WVGA ‘Pads’ (Pic) What form factor interests you?

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wvga tablets, originally uploaded by umpcportal.com.

All of these, from the 3.5″ Samsung Omnia Pro to the 7″ SmartDevices Q7, are 800×480 resolution devices. Three of them have hardware keyboards (N810, Omnia Pro, Everun.) Only one of them is based on X86. All the rest are ARM-based devices.

What do you think of the devices? 3.5″ to small or perfect for the pocket? 7″ too big or perfect for sofa-surfing?

I’d personally love to have a super-slim Everun with an Archos 5 Android tablet inside.

What form factor interests you and why?

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: WVGA 'Pads' (Pic) What form factor interests you? http://cli.gs/hJSQ4

  2. Tech Flypaper says:

    WVGA ‘Pads’ (Pic) What form factor interests you? http://bit.ly/ke7Nt

  3. Peter Elliot says:

    I’m currently leaning towards a larger device – as I’m likely to be getting a new smartphone in the next few months which will remove the need for a smaller device.

    I would prefer an 1024×600 screen over the 800×480, as this is still a little small for full width web page viewing – although I only have the N800 browser to test…

    A 7″ 1024×600 device would be nice.

  4. turn.self.off says:

    the N810 with archos internals, tho i agree that a everun with cortex and slimmer profile would be interesting.

  5. Carl says:

    Hopefully high end portable devices will move up to 960×540 in the not too distant future.

    In terms of size, I’ll take the largest that’ll fit in normal trouser pockets.

  6. CHSI Steve says:

    I have been searching for the “perfect” couch-surfing, bed-reading device for some time now. The new Archos 5 Android tablet is very interesting, but i think i may prefer at least a 7″ screen for more comfortable viewing. I also agree that 1024 x 600 w ould be preferable. I will be trading my Bold for the new Storm 2 and already own an HP Mini 2140 w/ HD screen, so all I really need is a nice, light tablet. The search continues!

  7. Robson says:

    I agree super slim Archos with XP Pro, and hardware keyboard just like XPPhone :)

  8. squirrel says:

    Archos has an optimal size, but ff (formfactor) – it’s a slate with resistive touchscreen.
    I’m for slate ff, not for slider.
    I think than in future the following can be made:
    – capasitive touchscreen + interactive keyboard – im sure that typing speed can be enough
    – physical overlays – keyboards, gaming controllers, etc.
    Also Archos needs 2 cameras, 3G and normal USB host

  9. minuz says:

    the archos is perfect for street full internet browsing but for sofa browsing i prefer the sinchun’s 8.9 umpc

  10. abdullah says:

    i am really tempted to get Archos 5 but I already preordered N900, and I doubt that they will support flash or Android update when they are released, and I was hoping for higher Res screen.

    Does it have enough power for flash in the first place?

  11. drebin says:

    i think all these devices are somewhat cumbersome to use. the everun is too big and has an awkward keyboard, the omnia and n800/900 are too small and all of these (save perhaps the everun) are slow when it comes to the internet.

    for me , i have been waiting for the perfect device for the last couple of years but they all seem to come up short. i thought the umid m1 would be it but the dongles and lack of usb ports killed it for me. hopefully the m2 will not have some unseen flaw and can deliver an experience close to what i have on my pc at home.

    this whole umpc thing is meant to be about having what you have at home but having it in your hand. this means minimum:
    -usable hardware keyboard
    -youtube and other streaming videos
    -productivity applications

  12. rob says:

    put an OQO-like keyboard on the n810 and the internals/OS of something better and i’d pay above reason for it.

    also, has this question been asked about UMPC’s with keyboards (regarding form factor strictly)?

  13. fraggler says:

    I am still in love with the Everun. It was the device that got me hooked on this website several years ago. The only reason I never bought it was its lack of power. Now that processors and chipsets are getting close to the optimum blend of power and battery life, I wish someone could resurrect the Everun with updated internals. I thought it was the perfect blend of touch screen with a serviceable keyboard that didn’t take up too much space. The mini optical and the cursor were key, as I still have dreams of using whatever device I end up with as a game emulator without using external controls. The S5 was almost there. Just needed a few more hard buttons. Man, and Everun with a 1.6 atom and SSD would make my hear sing.

  14. Johannes - NewGadgets.de says:

    I like 4,5″ devices with a resolution of 1024×600 and it should have 3g :)

  15. Yu says:

    More than 3.5″ is to big for me to feel comfortable with it in my pocket but even 3.5″ is barely enough for comfortable surfing — and if I was ever to buy a phone beyond 200€ I’d expect it to be a basic couch surfing device as well (where “basic” would necessarily include flash support to me).

    In that concern I hope for the “Plica” concept or the like to become an actual product. It was a dual touch screen phone prototype from last year:


    For couch surfing actually the Nintendo DSi is closest to what I’d like right now… A small, lightweight device with wlan and touchscreen… Make BOTH screens touch screens and exchange the firmware for a real OS with multitasking while maintaining gaming capability, probably ad in mobile phone and 3G capability (preferably with a sim card separate from the mobile phone capability as UMTS for phones cost four times as much per gigabyte as for notebooks in Austria), probably improve the touch screen sizes to 5″ each and improve the processing power a bit (133MHz right now I think) and you get the ideal UMPC/MID in my opinion. I’m just not trying to hack a Nintendo DSi for some of the features because I hate those DRM policies, especially region codes…

  16. Patrick says:

    3.5″ for smartphone/mid spectrum is perfect fit. 7″ is too small for anything, my perfect combo would be something like viliv s9 (8.9″ screen) with thin bezel, pixel qi screen & resisitve technology (it’s not a tablet if it ain’t got pen input).

  17. rabs says:

    I hope for something like Archeos 5, with any kind of keyboard (as long as it’s usable). Or a 4.8″ n810 (with recent power-efficient hardware).

  18. gmich says:

    I’ll be getting an HTC Hero smartphone this week, and if it’s as good as the reviews indicate, that will be enough for me for pocketable use — even without a hardware keyboard. For soda surfing and a fuller web experience on the go, I think an 8.9″ screen @ 1024×600 is perfect. I have an Eee T91, and in slate mode the form factor, for me, is great. If it were 1/2 to 1 pound lighter (not sure how to accomplish that) and with an Atom N270 or N280, it would be even better. A 7″ screen would be good as well, but if a lightweight 8.9″ 1024×600 was developed, that would be ideal.

  19. chippy says:

    Two great devices.

    I just wanted to mention a few scenarios for that ‘3rd’ device though.

    – Ebook reading
    – good quality PMP / net media playback
    – sofa/bed surfing (I find the keyboarded devices to unwieldy)
    – Navigation. In cam a 5″ screen is much nicer/safer
    – Always on twitter/IM/email pad for home use

    The archos is coming pretty close in these scenarios (which don’t need 3G in most cases)

  20. alslayer says:

    Personally I love the 7″ SmartDevices Q7 size. I loved my 1st gen Samsung Q1. I keep leaning to the tc1100 for price, power, and size. Every video the device looks large. But the 10″ netbooks are so small. I wonder what the true size is.

  21. RecycledElectrons says:

    I love my Smart Devices Q7. I’m pitching it as a textobok replacement at the college I teach at.

    You can not read a math text book on a 6″ e-ink screen. It’s not able to reformat the PDF well enough, and it can not scroll smoothly.

    On a Q7, you can read a math text book. You can also take a quiz online in BlackBoard via Wi-Fi.

    The Q7 is the first pocketable device that can replace text books, note books, scantrons, etc.


  22. squirrel says:

    is the screen size enough – would you prefer it be for example 9″ but 200 gm heavier?

  23. zviera says:

    I want exactly this form factor and size:
    Display 4.8″~ 5″ 800x 480(360)
    + Z515 very efficient and powerful enough
    + 1GB~2GB Ram
    + 32GB SSD
    + W7
    + Full USB
    + Optical mouse on the right side of the screen
    + Left and Right Click on the left side of the screen
    + 3G
    + 7.4V 2200mAh battery
    The technology is here. Just make it somebody finaly.
    ( I have a BB Storm already, I don’t need other smartphone.)

  24. ssagg says:

    Almost an Oqo 02+

  25. zviera says:

    OQO 03 would be greate with updated
    hardware and reasonable price.

  26. Carl says:

    Yes, bring back OQO. I want a MID with an OLED screen.

  27. Steve says:

    Choice seems to depend on life style. For me, for meetings, lunch-time reading, couch-surfing; a 12″ tablet would be suitable.
    It would have to be thin yet sturdy and not more than 1kg/2 lbs absolute tops; regular resolution for this size device (1024 x 600 or above) with on-board storage + SD + 3G option + (possibly) multi touch.
    An even better deal might be something like the Acer eReader – foldable with one screen keyboard capable (like the ‘Canova’ from the Italian company)
    Having said that, I would really like to see the CrunchPad and Courier come to fruition.
    Actually, if my Viliv X70 was thinner, I would consider that as being rather handy.

  28. chippy says:

    Moorestown enables some pretty thin devices but will require Moblin to get the best out of them.

  29. TareX says:

    The second smallest one seems perfect.

    I prefer 3.7″-4″ with minimal bezel for a pocketable device with adequate screen real estate + PHYSICAL KEYBOARD.

  30. TechPentagon dot com says:

    WVGA ‘Pads’ (Pic) What form factor interests you? | UMPCPortal … http://bit.ly/G7qcD

  31. REMF says:

    3.5″ is sufficient, and for a phone device also sufficiently pocketable.

    it’s a good compromise.

  32. ssagg says:

    I always loved the original Everun But I think It’s half an inch too long for a pocketable device.
    A revised Oqo 02 (thiner, ruggerizeed and with a revised keyboard) would be my perfect device.

  33. Joseph Clore says:

    WVGA ‘Pads’ (Pic) What form factor interests you? | UMPCPortal …: Make BOTH scree.. http://bit.ly/FVhFa http://bit.ly/dTpVi

  34. rustle says:

    4″-5″ for a MID paired with a simple mobile phone.
    Mobility. Not only at home, not only in a pack – in a pocket. Otherwise it’s useless, because you would be using your smartphone more tha MID – why? Cause it’s in your pocket. Ready. Nokia n810 was great and there is no good enough heir for it.
    maybe Archos 5, maybe Sharp Netwalker… But it is still not what I want.

    PC-like internet experience – javascript, normal web pages, flash is not a concern for me. Data management. Connectivity. Software compatible with PC software. In a pocket.

  35. squirrel says:

    For sofa serfing/reading i would prefer light device. So
    1) Always innovating – 450 gm, 9″ or at least
    2) Eee T91 – 1kg, 9″, Atom

    So, I have two questions:
    1) Always Innovating isn’t in list because it’s not available yet?
    2) When will be available the 3G verison of Eee T91?

  36. squirrel says:

    sorry, always innovating weight is 675gm (1,4 kg with keyboard)

  37. squirrel says:

    Chippy, i missed the moment when it happened))), but it’s 1,4kg now, not 900gm!
    change specs:

  38. Pedro says:

    this would allow me accomplish 99% of my work and play needs and replace my 10″ netbook and my mobile phone:

    6-7h battery

  39. Steve says:

    With all these diverse responses, no wonder the manufacturers have a job deciding what to bring to market.
    PS, I like your new personal icon. How would someone actually go about getting a personal icon to use in comments on your blog?

  40. Carl says:

    I think it just means that offering more than one form factor is a Good Thing.

    Imagine how horrible it’d have been if the entire mobile computing industry had standardised on laptops with 12″ screens and no other form factor was allowed to be considered.

  41. chippy says:

    Regarding icons. Its done via Gravatar.com

  42. Ken says:

    How about a BT connected two piece device: a handset phone with thumb keyboard on the back and no screen, and a 6 inch touch screen vertically thin, like 1024 x 576.

    Unil then, Archos 5 Android with a HTC Touch Pro2. Not quite sure how to get files from one to the other though. Maybe with a cloud storage space.

    Any variation of the Sharp Netwalker with a built-in phone. A Umid M2 with Moorestown, WIMAX, and VOIP. Put a phone in the Archos 5 Android and you got a deal. The Nokia N900 is cool too.

    A common thread is Cortex or better processor.

  43. chippy says:

    Cortex with Android seems to be popular too.

  44. turn_self_off says:

    yep, the combo of cortex and webkit seems to be hitting a “good enough” spot of some kind.

  45. turn_self_off says:

    i think i made a tweet related to either netwalker or umid m2, pondering if one could place a simple numpad and display on the back of its screen, to use as a phone without opening the device.

    basically something like the nokia communicators.

  46. Addic says:

    I still use the my Everun everyday as a pocktable PC (jacket pocket, or belt holster). It’s got nearly everything I need, but welcome improvements would be slimmer form factor (without the losing the battery stamina), better keyboard, faster CPU and more Ram (essentially more power).

    If the OQO3 had been released I probably would have got one. The Viliv S5 looked real nice but the lack of a keyboard put me off, but very close. The never released LG Xnot B831 also looked very promising.

    Those are the only released (or nearly released) devices that appealed to me.

    I’d only consider a keyboardless device when the user experience can at minimum match the PPC SIP experience and the device houses a stylus.

  47. Phen0m says:

    I once again have to plug the Mondi and it’s slider form-factor here.. It’s 800×480 on a 4.3″ screen, features auto-rotate in Opera and has the same S3C6410 at 800mhz as the smaller screened Omnia Pro.
    I love mine :-)

  48. Chippy says:

    Good call. If I had one, it would be in the pic!

  49. HE says:

    I still use the my Everun everyday as a pocktable PC (jacket pocket, or belt holster). It’s got nearly everything I need, but welcome improvements would be slimmer form factor (without the losing the battery stamina), better keyboard, faster CPU and more Ram (essentially more power).
    If the OQO3 had been released I probably would have got one. The Viliv S5 looked real nice but the lack of a keyboard put me off, but very close. The never released LG Xnot B831 also looked very promising.
    Those are the only released (or nearly released) devices that appealed to me.
    I’d only consider a keyboardless device when the user experience can at minimum match the PPC SIP experience and the device houses a stylus.

  50. Phen0m says:

    What about the Aigo P8861H?
    It seems to fit the pocketable wvga criteria?

  51. johnkzin says:

    3.5″ is too small for my pocket. 4.3″ is what I want there.
    7″ is too small for my couch/meetings/etc. I want 10″ there.

  52. emumillion says:

    XP OS and phone function is what i want.

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