Viliv S10 Blade Pre-Order Starts at $699 with Dynamism

Posted on 24 February 2010, Last updated on 24 February 2010 by

Full model details and pricing range is unknown at the moment but we’re now one step closer to launch of the Viliv S10 multitouch convertible. Dynamism have put up their pre order page.


Pricing starts with a 60GB HDD and XP at $699 which appears high for a device that isn’t much more than a 10hour version of the Gigabyte Touchnote that I’m using to write this. SSD versions start with a 32GB Windows 7 version and go right up to the 64GB version with the 2.0Ghz CPU and built-in HSDPA. Clearly pricing is going to be much much higher for that version so we’re probably looking at the $700 – $1200 range here folks. Lets hope it’s a little less at the high end!

As I said, full details aren’t known and availability is stated as ‘soon’ but we have been promised one of the first samples so you can expect an extensive live review session when it turns up here at UMPCPortal.

For a reminder on the specs, a gallery, some videos and related links from around the internet, check out our product information page for the Viliv S10.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: Viliv S10 Blade Pre-Order Starts at $699 with Dynamism

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: Viliv S10 Blade Pre-Order Starts at $699 with Dynamism

  3. jkk mobile says:

    RT @chippy: RT @umpcportal: New article: Viliv S10 Blade Pre-Order Starts at $699 with Dynamism

  4. Ben Lang says:

    Viliv S10 Blade Pre-Order Starts at $699 with Dynamism

  5. Atom Gadgets says:

    RT @chippy: RT @umpcportal: New article: Viliv S10 Blade Pre-Order Starts at $699 with Dynamism

  6. HoboJ says:

    Well my enthusiasm for this device just flew out the window. $699 for the base unit is highway robbery imo. I was really hoping its base price would be $499-550. Now regardless of how good the device actually is it’s been priced into the range of “more money than sense”.

  7. Rahul Garg says:

    The device has dropped out of my watch list. I would rather wait for the Eee T101MT which will have less battery life but hopefully much better pricing.

  8. peter says:

    exactly what i was going to say. in fact, i do like T101MT’s design better. though we do get the same long battery life, high res screen and even the 2.0GHz processor, the price is likely going to be way more friendly.

  9. peter says:

    *don’t get
    sorry for the typo

  10. peter says:

    though the prices aren’t totally unexpected and yet still pretty disappointing..
    $700 is just for a 60GB HDD with Z530, and most likely it’s gonna be a 1.8″ 4200rpm one.
    indeed with the lower-spec ones we still get a high-res multitouch screen and remarkably long battery life, but, i mean, the Z550 was probably one of the key things that many people have been waiting for.
    now that it may cost more than $1000 to get a Z550, i’m not totally interested in it anymore.
    I do know it’s worth the price but just that i’m not willing to spend this much on the device

  11. Saibot says:

    well… kinda expensive.



  12. Elmstrom says:

    I am still interresed, the price is not really that surprising, the viliv X70 starts at 600$ so why would the s10 start in the 500-550 range?. Also Dynamism is clearly not the cheap place to buy, so i am waiting for a price from some EU shops :). I just hope it gets price around 700€ for the non-3G, 64GB, 2ghz model.

  13. tsonev says:

    BIG thanks Chippy your reviews helped me a lot in my choice for a tablet! Keep up the great work!

  14. Yu says:

    Wow… I sure didn’t expect that pricing.

    Even less would I have expected the base version to come with a rediculously small HDD – 16 GB SSD with XP would have made more sense to me; At least this brings the mobility advantage.

  15. Yu says:

    Argh, pressed send to early ^^’

    Anyway, I too must keep up my hopes for better EU prices. I was very intrigued about the fanless design and high resolution non-glossy screen, which I both want for work and/or a secondary device in general, but the price goes up too high. And as I said: HDD? To me, a HDD mostly redicules the fanless concept, as the HDD of my EEEPC 1000H was louder than the fan at many times.

    At this pricing, I’ll consider changing my usage scenario and get a 11″ CULV-convertible (though those come with fans…) or wait for a touchscreen smartbook and heave ubuntu nbr on it (though that seems barely the option with the unavailability of those almost-vapor-ware devices :-/)

    @ Elmstrom: I checked the prices and avaiability of different configurations for viliv s7 at the european distributers listed at; Usually either pricing was rediculous compared to dynamism or the available configurations were at best incomplete. Please tell me, if you know any good european shop for viliv-devices :-(

  16. JonnyN says:

    I think the price makes sense considering Viliv’s other devices, as Elstrom points out. I’m sure everyone would prefer it to be cheaper.

    I presume Viliv are going for the productivity/business market and therefore expect companies to be more able to fork out this sum over your regular home user.

    In my experience the ‘little’ upgrades up the top end of the spec (hi-res screen, 2.0Ghz processor and double SSD capacity) tend to cost the most. It’s the cost of being able to say ‘my resolution’s better than yours’!

  17. Elmstrom says:

    I am also looking at Acer 1820PTZ, its bigger, but also faster/better and its 700€ (

  18. ramram says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Why would anyone expect €uro pricing to be ‘better’ than U$? If I buy the S10 in the States I’m sure to save just based on exchange rate alone (No S&H or customs as I’d have a friend bring it). Does anyone think Viliv will offer it for less in Europe? Why?

    Does anybody know about this place? I’ve seen it pop up in my web searches in the past few days:

    I’m not one to throw money at dubious sellers, but I’d still like to know what this is about.

    Ciao for now!

  19. loren says:

    I contacted them and it really is too good to be true. They don’t accept credit card or paypal. Only bank transfer or western union. So it’s a scam. Notice they are also selling the apple ipad which definitely isn’t out yet. And the Viliv N5. Anyone know when that will be released?

  20. TheJoster says:

    I’m just wondering if we can buy a base model and “manually” add HSDPA and such to the unit
    Does anyone know if the S10 is easy to extend (e.g. replace HD, Mem, Express Cards, etc)?

  21. Paul says:

    I am also interested in how easy it is to upgrade the hardware.

    I want the Z550 processor on the basic model. (Sent an email to Dynamism about this)

    I want to put my own SSD (i.e. Intel SSD). Also, if the memory can be upgraded to 2GB that would be more suitable.


    How well will this play 720p high profile h.264 media without the use of CoreAVC and the likes of MPC home cinema?

  22. Paul says:

    Just got a reply from Dynamism.

    They only offer the models on the page with no options for configuration. So if you want a 2.0GHz on the basic model, you are stuck with paying $287 extra. Bummer.

  23. Elmstrom says:

    Ramram, i am not saying that EU will be cheaper then US if you smugle it in :). Just saying that dynamism is not the cheap place to import hardware from.

  24. Lindsey says:


  25. Lindsey says:

    Actually, no. Not sure where you are getting that from, looks like Dynamism is a few bucks cheaper than Amazon on the other Vilivs (x70, etc).

  26. Lee says:

    I too was looking forward to the s10 but am disappointed in the specs and price. I will no longer buy a device like this that has only 1 gig of ram and incomplete graphics skills. I am pretty sure the ram is not upgradeable. Although portability is important, this device seems to compromise to many things to be a viable device for me.

  27. crabolsky says:

    I just found a little loop hole using froogle… s10 search reveals the other models pricing. WOW!



    $1,079.00 new


    Intel® Atom™ Z550 2.0GHz 64GB SSD Windows 7 Home Premium Built in SPA modem.


    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/32ssd/3G]

    $889.00 new

    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/32ssd/3G]

    Intel® Atom™ Z530 1.6GHz 32GB SSD Windows 7 Home Premium Built in HSPA modem.


    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/32ssd]

    $797.00 new

    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/32ssd]

    Intel® Atom™ Z530 1.6GHz 32GB SSD Windows 7 Home Premium.


    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/64ssd]

    $857.00 new

    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/64ssd]

    Intel® Atom™ Z530 1.6GHz 64GB SSD Windows 7 Home Premium.


    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/2.0GHz/64ssd]

    $987.00 new

    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/2.0GHz/64ssd]

    Intel® Atom™ Z550 2.0GHz 64GB SSD Windows 7 Home Premium.


    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/64ssd/3G]

    $949.00 new

    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/64ssd/3G]

    Intel® Atom™ Z530 1.6GHz 64GB SSD Windows 7 Home Premium Built in HSPA modem.


    viliv S10 [viliv-S10/60]

    $699.00 new


  28. Chippy says:

    Oh wow. Exposed! Good find.

  29. Chippy says:

    The search reults don’t show up here. Maybe they were removed.

  30. crabolsky says:

    Ha! Yes I can confirm that. A search this morning only pulls up the base $699 model.

    Really disappointed with this pricing. I could have almost gone for the 32gb SSD with W7 at the $699 price point, but I have no idea what they were thinking with the base model specs at $699.

  31. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    Full Viliv s10 pricing list got exposed.

  32. some guy says:

    Viliv is competing against themselves. Compare to the S7:

    Priced $200 less than the S10, the S7 is smaller and a pound lighter while still offering the nifty convertible tablet design and 9.5 hours of battery life.

    While the S10 may have a slightly faster processor (1.6Ghz vs 1.33Ghz), in practice both machines will be hampered by the same 1GB memory limit and the crappy integrated display adapter.

    So is the larger screen (10″ vs 7″) and better resolution (1366 x 768 vs 1024 x 600) worth the extra cost and weight?

  33. some guy says:

    With the S10 you also get a much larger keyboard and multitouch.

  34. chhh says:

    well, i was really waiting for this device, but viliv has missed the right time.
    how could this be better than asus ul30vt which also has 10h battery life, but also has m240 on board along with a core 2 duo (SU7300, 1.3Ghz) and 4Gb DDR3? yes, they’re a little different, yes asus doesn’t have a touchscreen + it’s a whole 13 inch. but still, a real powerhouse for the same price.

  35. Yu says:

    Sure, if you’re going for power that asus thing will win; But as you said: No touchscreen. And sure significantly higher weight I suppose? Also i suppose it isn’t fanless like the viliv S10.

    Honestly, if I was ready for the tradeoffs in weight and noise, I’d gladly take the acer timeline 1820ptz (once they manage actually to bring it to the market), but I didn’t plan that. Though indeed – with the viliv’s pricing this option gets significantly more attractive.

  36. peter says:

    yes, you’re right, that’s a totally different thing you’re comparing it with..
    the value of a laptop is never judged based on just its performance.
    i do agree that s10 is a little pricey in a sense
    but, my friend, have you ever thought about why vaio X series costs this much when it’s that underpowered and simple-featured in terms of functionality.
    that machine has got such great built quality, material and craftsmanship. also, it has this dream-like 11.1″ screen, which has a huge difference from a 11.6″ to some people.
    s10 blade itself is an ultraportable device, i would never call a thirteen incher ultraportable by the way. within such limited space it’s able to squeeze out such long battery life from the tiny battery and remain its light weight and thinness.
    besides, the display is a 10″ resistive multitouch screen with 1366 768 resolution. also not forgetting to mention that it has a Z550 2.0GHz CPU.
    it’s got like every thing every man would ever want for an ultraportable device which actually runs on a full function OS.
    the only things for me to complain about are its material and the keyboard, which are really not a big deal comparing to the other outstanding features we get.
    a 13″ CULV for me? no, as a “road warrior”, i’d never want one of those huge beasts as my gear or weapon. even a 11.6″ is considered big..
    so indeed, the price is high, but still “reasonable”, it’s only your choice whether you’re willing to spend that much on a netbook.

  37. chhh says:

    about 13inch beasts… would you really consider a MacBook Air, for example, a huge beast in your backpack?it is a size and weight of a magazine.. for most notebooks the real problem is their thickness, and when you shrink it to just 1cm, then getting the machine out of your bag doesn’t seem too much of a hassle anymore. I have a 12” HP tx2500z, and it looks almost like a desktop when put next to Air.
    Touch capabilities are not that much useful if you’re not using it for sketching, quick building of diagrams and such (for drawing/photo editing the screens of these devices are usually unacceptable), an optical mouse on the screen bezel can easily substitute a touchscreen. Plus the current OS interfaces are not that much suited for touch operation… and all those proprietary UIs being built by manufacturers on top of standard OSes are just too limited.
    I’d be much more willing to spend this kind of money on s10 if it had… SU7300 :)

  38. Lindsey says:

    $699 for any type of laptop/pc is cheap for my opinion…

  39. Lorenzo says:

    Does anyone know how good the responsiveness of its multi-touch screen is? I am thinking of either getting the S10 Blade, EeePC T101MT, iPAD or that ADAM Tablet. But the ADAM tablet and iPAD might not be on my list as it doesn’t have hand writing recognition, Windows 7…and an actual keyboard.

    I really want a tablet PC that is able to respond to my hand writing on Microsoft Word. I tried my friends HP tablet PC last night, and it was amazingly responsive; and amazingly FAT (last years model apparently). And this would be the best for writing notes in a lecture at university..

    I saw a video of the T101MT and the responsiveness on the touchscreen was really disappointing, a massive deal breaker. So I just really want to know if the S10 BLADE can do it for me.

    From my knowledge, I know that windows 7 needs at least 1.3GB of RAM to run smoothly. but the S10 only has 1GB of RAM. Will this tablet PC run smoothly, or lag to the point where it can get irritating and annoying.

    PLEASE HELP! And if you know a better tablet PC around the same (or better) specs than this, PLEASE INFORM ME!


  40. Yu says:

    I heard that the bad responsiveness of the T101MT is considered a bug by Asus and that the video maker is supposed to get another device, supposedly working better.

  41. peter says:

    this touchscreen response issue is really disappointing
    i don’t know about the other people, but i actually bought one T91MT and i had just the same problem too!
    now the T101MT has really got to get this thing solved or it’s gonna leave people such a bad impression about their products
    I like the looks of the black T101MT as it looks much more business-classed
    to me T101MT is just equal to S10 blade, just how much you spend and how much you get.
    surely the specs and battery life are better on s10 but it’s much more costly (assuming the 2 t101mt models will be $600 and $700 respectively)
    if you are willing to spend up to a thousand for your new laptop, s10 blade with Z550 will be your best choice for sure.

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