Nokia Booklet 3g hands-on

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nokia booklet 3g Tnkgrl got see see the Nokia Booklet 3G [Portal page] up close and personal today at a preview in San Francisco. A hands on video and a nice set of images are yours to consume if you are interested in the Nokia Booklet 3G.

Head over to the original post at to see what she does and doesn’t like about the NB3G.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Nokia Booklet 3g hands-on

  2. ProDigit says:

    I think it’s weakness is it’s pricetag.
    The aluminum housing is a weakness in environments where the temperature is pretty hot (like in Florida), or cold (like in Canada).
    Also I suspect aluminum casing is less good than plastic cases or fiber optic ones.

    I don’t find anything of 399 and up justified.
    I personally don’t buy any netbook above $299.

  3. Jaap van der Veen says:

    Well, For me aluminium is a good material, but that is more a design issue than a user recommendation. I hope that this device will be available soon! Does anyone has more information about that?

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