Dynamism has Viliv S7 UMPC information and pricing.

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As the Viliv S7 makes its way towards us here in Germany (as I write, it’s somewhere between Seoul and Cologne expected Monday or Tuesday) it’s clear that other’s are ramping up for the big launch too.

Jenn downloaded some of the new press images [full set of 47 images here] and she’ll also be getting one next week. Dynamism have put the device up for pre-order too. Pricing is better than I thought with the mid-range 32GB SSD version up for just $659. I was honestly expecting (and worried about) pricing nearer 800 dollars. Of course it’s more than a netbook but don’t get me started on that one. I’ve a list as long as my arm detailing differences between a netbook and this UMPC. 800gm and 8 hrs of battery life is the best figure. 1hr per 100gm makes it extremely strong in battery life/weight ratio.

Our information page for the Viliv S7. Click through to see images, videos and news related to the Viliv S7.

S7_34 S7_30


There are three versions of the S7 available at Dynamism

The entry level S7/60 with a 60GB hard drive and the 1.3Ghz Atom CPU with 1GB RAM and XP Home. A good combination for those that want to use the S7 mainly as a media player. $629

MID-Range 32GB SSD version. This is the version to go for if you want silent operation, a little more speed with boot-up and application access and the ruggedness that comes with having a PC with no moving parts. $659.

The high-end SSD/3G version obviously adds the HSPA (high speed up/down) modem which we understand is a voice-capable Huawei model as found on the X70 and S5. $799

For more information and to register for availability and special offers, see Dynamism.com

A few things to think about:

  • Battery life. 5-9hrs depending on scenario.
  • Small form-factor. Significantly smaller than an ASUS T91.
  • Light weight. 20% lighter than the lightest netbooks.
  • Convertible touchscreen.
  • Touch-typing capable keyboard. Not up to the sizes of 10 inch netbooks but around the same size as early 7 inch and 9 inch Eee PCs.
  • GPS Update from Viliv: No GPS on thess retail versions.
  • Fast SSD. The Viliv SSDs are fast enough to make a noticeable difference when compared to the HDD versions.
  • VGA, Component and S-Video out.
  • SDHC capable card reader for up to 32GB SD card expansion.

Despite the great features it has to be said that if you’ve got a netbook, the S7 may be difficult to justify but if you don’t have a netbook and want a ultra mobile PC to cover table-top, mobile, handheld, car and other duties, the S7 is a real multi-scenario mobile computing gem.

Live session with the S7.

The S7 is due to arrive on Monday or Tuesday here and JKK and I have planned a live session for Tuesday evening after the Archos press event. Stay tuned for more information.

13 Comments For This Post

  1. jkk mobile says:

    RT: @chippy: New article: Dynamism has Viliv S7 UMPC information and pricing. http://cli.gs/QEVAh

  2. turn_self_off says:

    thats actually cheaper then i expected.

    would not mind getting my hands on the SSD version sans 3G.

    looking forward to the live sessions :)

  3. Patrick says:

    I am really excited by this one but I was hoping for a bit more on the specs. JKK had a post a while back about 2.0Ghz, Vista w/ Win7 upgrade and some other secret goodies. It still looks like a great device but I guess I was expecting slightly more, the only bad thing about it in my mind is the big borders around the screen.

  4. turn_self_off says:

    quick guess, those borders are where the speakers are housed…

    also, they allow one to have somewhere to rest ones wrist while using the thing in tablet mode…

  5. Chippy says:

    Yes. Frame will be housing buttons, antennas, speakers (loud and good apparently)
    I thing a Sony-style wider screen might be more attractive to most people though.

  6. anon says:

    If I didn’t already have a decent 3G-capable netbook, I’d lust over the S7. Though the 3G model is a bit pricey… Waiting eagerly for the session for a comparison with the other devices!

    Note: “its somewhere between […] that other’s” – Fix that part as follows: “it’s somewhere” and “others”.

  7. chippy says:

    Thanks (again!) my personal proof reader!

  8. Michael says:

    Wow finally:) Maybe someone could answear me a few questions

    I can’t find the fact that the S7 has built in Gps in the tech specs on Dynanism. Is it sure that it comes with Gps?
    Is it worth to wait for a 2.0ghz version (or general a better version) due that I am waiting allready so long :D
    Can I trust Dynanism? And how much do I have to add to the pricing cause of shipping to Germany and taxes?

    Thanks for your response and sorry for my English, it’s allready late :)

  9. turn_self_off says:

    indeed, umpcportal’s own product database have the gps listed as a optional feature.

    btw, i am finding that usb link port quite interesting, as i suspect one could in theory boot the viliv via it?

  10. Ken E Kaplan says:

    White swiveling MID. Viliv S7 w/ Intel Atom inside. Unboxed http://bit.ly/A1fni. @chippy gives first take http://bit.ly/Ul1kD #IDF09

  11. Clayton says:

    Ill admit its a nice price lower than sonys new umpc by i believe 200$ so that nice but im still not a fan of the netbook design style of it
    And it doesnt look pocketable is it?

  12. ziovax says:

    myviliv specs says 210x117x26, while dynamism says 230x143x26…
    wich is the right?

  13. Nofry says:

    any advice which one should i buy, this one (Viliv S7) or Gigabyte T1028X?
    Here in Korea T1028x price is 810.000 KRW and Viliv S7 800.000 – 890.000 KRW.

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