3 Convertible Netbooks Compared

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The Viliv S10, Lenovo S10-3T and Gigabyte T1000 sit in the 1.2-1.5KG bracket and are therefore just outside the range that we normally focus on here at UMPCPortal but given the multiple usage scenarios offered by the touch-capable convertible form-factor they are still worth looking at.

The four interesting models in the 10 inch screen size range right now are:

  • Viliv S10 – 1GB RAM, Multitouch (1366×768) Z530 1.6Ghz Windows 7 Home Premium  32GB SSD. 779 Euro (expected)
  • Lenovo S10-3T – 1GB RAM, Multitouch (1024×600) N450 1.6Ghz Windows 7 Home Premium 449 Euro
  • Gigabyte Touchnote – 2GB RAM, Single Touch N280 1.6Ghz (1366×768) Windows 7 Starter, 569 Euro
  • ASUS T101 MT – 2GB RAM, Multitouch (1024×600), N450 1.6Ghz CPU, Win 7 Home Premium. 320GN HDD. 499 Euro

I’ve talked about the relative pricing of the four devices here but what about the features? Sascha got to play with the S10-3T, the T1000 and the S10 at CeBIT last week and here’s his hand-on video. [S10 appears later in the video here.] You can see how slim the S10 is compared to the other two devices.Viliv have done an excellent job with size, weight and styling. “They are kinda bulky inch says Sascha as he holds the Viliv S10 and points to the other two devices!

*** We’ll have the S10 and Touchnote T1028M in a live session today.***

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: 3 Convertible Netbooks Compared http://bit.ly/cHN8df

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: 3 Convertible Netbooks Compared http://bit.ly/cHN8df

  3. IngoZ says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: 3 Convertible Netbooks Compared http://bit.ly/cHN8df

  4. Gadgets Informatory says:

    3 Convertible Netbooks Compared http://goo.gl/fb/zga2 http://j.mp/findmore

  5. Yu says:

    The information about the gigabyte in the text should be incomplete. I think to remember Sascha saying, there will be two versions of the gigabyte, one with single touch and one with multitouch. I hope the 560-pricing will be the multitouch touch version… If so, I’ll get the base version. W7Starter is a pro too, because I may put linux on it anyway. Not much use for a pricey home premium license or multitouch there. More over it has a matte screen, like the viliv, which is the most important advantage to me.

    If however they try to put the base version to the market for 560 I’ll just get myself the Acer timeline 1820PTZ and put an antireflective foil on it… The base version should be cheaper than the concurrents for anyone actually to buy it, I think.

  6. Chippy says:

    560 Euro is the single touch version as far as I know.

  7. Yu says:

    And at 600€ you get an acer with CULV and Multitouch and Windows Home Premium, which is barely heavier, can be equipped with an antireflective foil as it’s resistive touch (didn’t see any antireflective foils for capacitive screens yet, though protective ones exist)… I see them having a tough time with their devices at such a price… Though the matte screen is a unique selling point for a netvertible cheaper than the Viliv S10…

    I know my commmenting rate is getting close to spamming, but I’m really getting disappointed lately – the Asus T101MT dropping the SDD/fanless characteristic of the T91, the viliv s10 being priced insanely high for private customers… I feel sort of “out of luck” with netvertibles right now.

    May I ask for an insightful analysis on what is pushing the prices of netvertibles? With new netbooks being available at prices down to 250 to 300€… The Netvertibles? (probably) Windows 7 Home Premium, Touchscreen, on the other hand except for the viliv less battery life, unless I mix something up. I see the point with the vilivs qualities for professional use though.

    Is it just the wish to produce “premium” netbooks or do I miss some price pusher, making me expect unrealistic prices?

  8. Another guy says:

    The Viliv S10 truly is a beauty… what a shame it’s SO expensive for an Atom machine :(

    Worth the premium? I guess that depends on how deep your pockets are…

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