Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t to compete with T101H, S10 and T1028.

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One of the most interesting sub-segments that has grown out of the netbook craze is the convertible touchscreen format. I’ve been using one for 8 months and I’m extremely happy with it. The touchscreen really does make a difference to the way you use the device.

After 8 months with the Gigabyte T1028M though, I’m starting to look around to see if there’s a significant upgrade possibility. There’s the ASUS T101H which should launch at CES. There’s the Viliv S10 which should also launch at CES and there’s now a third 10 inch device in the Lenovo S10-3t.

Via JKKMobile we learn that the device will have a 10 inch capacitive multitouch screen and a price of $499. Actually I don’t believe that price. I think we’ll be looking at an entry level model with resistive touchscreen and Windows Home Basic for $499 and then advanced models including SSD, 3G and the capacitive touchscreen for prices up to $600 or even $700.


The ‘netvertible’ will be based on the Pinetrail / N450 platform so lets hope for a fanless design at around 1KG.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t to compete with T101H, S10 and T1028. http://bit.ly/6P7yXV

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t to compete with T101H, S10 and T1028. http://bit.ly/6P7yXV

  3. Sascha Pallenberg says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t to compete with T101H, S10 and T1028. http://bit.ly/6P7yXV

  4. paquito says:

    Finally, my love affair with Fujitsu will end with Lenovo! The S10-3t has got my imagination completely with the lovely price point. Goodbye U820 and UH900…and Archos too!

  5. aplio says:

    From various web sites (such as PCMag, LaptopMag, Engadget, Jkontherun,
    pocketables.net, Lenovo press release, et al)

    Weight hasn’t been disclosed. I think this will be around 3 lb,
    so it really isn’t in the same league as Fujitsu UH900, which remains
    my choice, regardless of price (but UH900 is almost 3x the cost of
    entry level UMID BZ or Viliv N5)

    * A 1.66-GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, up to Atom N470
    N450, 1.667 GHz
    N470, 1.833 GHz

    * Windows 7 ($79.95) Home Basic, Home Premium, Home Starter
    * 10.1-inch, 16:9 backlit display rotating (convertible) multitouch capacitive screen
    * Intel GMA 3150 GPU
    * 2 GB of RAM
    * 320 GB (5,400-rpm) HDD
    * 802.1a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
    * 3G
    * GPS
    * Two USB, VGA, 6-in-1 memory card reader
    * 1.3-MP webcam
    * Stereo speakers with Dolby Headphone surround sound

    Both the S10-3t and the S10-3 feature

    – DirectShare, which allows users to quickly and easily synchronize files with another laptop without having to connect to the Internet.

    – The new Quick Start 2.0’s ‘instant on’ function lets users quickly access applications and the Web in only seconds and without booting the Windows desktop OS.

    – Maplife1 location-based mapping software,

    – VeriFaceâ„¢ face recognition and

    – Active Protection System to protect the PC hard drive from sudden bumps or falls.

  6. aplio says:

    Above specs were “up to…” As usual, your mileage will vary.

    S10-3t, 2.76 lb w/ 4 cell, up to 4 hours
    S10-3t, 3.31 lb w/ 8 cell, up to 10 hours

    Fujitsu UH900 weight, 1.1 lb
    Viliv N5 weight, 0.88 lb
    UMID BZ weight, ?
    UMID M1 weight, 0.69 lb

    Weights do not include AC adapter

    Expected pricing:

    Fujitsu UH900, $1400, announced Dec 2009, delivery ?
    Lenovo S10-3t, $499 and up, delivery April 2010
    UMID BZ, $499 and up (unconfirmed), $740 (upscale configuration)
    Viliv N5, ? (probably competitive with UMID)

  7. Rahul says:

    Chippy, will this netvertible be suitable for taking notes in classes?

    A really helpful article will be a classification of touchscreen technology: resistive vs capacitive, active digitizer vs passive digitizer, single vs multitouch and so on. There are so many touchscreen products coming on to the market but its difficult to know for a general consumer like me whether they suit their use case or not. Some people are interested in taking notes, some are interested in digital drawings, some are interested in just general application usage using touchscreens. But not all devices are appropriate for every usage and its really difficult to know the difference :(

    For example, if I want to take notes, which one should I buy : Archos 9? S10-3t? T91? T91MT? Gigabyte touchnote? Which operating system should I look for? Vista? W7 Home Premium? W7 Starter? Its just so confusing :(

  8. vs says:

    has the s10-3t really got a capacitive touchscreen? Engadget says resistive and from the hands-on video you can see that imho.

  9. lanlanb says:

    Rahul, any netvertible will be great taking notes in class since the keyboard is still present. If it was a slate, touchscreen only, like Archos 9 or Samsung Q1U (seriously, you can’t really type on that little cell keypad, at least not for serious note taking), then i’d stay clear unless you feel like bringing a seperate bluetooth or usb keyboard along (which would defeat the purpose of being truly portable).

    So to sum this up, ANY netvertible will be fine. And really, any OS as well (for note taking), but you may want to consider a Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium upgrade.

    Hope this helps, now you just gotta figure out which netvertible (that’s the hard part :) )

  10. lanlanb says:

    Now for my own sake, I have been eyeballing that Viliv S10 for so long. With pinetrail out improved gfx hardware out now, this Lenovo (and even the Asus T101) are looking better. I’m a fan of battery life (where the Viliv S10 seems to lead for now); though if battery life on this device can do more than 4hrs i’m sold.

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