Viliv S7 UMPC launching in Hong Kong next week

Posted on 13 August 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

Our UMPC-loving friends over in Hong Kong, UMPCFever, are reporting that the S7 will launch on Friday 21st August.

Some highlights and images of the device below. I’m sure UMPCFever will be getting hold of pricing and giving hands-on reports soon. We’re hoping to get the S7 here at UMPCPortal very soon too.

s7-5 S7-1 S7-2 S7-3 S7-4

Reading the press release info it looks like it will launch with a 3G option, SSD options, data transfer capability, haptic feedback for the OSK, ultra-bright screen, 1.3mp webcam and a new user interface called Shuttle. The lightest version to be launched in Hong Kong will be under 800gm in weight. Note that specifications for the export models (we’re expecting them at Dynamism first based on their history with Viliv) will probably have different specs. You can see the full specs on Viliv’s product promotion page here.

Having just reviewed the very similar Clevo TN70M, I do worry a bit about the competition from the netbook market here. This isn’t a true Tablet PC as it has a lightweight resistive screen so bear that in mind when thinking about usage models. The key feature here is the super light weight for a 7 inch screen device (although an SK3 would be slightly lighter) combined with huge battery life (expect 6 hours or more out of this. Viliv are talking about 9 or 10 hours!) and a very good keyboard. For those looking at the T91, this is a lighter, longer battery life option that will be available with 3G.

Full specifications and links to previous articles, videos etc.

7 Comments For This Post

  1. Marc says:

    Those pictures leave me a little disappointed. The bezel around the screen is rather large and it’s made to look even worse in table mode as it looks like you get an ‘extra’ bezel from the keyboard!

  2. Des says:

    That Might be true, Perhaps a slightly thinner “2nd bezel” In black. For instance if you look close on photos of Everun note, It has quite the big bezel itself (although not quite as big) But its slightly hidden by the 2nd bezel in black. Aeasteticly nudgeing all to think its part of the units LCD itself.

    I am though somewhat unerved by all the newest Pictures beeing of the white unit. aswell as the units pre-sold on a bunch of Korean Webbshops. etc.

    Like with the Everun note (closest unit in comparason aswell as the Clevo TN70M, yes the everun wasn’t convirtable but the first really competent 7″ “laptopstyle” umpc (and it didnt look as cheesy as the Kohjinsha’s)
    First showing up in black and white and ending beeing a white only unit..

    This is extreemly annoying if a black would never turn up.

    Now… How come. we’re all ok with paying for crappy! hardware in all of theese? when moving into 7″ area’s we are mostly moving into real UMPC and away from netbook territory for sure.
    still we are paying premium ( mostly ) for shitty netbook hardware.
    Hell I play Crysis on My everun note!!!

    Guessing that will never happen on another machine ever again. :/

  3. pepilo says:

    No black unit, no deal.

  4. Knusperkeks says:

    Really nice device, but the big frame around the Display makes it lokking so cheap :(

  5. Zooooom says:

    Looks like black is reserved for the 3G model(?)

  6. vrhunski says:

    I just wonder wich WiMAX standard they will support?

    802.16d or 802.16e (in terms of modulation this means tdd or fdd)
    and also they write just “WiMAX SUpport” what that means anyway????

    2.5 GHz or 3.5 GHz ?


    so i really don’t understund people when just say “WIMAX SUPPORTED” …

    Please if anyone here know something about this …post replay :)

    I also try to contact them directly but they don’t answer on mails for a months :(

    I try today again…but got this

    This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

    The user(s) account is temporarily over quota.

    Please reply to
    if you feel this message to be in error.

    Original-Recipient: rfc822;
    Final-Recipient: RFC822;
    Action: failed
    Status: 4.2.2
    X-Actual-Recipient: RFC822;

    Original-Recipient: rfc822;
    Final-Recipient: RFC822;
    Action: failed
    Status: 4.2.2
    X-Actual-Recipient: RFC822;

    If their support is like sales …..beter don’t buy anything from them.

  7. Joseph says:

    well… I’ve never used this machine and WiMax yet.
    However, what is used in Korea right now is a kind of WiMax called Wibro in Korea.
    And if this device has the same module which is used in Korea, it would be 802.16e (TDD).

    Well.. I’m not sure if S7 really has the same module, but I just mentioned that what is used in Korea.

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