle on what’s going on I contacted UMID to check that they hadn’t gone the way of OQO and Raon Digital. Here’s what they said.

Chippy: Is it [umid m1] shipping in quantity now? Are the early build quality problems fixed?

UMID: Since there have been LCD shortage, we are not able to supply enough qty, but we are expecting to get delivered enough products beginning of Sep. with Black model also. We have fixed plastic (cabinet) problem..such as no clicking sound when you open it up and easy to control screen angle and etc.

Chippy: What overseas (EU, US) distributors do you have?

UMID: In US market, we have one channel supplier named Dynamism so far, we will extend more a sales channel US in near future. And, we are setting up an exclusive distributor organization for EU market as ODM brand.

Chippy: Do you have plans for an upgraded or new model soon?

UMID: You will see them at IDF SF, and M1 BK model.

So it looks like the Black version is coming at the beginning of September and that there may be a new model shown at IDF although that’s open to interpretation. If the screen folds back further than it did though it removes one of the major issues with the device. It tried to clarify that point because a black version with a better screen angle would really interest me.

Chippy: Does the screen now fold back further or have you just fixed the "click" problem?
Yes, there is modification of controlling screen angle

We’re trying to get images and information but all we managed to get hold of so far are images of the Black (BK) model which looks great.


mbook_black mbook_black03 mbook_black02

Click to see full size versions.

We’ll be at IDF so of course we’ll be checking out the latest version and testing it for screen angle. I hope they don’t mind me stealing it overnight for some testing and videos!

UMID Mbook product details.

14 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Update on UMID availability, screen issues. http://cli.gs/zdU3s

  2. Marc says:

    A black one that had a screen that folded flat would interest me too.

    Maybe it would last longer than my white one (which I kept for a whole week1)…

  3. Kam says:

    I don’t mind the usb adapters but Must have at least 1GB ram for me to even consider it. Oh yes built in 3G aswell

  4. anon says:

    1 GB of memory, 3G, a mouse pointer and standard connectors, that’s all it needs! I hope this first model has led them to the same conclusions so they could hint of an improved model at IDF.

    Since Moorestown is out of the picture for a Windows UMPC, the M1 or its direct offspring is my best hope for a pocketable, keyboard-equipped UMPC!

  5. Stan says:

    One of Moorestown ver. will support Windows. I cannot even imagine that UMPC supporting windows will end up on Moenlow. That would be disaster!

  6. scoobie says:

    @ Chippy
    An article idea for you…. I know you do this sort of thing from time to time..
    I would welcome an article from you mapping out which upcoming platforms we have over the next year (moorestown, pinetrail , snapdragon etc) and which OS’s will run on them (android , windows mobile 7, windows 7 etc).

    I read a lot of “Umpcs are dead” type threads but in terms of mobile computing I have to say I’ve never been as mobile as I am today and I see a lot of exciting stuff coming up over the next year from mobile phone devices (which ultimately is a way a lot of people are going I think)

  7. Chippy says:

    A CPU roundup is planned. I will wait until IDF before I do it though as I need to find out more about PineTrail and Moorestown.

    Ultra Mobile computing is stronger than it ever was. I agree!

  8. scoobie says:

    New model at IDF – I hope for mouse pointer!!

  9. ciprian moloci says:

    Update on UMID availability, screen issues. http://bit.ly/14aWHZ

  10. WAG says:

    those images of the black model are all fake… black photoshop, power on left side then power on right side LOL… fail

    Bring it or bury it already.

  11. tino says:

    USB dongle is ubacceptable to me. It’s much worse than 2.5mm ear jack on daily use.

  12. Anpu says:

    I’m ok with USB adapter, but not with puny 512MB of RAM and lack of mouse pointer. Not interested. :(
    P.S. one more point: small hand-held device really should fold back flat.

  13. scoobie says:

    Bet the new model is the old model with Windows 7

  14. tal says:

    Don’t you find it odd that it doesn’t come with a GPS?
    I mean the two things that I would first look for is full Skype experience which it should provide with the webcam and GPS, which alas it doesnt seem to include … right?

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