Long-Awaited UMID M2 UMPC appears as Onkyo BX in Japan.

Posted on 10 December 2009, Last updated on 17 March 2023 by

Akihabara seemed to have missed the fact that the Sotec (Onkyo) BX 407A4 is actually a device that many of us have been waiting for. It’s a rebadged UMID M2. Or Kohjinsha device. Or Inventec device. We’re not sure who the design owner is right now but if Inventec are manufacturing for Onkyo as we suspect then it probably means that the M2 is ready to go. About time!

bx407_le bx407_main bx407_ri bx407_1l bx407_2l bx407_3l bx407_4l bx407_5l

The Onkyo Japan website gives the following information:

  • Intel Atom 1.2Ghz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 32GB SSD
  • 1024×600 screen (touch)
  • Windows XP
  • Wifi b/g
  • BT2.0
  • 1.3MP web cam
  • Optical pointer
  • JEITA operating time (idle) 7 hours.

Clearly there’s a left-right mouse button on the left of the screen frame too. Note that the RAM is only 512MB which is OK for basic Windows XP Home use with three or four apps running but will disappoint the heavy users amongst us.

As for pricing, local Onkyo price is 64800 yen which is about 740 dollars; higher than we would like to see. Availability is unknown.

Onkyo BX websales site. (You’ll find a few other recognizable devices there too.)

We’ve got an email out with UMID to try and clear up the status based on this information.

Thanks for the tip Thomas.

20 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Long-Awaited UMID M2 UMPC appears as Onkyo BX in Japan. http://bit.ly/7dPVJk

  2. Alessandro Tucci says:

    RT @chippy: New article: Long-Awaited UMID M2 UMPC appears as Onkyo BX in Japan. http://bit.ly/7dPVJk

  3. Johannes says:

    and why Oh! WHyyyyy did it apear as white-only!!

  4. Johannes says:

    google translated

    And at 600 Euros on

  5. sam says:

    too little RAM
    too expensive

  6. comment says:

    Hopefully the black 1.6 GHz with 1 GB RAM is comming out soon too.

  7. tmarks11 says:

    why are you complaining about the color when there are much more important things to complaion about?

    512 MB ram and 1.2 GHz moves this from the top of my list straight into the trashcan. That would have been great specs in 2006, but for a high-priced palmtop today? You have to be kidding me. That is barely better then my (now broken) 3yo everun tablet.

    My dell mini 9 will remain my “mobile computer” of choice until somethign with better specs came out.

  8. The Spectator says:

    Actually, this is the (ultra)lowend version of the device.

    When the actual UMID M2 is released, the highend will be 1.6ghz, 1gb ram, 3g, and SSD. Oh and also black color.

  9. fixup says:

    I’m not waiting for this M2 because my M1 is already perfect. I AM waiting for a UMID with 6″ or 7″ screen though, because 5″ is practically for 800×480 only. A PC really needs 1024×600 or higher resolution and text on a 5″ screen is simply not viewable above 800×480.

    To be able to use the device without eye pain, I have to use 120 DPI on my M1, which sets the 1024×600 screen down to 800×480.

    I don’t think I’m the only one thinks so. Either make 6″ or 7″ UMPCs, or UMPC and its manufacturers will die soon. Right now, Kohjinsha SK3 and Viliv S7 are the only 7″ ones worth of considering, but the former has a too short battery life and the latter is unnecessarily too large. This leaves our only hope to the upcoming Fujitsu UH900.

  10. June says:

    I think M2 version with a low specification is going to be released for the first in Japan like Kojinsha OEM version. Then, higher models are possibly released with the UMID brand name in South Korea and the USA. All we can do is just waiting..

  11. Ken says:

    Atleast give them praise for the design. It looks very nice. Give it a 3G dongle, a second lighter OS, and subsidize it heavily.

    Show an ad with this versus someone standing inline with a laptop, or walking around a store. This is the size of the future.

  12. Minions says:

    Finally some news about the M2. Perhaps it will indeed be released in December as they previously noted. Not purchasing until I can get the Win7 1gig version of this however. That at least gives me the option to revert to 1GB XP worst case. The actual release date in the US may be awhile longer… I just hope they don’t sit on releasing it like they did the M1.

  13. Minions says:

    Forgot to mention, non 3G model… This model is very expensive with little to no difference between the mid ranged M1’s. Makes you wonder why there is such a markup. (I believe Dynamism’s with the same specs were only 650~ max, with the lower models with 8GB SD being $450). Don’t see this selling well, unless they drop the price a bit, this model being in the $550~600 range, with the higher model with 3G, 1GB ram and win7 being 800~ USD.

  14. Another fellow says:

    Is it me or the USB location is going to totally mess up the way you hold this device in your hands?

    PS: I agree, we need 1.6, 1gb Ram and 3G to make it perfect. As it stands right now, I dont see any real benefit over the M1.

  15. tal says:

    much like most of my past replies to devices lately …
    When they put a web cam they forget the GPS. When they put a GPS they forget the web cam. Uffffffff

  16. Minions says:

    Get one with 3G and you can use the towers to control a GPS program you install. This one has no 3G, thus not a viable option.

  17. 한국인 says:

    lol.. Is here the Korean Forum? here’s replies seem that korean replies

  18. Minions says:

    Seems that everyone universally knows what they should be releasing except the people manufacturing the product itself.

  19. anon says:

    Pretty steep for the entry-level model. Of course it could and should come down with the release of the higher-end models…

    1 GB of RAM is the minimum, but also plenty for XP. 3G is essential. That’s about it; the color is not an issue if there’s no choice, as the insides are what matter most. Oh, and of course the SSD *has* to have a good controller as it’s unreplaceable.

  20. Deafscooter says:

    I have UMID M1 with 1.33ghz, 512mb ram, 32Gb(SLC)SSD, also black color.
    ===> I notice the M1 has SLC High Speed like RAM ( using Virtual Ram )
    you can allow Virtual memory Set inital to 2048Mb,Max Extend to 4096MB
    it real fastest and Load like window 7 also you can use Fully Feature
    on Video Editing Software and Save the Video/photo to 16Gb MicroSD card
    I love the UMID M1 (black with 32Gb SSD (SLC) then Watch out the new M2
    Came with 1.2Ghz ( not 1.33 Ghz CPU! ) also there Fully work on Camfrog
    and Deaf Visual Confences program Called ” Purple P3 Software ” then
    Operation on deafies use with Pocket Computer to Tel-Visual confences!

    Also I have own Kohjinsha PA-series 4.8-inch UMPC with QWERTY keyboard.
    This Look SAME UMID M1 but better Mouse Control on Side of Screen frame
    & Built in VGA port allow to large Monitor to use deaf Purple P3 program
    Thank from Deafscooter

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