Smart Devices Q5/7 Update. Android, Mer, WinCE, Ubuntu all moving forward.

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smartdevicesq7 _6_ Since the X70 arrived and I upgraded my U820 with a Runcore Pro IV SSD, I haven’t really used the Smart Q7 much but every time I check up on JT’s forum and blog I find myself downloading a new image and testing it out because the community there is really producing some good stuff. Here’s an update on the operating systems available for the SmartDevices Q5 and Q7

V4.0 (English) firmware

V4.0 is the current official build for the Smart Q7 and it’s been available since July. It’s a lot tidier, has a better OSK and clears up most of the Chinese-language notifiers that occasionally appeared with the previous versions. The application suite is much the same with FBReader 0.8.17 and Midori 0.1.7 being the two apps that most people will be checking out first.

V5.0 in testing (for Q5)

A few screenshots have appeared for V5 showing a new layout.  There’s no word on detailed changes or any release date for this though. More images and info here.


Mer 0.15.

Mer is a re-build project based on Maemo 4, the OS you’ll find on the Nokia N800 and N810. Good progress is being made but for the Q7 and Q5 there’s still no wifi out of the box. More information in this article.


Android on the Work continues to port Android to the Q5 and Q7 and clearly this is one of the hottest topics for people interested in this platform. Various ports exist but the big news is that Gekstuff4u are going to offer an Android version of the Smart Q5 for sale in October. It’s not clear if this is an official release or just the result of 3rd party work but if someone is prepared to sell it then we can assume that it’s at least past the Alpha stage. The initial release will be in Japanese but an English version is planned. There’s no news on a SmartQ7 version.

Here’s a little taster of Android running on the SmartQ5

Wince 6.0

Wince is officially available for the SmartQ5 and Q7 and there’s even a way to get a free license if you bought your device early. Unfortunately it looks like this is just a Japanese version right now which makes it useless for most of us here. Again, information over at JK’s World.


Given a big enough SD card you can now multiboot all four OS’ on your device. Information here.

SmartDevices official download page.

Smart Q7 specifications and information.

Smart Q5 specifications and information.

JT’s World SmartQ forum. (I recommend signing up to reveal the hidden information there.)

Discslaimer. I dont keep 100% up to date with all the things happening around the SmartDevices tablets so some of this information could be out of date. Feel free to add information in the comments and i’ll update this post. Thanks.

I bought my SmartQ7 from Eletroworld who have more information and how-to guides on their site.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Smart Devices Q5/7 Update. Android, Mer, WinCE, Ubuntu all moving forward.

  2. NeuTek says:

    Thanks for this informative write-up. I really want a Q5 but need more forums to gather info. The links aren’t working for me. Can you check them please?

  3. Chippy says:

    I’ve checked a few of them. They seem OK. What link in particular are you having a problem with?

  4. NeuTek says:

    Chippy they work now but yesterday I was getting 404 errors. All is well. thanks for the info!

  5. Nation.A.List says:

    Just to clarify the 2 ver’s of WinCE released so far were in Chinese but there is a cab available that translates approx 95% into English Another member on a SmartQ forum has released a new skin for WinCE that is customisable if you have the inclination

  6. kelsonbueno says:

    @cbueno SmartQ 5 now with Ubuntu 9.10 #ARMEL specific to ARM Core.

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