Dynamism Black Friday Deals

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Dynamism has two ultra mobile PC deals (good today only) that might be of interest:

  • For $30 off the regular price, you can order the pink or black base model UMID M1 [Portal page]. Both have 512MB of RAM, Windows XP, an 8GB SSD and come with a case and 4GB MicroSD card. The pink version will run you $419 and has a 1.2GHz Atom CPU, and the black version is $469 with a 1.3GHz CPU.
  • They also have a deal on the Viliv S7 [Portal page] which I reviewed over at Pocketables.net. I would personally take this S7 deal over the UMID M1 as you get $100 off the top end model, and Dynamism is already throwing in a spare battery — combined with the regularly included one you could run your Viliv S7 for nearly 20 hours straight (going for max battery life)! You can pick up this 3G equipped Viliv S7 for $699 today only, which has a 1.33GHz Atom CPU, 32GB SSD, 1GB of RAM, and runs Windows XP.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Dynamism Black Friday Deals http://bit.ly/8Ax5lg

  2. Mobile Ninja says:

    Dynamism Black Friday Deals http://bit.ly/8BmASf

  3. jkk mobile says:

    RT @benz145 New article: Dynamism Black Friday Deals http://bit.ly/8Ax5lg

  4. Tech Flypaper says:

    Dynamism Black Friday Deals http://bit.ly/4PQHGJ

  5. gordon says:

    Thanks for the pointer.

    The dynamism web site has the S7 Premium with both 60GHDD and 32GSSD.
    I believe the Premium model is the 32GSSD, but it is a little
    disconcerting that they are so sloppy.

    Also, I see the price today says “starting at $579”.
    I assume that is the Premium, and not the Express?


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