OQO 02 running Windows 7

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oqo win 7 One of the guys from the Viliv Boys’ Blog has put Windows 7 on a recently aquired OQO 02, and claims to be thoroughly enjoying it. The interface definitely looks cramped on the OQO 02’s 800×480 screen, and despite some initial issues it sounds like everything is functional. Just goes to show that a great ultra mobile PC will never die, even if the company behind it shuts its doors.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: OQO 02 running Windows 7 http://cli.gs/PE2Eh

  2. ゲンジンアロ says:

    Ah, if only they played a price right, they'd still be here. :'( RT @benz145 New article: OQO 02 running Windows 7 http://cli.gs/PE2Eh

  3. Tech Flypaper says:

    OQO 02 running Windows 7 http://bit.ly/1KaV7G

  4. anon says:

    If it’s a good unit, it’ll keep on rocking until the battery has gone through too many cycles to hold enough charge for any real use. That’s what will inevitably kill off even the best of devices… With no more manufacturer support and no market for third party batteries, the day will come when it’s time to try and find a new replacement, even if one doesn’t exist. I’m fussing over my 901 Go with similar feelings; happily it still has a loyal following and 3rd party batteries and SSDs are aplenty. :)

    Typo in the first sentence: it should be the The Viliv boys or boys’, not boy’s. D and J are two people. :)

  5. Ben says:

    You are right, fixed!

  6. jamesfongster says:

    Hi guys, thanks Ben for the “fix”..:) Yeah, D and I (J) are 2 gadgetholics. Actually, here’s some interesting info..D and I never met in real life! We met one fined internet day on Ebay when D was selling his Samsung Q1P and I was the winning bidder! We struck up a conversation and became internet gadget pals so pledged to one day start a gadget blog together..hence Vilivboys.wordpress.com! :)

    Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on the vilivboys website – D (lucky fella) is going to touch down in Japan later in the month and will be unleased into the gadget district of Akihabara..no doubt blogging and sending us delicious pictures of the latest and greatest gadgets in Japan!

    Cheers, J.

  7. jamesfongster says:

    Yeap, agree with Anon..I have been a total OQO fan and was pretty devastated when OQO folded .. I was so looking forward to getting the OQO 02+..bloody expensive but still the most satisfying umpc I’ve ever used.

    I dread the day when my OQO 02+ battery will cease to hold charge. Interesting to see on Ebay (Australia) that there are auctions goins for recharging OQO 02 batteries! There’s still a strong support group in http://www.oqotalk.com so that’s why I’ll be going to to source battery and parts..

  8. Kenrick says:

    I’ve been running Windows 7 on my OQO 02 for a while now, and it works nicely. I’d say the performance is about the same as Windows XP, but with some of the improvements in Vista (like better handwriting recognition/correction).

  9. jamesfongster says:

    Hey Kendrick,
    what’s life after an OQO 02 for you btw? :)

    I’m considering..

    but it won’t support Windows 7..:(

  10. ssagg says:

    I’ve also been running W7 on my Oqo for 2 or 3 monts now (first the RC and since last month the RTM and I couldn’t be happyer. I never ran vista except for a few weeks so everything is an improvement or me. Performance is, as Kenrick says, about the same as with XP and there are even some improvemnts (I don’t know why but wifi signal is better). After a couple of weeks where my Oqo were totally unstable I disabled some services and installed some drivers in compatibility mode and now everything is working ok, including the Oqo manager and the wacom pen. The 02+ would have been a wonderfull device runing this OS

  11. jamesfongster says:

    Hi Ssagg..totally agree that Win7 rocks on the OQO..performance on par with XP..similarly I had to go into XP compat mode as well when installing OQO specific drivers and OQO manager.

    No way I’m going back onto WinXP now Win7 is in the house! :)

  12. ssagg says:

    BTW screen res is not an issue. It looks really better in real life than in the picture. The screen is so crispy and the clear type fonts help a lot

  13. Roc says:

    -.- no.. i want OQO2…

  14. Dave P says:

    I’ve also been running W7 since the later RCs. I was on Vista and 7 is a revelation of how great the OQO can be with a fast OS.

  15. Tony SKM says:

    And apparently there are new features that will come out … just wait until the top limit of sales where the price could be more reasonable.

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