Full Viliv N5, S10 details and pics surface. (2.0Ghz Multitouch S10 is coming!)

Posted on 04 January 2010, Last updated on 04 January 2010 by

With just a few hours to go before the madness kicks off in CES, Viliv have slipped out a few pages of marketing for their new offerings.

Four devices are listed with 2 of them directly targeted at the mobile computing sector. The N5 and the S10.

Naver have the details (thanks to @digihunter for the tip)



Head over to Naver for more details.


  • 1.3Ghz CPU
  • Windows 7 OS
  • 32GB SSD
  • GPS
  • 1.3MP cam
  • Optical mouse
  • HSPA option
  • ‘Up to’ 5 hours battery life.
  • 399gm


  • 2.0Ghz Z550 version will be available.
  • Multi-touch
  • 128GB SSD option
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 3G options.
  • Possible issue: Only 1GB RAM.
  • 1.2KG

Full specifications in our database.

Viliv S10

Viliv N5

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: Full Viliv N5, S10 details and pics surface. (2.0Ghz Multitouch S10 is coming!) http://bit.ly/72n1t2

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: Full Viliv N5, S10 details and pics surface. (2.0Ghz Multitouch S10 is coming!) http://bit.ly/72n1t2

  3. Dan says:

    thanks chippy

    I am watching….!!! Keep up the great work and have a great time.

  4. kyuss says:

    wow. pretty sleek. almost q1u sleekness. looks very promising.

  5. Genghis Khent says:

    PMI, but given multi-touch, is the S10 screen capacitive? If so, too bad about only 1GB of RAM.

  6. marc says:

    I just recieved a 700g vaio-X 4hours 950g 8hours….
    and afterall, I just wonder if I really miss a touchscreen ? .. 1.86Ghz overclocked at 2.2ghz, 128GBSSD, 2GbRam a good over 36000 pts Crystalmark, 3G, FullHD GPU …. well …. I was not patient enough.

  7. Chippy says:

    Pray tell more! PIcs, full review ;-)
    I’m interested in the X at 2.0ghz with 3G.

    How much though?

  8. rb79f says:

    Full Viliv N5, S10 details and pics surface. (2.0Ghz Multitouch S10 is coming!) – http://shar.es/aUAjv

  9. Elmstrom says:

    I could see my meself buying a N10, if i could get 3gb ram and they removed the high gloss plastic back… My geek ego could not handle walking around with anything high gloss :)

  10. HG says:

    @Marc how is the Sony X running at 2.2 compare to it not overclocked? Nice to see more Tablets released. I have used several Tablet PC over the years but, at the time I switched over to a 10″ MSI, there wasn’t anything with that size screen and a good processor. For me, I would like to have a 11.6″ Tablet that meets my needs for work.

  11. Tal says:

    Steve – does the 1.3M pixel camera – means web cam? or standard camera?
    In other words is this device Skype capable?
    If so I will buy it as soon as it is out in the US.


  12. Chippy says:

    Cam is webcam and the 1.33Ghz with SSD should be able to do some nice Skype video.
    The UMID m1 was always a good skype vid umpc too.

    The only thing that needs to be checked is the efficiency of the cam drivers. Sometimes they can be a bottleneck.

  13. smog says:

    Chippy, do optical mice have some way of scrolling (like the scroll area on a track pad), also does N10 really have no mouse pointer at all? Thanks

  14. drebin says:

    keyboard on n5 looks difficult

  15. marc says:

    Unluckily, I am quite busy till next monday, tomorow I will put some pics on the forum and some benchmarks between my vaio P and my brand new vaio X (both 1.86mhz) vaio X seems much more fluent but it is under Win7 and the vaio P under vista.
    I would have dream it with a multitouch pad and/or screen ..like S10

  16. marc says:

    Just to give you some rough impressions about the viao X at 2.2ghz ..
    I never had any UMPC (since my first Sony U71P, Lifebbok P1510, OQO 2, OQO E2 SSD, Vaio P) so usable … even better than a Toshiba R600.
    In one week of use, I could quickly manipulate big RAW files from a canon 5DMKII (25MB pictures), open large excel sheets full of VBA and 200mb datas, use firefox with plugins (Noscript, firegestures,grab&drag,Xmarks, whatch HD videos (still youtube 720P is somewhat jerky less than vaioP but not fluent)..
    Seems to bu usable as a professional use and the longest battery life I never had (8 real hours).
    Sorry to have disturbed this topic.. but the N10 is just to heavy, but seems very interesting and comparable to the viao X…

  17. umpc says:

    The Vaio X is probably more usable because it’s not a UMPC. It’s a netbook.

  18. marc says:

    …probably .. but it’s around 700g and very very thin which can be something between umpc and rather big/heavy but cheap/low speed netbook.

  19. 1810t says:

    At that size and weight, the Vaio X may not even pass for a netbook. It’s too big. With the extended battery it weighs 2.3 lbs. (~1 kg) and about twice as thick. For portability, the bigness of the Vaio is more of a hindrance than it’s weight. Even at 2.2 GHz, that Atom isn’t much faster than most netbooks out there either.

    At that size, I’d rather get the Acer Aspire 1810t with it’s Core 2 Duo CULV CPU and GMA 4500MHD graphics. About the same battery life (8-10 hours, with some reviews reporting more) but 2-3 times faster especially for multi-threaded applications.

    Acer 1810t – 285 mm x 204 mm x 22.1 mm – 30.0 mm, 1.4 kg
    Vaio X – 278.13 mm x 185.16 mm x 13.97 mm (21.6 mm with extended battery), (1 kg with extended battery)

  20. aplio says:

    The Acer 1810t weighs anywhere from 3.08 lb to 3.2 lb.

    I would go for the Lenovo X200s with Core 2 Duo. You
    can get this with either 6 cell (2.7 lb, ~5 hr) or 9
    cell (3.1 lb, ~8 to 9 hr), or for extreme portability,
    3 cell (2.4 lb, 2-3 hr). Weight infrom from Lenovo
    data sheets, does not include AC adapter.

    Plus, the Lenovo has an outstanding keyboard, excellent
    build quality, 1440 x 900 LED backlit screen.

  21. Mike says:

    The spec’s on the S10 look promising – unfortunately a 10″ screen is too big for my particular situation. Hopefully Viliv can get the 2Ghz cpu’s into a 7″ screened unit.

  22. Alessandro Tucci says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: Full Viliv N5, S10 details and pics surface. (2.0Ghz Multitouch S10 is coming!) http://bit.ly/72n1t2

  23. comment says:

    Didn’t Chippy mention that the mouse on the N5 was on the bezel in a comment from a previous blog.

  24. ssagg says:

    In the bezel? That wouldn’t be very clever. Which should be the idea when placing it in that location? (in a convertible would be ok but in a clamshell…).

  25. bezel says:

    The UMID M2 or BK has the mouse in the bezel. In a mobile situation (no table), it’s very easy to use. At least that’s what it looked like in one of Chippy’s videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0z91xaoqHo).

    If the N5 only has the mouse on the bottom of the keyboard, it would be very awkward to use when mobile.

  26. bezel says:

    Forgot to mention that the mouse part of the video is at 2:30. Another good place would be above the keyboard like the Sharp Netwalker but that would make the device bigger or the keyboard smaller.

  27. mouse says:

    I would say having the mouse on the center of the device is not clever at all or may actually be pretty dumb. These small devices are likely going to be held with two hands and the center would be the farthest away from either thumb. A good place would be at the top corners of where the keyboard is or the bottom corners of where the screen is. To me, that would be a more clever placement than the center area of which where Viliv seems to have placed it on the N5 based on the picture.

  28. John Skelgård Jensen says:

    RT @rb79f: Full Viliv N5, S10 details http://shar.es/aUAjv <= N5 too small for me, S10 looks promising. But 1G RAM =.=a

  29. HoboJ says:

    That S10 looks mighty sexy. Mmm could even be my first netbook!

  30. marc says:

    some “bad” pictures between U71P, OQOE2 , Vaio-P, Vaio-X, Vaio-Z51


    Definitly the 760g Vaio-X is very very thin and very light -> half of the wheight of an ultraperformer as a Vaio-Z51 at 1500g (much lighter than any other brands at a 110.000 Crytalmark points), and much lighter and thiner than any netbook on the market.

  31. Another guy says:

    I wonder how the N5 will compare to the UMID M2. I am going to buy the M2 as soon as it’s out, so having new options is always a good thing.

  32. marc says:

    .. and just to complete my rough impressions of the viao-x a quick video where

    -> I manipulate a 720P avi while surfing without any trouble with firefox
    -> use a 160Mb spreadsheet full of datas and VBA
    -> analyze 25MB CR2 (canon 5DMKII) files with fsviewer
    -> watch 720P movie simultanously a youtube movie even in HD (I overclock at 2.1Ghz to get a fluent youtube movie)

    .. so a 760g really usable computer.. shall we call it UMPC, Netbook UltraLightNotebook .. no idea, but the 7th one I own (U71P, P1510, R500, OQO, OQOE2, R600, VaioP) and probably the best one much smaller than a magazine

  33. marc says:

    I forgot the link


  34. NP says:

    Thanks.Detail specifications of N5 please.

  35. pocketable says:

    I would only use an Atom based device if it was pocketable. That thing is huge. The Acer or Lenovo mentioned above are more useful at that size. Weight doesn’t matter as much if you’re going to use some sort of bag anyway. With CULVs and GMA 4500MHD you could do a whole lot more with the same form factor.

  36. pocketable says:

    I was talking about the huge Vaio X.

  37. focus says:

    Viliv N10-BLADE!? at 2.5cm do you call this a blade?!!!
    My old Acer tc111 have this size!

  38. Minions says:

    Interesting, very interesting. Now that the size, and weight as well as battery life has been released I’m going to do a bit of an comparison between the N5 and M2. (this assumes the future 1g finally coming out for the m2)

    The N5 has a little less “advertised” battery life vs the m1, however the same of that of the m2. However I believe the m2 may have an even greater reduced battery life than the n5. Both offerings are about on par with each other as far as battery life is concerned. However, this has a gig of ram, whereas the current “m2” offering (version 1.5 really) has only 500mb. When adding that additional 500mb of ram to the m2 I believe the battery life my actually be worse than that of the n5. We’ll have to see some hands on testing before this will be confirmed.

    The n5 seems to vary a bit in size. The listed sizes for the N5 are 172(W)x86(H)x25(T)mm. The M2 (I believe) are 161(W)x96.5(H)x29(T)mm.
    This means that the n5 is a bit wider than the m2, however it is shorter and less thick.The weights are also a determining factor. The n5 is listed as 399g (.88lbs) vs the M2’s 315g (roughly .70lbs).

    The major, and most likely things that will determine which to purchase however will be a combination of the price, availability (which comes out first), and which finally will integrate 3g in the US (or other regions for that matter). (something umid seems to have an extremely hard time doing) Lets not forget that the n5 also has GPS (something the m1/2 is lacking, though can easily be remedied by having 3g access and using the cell towers to triangulate your position with some download-able programs.

    In the end, I believe due to UMIDS “procrastination” and lack of advertising and announcements, they will lose their niche market to viliv. Viliv has popped up with this product, and seems to ready to put it through its paces, along with the announcement that they will carry some of these in retail outlets!

    (I know I wrote a lot, just figured i’d add my 2 cents after waiting a year for the m2 to finally get released, which may be even longer)

  39. Minions says:

    Also Chippy, When possible can we get a confirmation on the location of the optical mouse pointer on the n5? If it is indeed only on the bottom of the keyboard the mobility takes a pretty large hit imho. Still very interesting in seeing the videos from CES.

  40. ramram says:

    hi girls and guys!

    couldn’t help but notice that some here are talking of an “N”10 in this thread, don’t you mean the “S”10? Looks to me like the first instance is in the post itself.

    as for the S10, I’ll likely use it for skype a bit, but I’m also wondering if it’ll come with a dialer software like I think Chippy used to call his girlfriend on the X70 late this summer.

    How about GPS – Navigation for use in my car?

    Happy 2010 to all!

  41. Minions says:

    Saw the JKK’s video of the N5 on the floor of CES, and the optical pointer IS indeed in a very mobile position! It is at the top right above the keyboard, not at the bottom like the picture here! I’m glad they did not give me a reason to have complaints with this product. Now for the price!

  42. sukhvinder singh says:

    The N5 looks good and nice specs,it`s one of the greatest design ever in a umpc.
    I only liked Wibrain B1H very useful device than all but poor battery,wrong place usb port,not clamshell style plus you tube videos are slow running but all the buttons are in the right places and works most pc programs and plays loads of windows 95/98/2000/xp games is cool.

    When the N5 comes out i will sell my B1H with docking station and add extra money to buy it,is the mouse pointer good as trackpad and arrow keys makes fighting games difficult to play,is the layout of arrow keys identical to Wibrain.

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