Engadget Finally Let’s Loose with Pre-Production Dell Mini 5 Details

Posted on 20 February 2010, Last updated on 20 February 2010 by

mini 5 We showed you the other week that Engadget got their hands on a pre-production version of the Dell Mini 5 — they initially hooked us up with a nice gallery, but I’ve personally be waiting eagerly for a full list of thoughts, and according to the Mini 5’s popularity chart over in the product database, many of you have been too! Luckily, today is the day that Engadget has decided to grace us with additional Mini 5 info. They’ve done a pretty thorough write-up for a device which isn’t even ready for retail, but we can’t blame them — the Mini 5 is looking better every day. Be sure to watch the video walkthrough in their article, it’s the first thorough hands-on that we’ve seen (out of Dell’s hands) since back when the Mini 5 was known as the Dell Streak! Note the incredible vertical viewing angle at 1:10 in the video.

5 Comments For This Post

  1. tal says:

    So is there going to be a Skype like video conferencing over IP application using the web-cam?
    If yes I buy – if no then I will probably pass.

  2. Ben says:

    That’s probably the plan for the forward facing video camera.

  3. Taylor Reid says:

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  5. Alicia Matthews says:

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