MID vs. Netbook dicussion from IDF [video]

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netbook vs mid Sascha Pallenberg from netbooknews and our very own Chippy had a nice little debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the MID vs. the Netbook, and they also touch a bit on the Atom Developer Program which will cross both device groups.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: MID vs. Netbook dicussion from IDF [video] http://cli.gs/hLAVB

  2. turn_self_off says:

    it all seems to boil down to how much one wants to haul around vs what IO one need.

    i wonder if not the final solution will be to find a way to fold them so that they an be as small as the umid at one point, and as large as a 10″ or larger netbook/laptop the next.

    either that, we start seeing HMDs and such replacing the big screens, thanks to being closer to the eye so that one can have a visually large screen in a physically small package.

    hmm, that may actually be the issue. When thumb typing, one can hold the screen close, but when touch typing one need to distance the screen so that one can use the whole hands. This then results in a physically larger screen unless one feel like going down in resolution…

    so in the end it comes down to keyboard, or how else one can do input on the go, where one can move the screen closer without lowering the WPM entry speeds…

  3. Chris (kiwi) Gray says:

    MID vs. Netbook dicussion from IDF [video] | UMPCPortal – Ultra …: Sascha Pallenberg from netbooknews and our.. http://bit.ly/f9dK6

  4. Vakeros says:

    So actually Sony’s idea of building a MID around the keyboard wasn’t to daft.
    The key question is what is the smallest you can get the keyboard that you can still touch type, and is this small enough to fit in your pocket!
    I think the answer is yes you can have a keyboard that will fit in your pocket, the only question is the design of said item. I have my own idea about that, but I do know that for my hands, which are average for a 6′ guy I can touch type on a keyboard that is 16cm wide and 10cm high. You could possibly have intial dimensions smaller if the keys expand from each other when the device is used. Then you just need what layout you want the screen.

  5. Realty says:

    Here is my gaze into the crystal ball as to the future of MIDS.

    First Netbooks are merely small, underpowered notebooks. As the Atom processor gets better the distinction will disappear completely. A Net/Notebook will be any device that runs a full desktop operating system , has a touch type keyboard that requires it be placed on a flat surface to operate optimally and will not fit in a normal purse, on a belt or in a pocket.

    A MID will inhabit the middle ground, 5 to 7 inches. It may not have a keyboard. It is designed to be used standing up. It will have a full desktop operating system just like the net/notebooks and it will fit in most purses, on a belt and in some pockets.

    Smartphones will not have a full desktop operating system. This will mean they don’t need to have the expensive processors, high quality screens, massive storage or expensive memory. (Smartphones should start to get less expensive.) They will all fit in your pocket.

    For some a smartphone will provide all the mobile computing they need. For others it will be a smartphone and a MID or net/notebook. I cant imagine many people lugging around all three at the same time. Yes there are crossover devices that blur the lines. Is the S7 a mini netbook or a MID? Is Android a phone operating system or a soon to be full desktop operating system?

    Chippy’s video mentions the possibility of squeezing out the MIDs. I see a permanent need for such a device. I think there is a market for all three niches. The question is, is there a place for the MP3 players. Apples IPod sales are down. Is this permanent?

  6. Another fellow says:

    Quite frankly, a netbook is NOT that portable for everyday use, and there’s not that much difference in size and weight from a 12″ fully decked laptop. The difference is more related to price than portability.

    That’s why I’m more interesting on MIDs than netbooks as a portable solution: you can squeeze a MID into your jacket’s pocket for everyday use – you cannot do that with a netbook.

  7. Christoph Derndorfer says:

    Finally got around to watching the MID vs. netbook discussion between @sascha_p and @chippy – http://tr.im/D19u #celebritydeathmatch;-)

  8. Sascha Pallenberg says:

    RT @random_musings: Finally got around to watching the MID vs. netbook discussion between @sascha_p and @chippy – http://tr.im/D19u

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