Dells 7″ Tegra-2 ‘Looking Glass’ Excites.

Posted on 22 April 2010, Last updated on 10 June 2018 by

If there’s one thing that consumer tablets will need it’s branding. Dell, Android and Tegra are three of the best so if the Looking Glass, a 7 inch tablet, doesn’t take off we’ll know the tablet either someone screwed up the marketing or people really can’t be bothered with tablets.


The Looking Glass (Dell Mini 7?) not only has the brands, it has the specifications too. Dual Cortex A9 CPUs (That’s Tegra 2) Android 2.1, Bluetooth 3, HSPA, optional DTV module, all the sensors you need and a 500gm weight. It’s a package that smells of success to us.

This won’t be in the market until very late 2010 (November at the earliest) but it shows how much effort Dell is putting into the smart devices business. Price is unknown of course but as with the Dell 5 Mini 5 (Streak) you can bet that this is targeted at carriers.

The news comes via a huge leak of Dell phone and tablet info through Engadget. Archos will be happy to see that!

We’ll cover the Dell Mini 5 news that leaked in the next post.

Check Engadget’s post for more images.

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  1. Alslayer says:

    Well I am totally excited. I will probably pick one up when they come out. But the 7 inch apple tablet will be coming out early 2011 so I might just wait for that device.

  2. AsYouAre says:

    Seems like the ideal device for my wife (and sometimes me!). I hope they have these at Best Buy, like the iPad because this is not exactly an impulse buy for me. One thing I want to find out is whether you could type with your thumbs (ala iPod Touch). Dell, please keep this device below $500.

  3. xperia10 says:

    i hope that dell will it in reasonable price,I mean below $500-$600

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