Choice is King.

Posted on 08 February 2010, Last updated on 11 March 2010 by

Here’s a short and sweet message to everyone that insists on using terms like ‘game changer’  and ‘killer’ to define the success of a product. Customers don’t give a shit about winners and losers.


Let’s say a small company makes a device that sells 50 thousand units, makes a lot of customers happy and pulls in $1 million profit but fails to make any impact whatsoever on the market as a whole. Is that a failure?

Choice is success.

It’s time for some people out there to re-think what success means and to start being honest about what we need in the market. Variation, personalisation and choice is key and with more variation possible in the mobile computing market than ever before, the last thing we want is for journalists, analysts and bloggers to take sides and declare anything a failure before they analyze the advantage of choice.

We’ve learnt something in the last three years of research and discussion (hat tip at this point to the 20,000 comments from our wonderful readers) about the market between smartphones and netbooks. It’s personalized, splintered and fluid and every device that launches in it is going to be relatively ‘niche.’ That’s how it should continue – personalised computing.

Tech journalists, bloggers and analysts need to get over that need for winners and losers. Customers want choice and all tech companies should be encouraged to aim for niche, personalized, innovative products.

Want to see what choice looks like? Check this out.

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