Hanvon Tablet Update from CeBIT. BA10A and New! BC10C

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We’ve had a few hands-on sessions with the Hanvon Tablet at IDF and CES and found it to be an interesting device that works smoothly and productively. The 1.6Ghz Menlow platform seemed to provide good performance. There have been hints that there’s a second version though and JKK managed to uncover it today by visiting the Hanvon booth at CeBIT. It’s the BC10C built on the Intel Celeron 1.3Ghz ULV743 CPU, an expensive but powerful CPU.

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The BC10C includes 2GB RAM, 10 inch multitouch capacative screen, 250GB HDD, 2 x 2Mp webcams and has a weight of only 900gm.

JKK spoke to us earlier on a MeetMobility update (embedded below) and has produced a demo video too; also embedded below.

As for the price points, JKK is quoting 500-600 Euros for the BA10E and 600-700 for the BC10C. I get the feeling that the BC10C will be more expensive than 600-700 Euros based on the costs of the parts in it but let’s wait and see. Maybe Hanvon are looking to make a big splash with these two devices when they launch.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: Hanvon Tablet Update from CeBIT. BA10A and New! BC10C http://bit.ly/aOzOA4

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: Hanvon Tablet Update from CeBIT. BA10A and New! BC10C http://bit.ly/aOzOA4

  3. men in black says:

    Thanks for info. Interesting device :)

    Any info on 3G and battery life ??

  4. delgadilloaaron says:

    Those are some damn nice tablets! Ill take the smaller one with a pen.

  5. pouncep says:

    Does that mean the lower-end model doesn’t support multi-touch out of the box? Battery life is key. 600 EUR is a little steep, that’s almost 1000$ across the ocean here. What’s with the 253-168-184mm? That’s like a cube.

  6. Robert says:

    As Jkk stated, these tablets will give the vegetable tablet a run for its money.

    Although I find the price is a little steep.

    I believe a $550 US would be more acceptable for the US and Canadian Markets.

    Why aren’t these Tablets shown on Hanvon’s Website: http://www.hanvon.com/en/

    Regards Robert from Montreal

  7. pk says:

    i’d say pricing would be dollars not euros? I know cebit is in germany but chinese companies usually give pricing in dollars. plus jkk said fully competitive with other tablets.
    would love to know battery life too. its the killer feature for me. my m912 is killing me with 3 hr battery. making me look at the new archos androids for web browsing, comic reader and mobile video. I’d love a full windows tablet with 10hr battery, but you only seem to get that with arm and android.

  8. cbone says:

    Hanvon’s website sucks. They have shown a ton of crap at trade shows that they won’t respond to inquiries about and never make available for purchase.

    These look promising, but let’s see if they ever get released. I’ll believe it when you can make actual bulk purchases.

  9. pk says:

    engadget have a video up. confirms 500-600 euro. Boo!

  10. Mike Cane says:

    >>>As Jkk stated, these tablets will give the vegetable tablet a run for its money.


    JKK should concentrate on what country he will emigrate to after Apple wipes out Nokia and bankrupts Finland.

    Windows XP? Just what the world has been waiting for in a tablet.


  11. Lexequinerad says:

    These Hanvon Tablet devices look interesting. However, I think, if these are the preliminary prices, they are much too steep. Don’t these people know, that they are going to be competing with Apple’s iPad? I am not buying the iPad, because, there are better “alternative devices for me.” The BC10C model with the ULV Celeron, 2 gigs of RAM, and 250GB HHD, looks the most promising, but “bring the price down, and let’s see “how it performs with Windows OS 7, utilizing touch capacitive screen, and handwriting recognition. It seems like a lot of these companies, are “just throwing components, together,” without hardware and software optimization.

  12. cbone says:

    “Just throwing components together” would be a smart move. You could actually release something that way, rather than be the computer equivalent of a “studio gangster” (“trade shO-EM”? Has a nice ring…)

    Go the HTC route and release high-quality hardware and passively encourage tweakers to make it better. Let the tweakers do the heavy lifting.

    The hardware and software optimization that they claim to perform is what they use to justify charging an arm and a leg. Get it to where a Linux version will run a few popular applications and call it good.

  13. fraglez says:

    only 900gm ?!? :D
    this is a heavy brick not tablet. Ipad weight 680gm and this is way too much. 400gm is max!

  14. Cyberdude says:

    I think you forgot to say the LCD Size. is it 7, 8.9 or 10in ?

  15. Fred says:

    JKK left me salivating. Digital stylus is something no other offers. I hate to see how others complain about the price or the weight when other mobile devises do not offer a back camera, digitizer and cost the same. Do they think this elements don’t weight or cost? Maybe this is not the devise for them. A cardboard tablet weights less and is cheaper, Why don’t they make one for them selves to be satisfied? Good luck Hanvon I just hope this items make it to the market because if what others say here is true then this company just pretends to have prototypes but nothing real.

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