Viliv S10 ‘Blade’ photo set

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viliv s10 Chippy has a nice photoset of the upcoming Viliv S10 here in the ultra mobile PC gallery. Take a look. These were taken during Computex.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Viliv S10 ‘Blade’ photo set

  2. Vit says:

    I was planning to get Archos 9, but I think this Viliv S10 worth to wait.

  3. chhh says:

    aaaaaarrrgggh!!! why couldn’t they release it along with the s7?! i’ve now almost completely made my mind towards s7 and this awful problem of choice comes again. and again i’ll have to wait till it’s released.
    i wonder why didn’t they make a 9” model instead of 7+10.. 9 looks like the best compromise between portability, ease of use when on the way and screen power consumption..

    i only wish they installed a pixel Qi hybrid (transflective) lcd on this.

  4. mobilegadgetgeek says:

    I agree with you. Unfortunately the rest of this year and next year will be seeing alot of devices in this segment of the market. On the other hand it seems we have moved beyond the showing of too many concepts that never actually reach the market. The problem now is that most will hit the market around the same time and fight for our already dwindling gadget budget. Everywhere I turn nowadays there seems to be device I want. Archos 9 is compelling although I am not liking the videos that I have seen from Chippy that show that its slow to launch programs. I wonder if that would be solved by the SSD version as opposed to the HDD version. In my mind that makes the X70 a more compelling device in that slate form factor. I also like the S7, but now with the soon to come out S10 do I wait?? From other reports I have seen the s10 hitting in Q4 will be single touch Windows 7 starter with a multitouch Windows 7 home premium in Q1. Its always been a spend now and get what you want or wait and get something better. The only problem is the wait to get something better is getting much shorter.

  5. torrentfreak says:

    “From other reports I have seen the s10 hitting in Q4 will be single touch Windows 7 starter with a multitouch Windows 7 home premium in Q1” I read that on Engadget, but I don’t completely understand. Does that mean they will only change the OS software in the Q1 version, with all of the components remaining the same? In other words, if I bought one in Q4 and I upgraded the OS to windows 7 home premium, wouldn’t it be the same as the Q4 model?

  6. Corticalsam says:

    yeah. It looks nice. I wish there was some specs and price!

  7. Elmstrom says:

    Pirce, date and pics of the black ver. (the one you want).

  8. Corticalsam says:

    Thanks. 570USD for a basic version. Oh yeah. If it meets some standards especially the battery life it will conquer the field and will be the one among others that will really sell.

  9. fixup says:

    I don’t see any heat window, so it must be fanless. Then I wonder how hot it runs?

    Looks like finally the first laptop/notebook/tablet worth of buying for the 1366×768 screen, weight and battery life. The Acer 1410 (1810) is very similar, 3 lb, runs cold with the help of a fan.

    The UMID is for pocket, this one is for the rest.

  10. Clayton says:

    Ha! Thats funny! My netbook is a lenovo S10….. Hmm does s10 mean something??

  11. Schugy says:

    This one’s huge! And please no more Atom waste.

  12. netmania says:

    Yes. This is somethign what I am waiting for.
    The more detail informaton on this, chippy? I am going to buy a bunch of it for my shop.

    This is perfect for my use.

  13. jcd says:

    Oh crap, another choice. And this one is my favorite so far, better than the s7. I’ll wonder about upgradability, as 1G might get swapped for 2G fairly quickly, but otherwise, picture perfect!

    Do we know anything yet about availability?

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