iPad. Euro-zone Price and Week 1 Sales Estimate.

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It’s more than just a little annoying that the only thing known about an iPad in Europe is that it is due to launch in ‘late April’ for an ‘unbelievable price.’ That’s the stable Euro/$ for you!

One can assume that a 1:1 dollar to Euro conversion is going to be in the right ball-park though and I’ve even found one retailer already taking pre-orders. 3GStore.de (info via Blogeee) appears to be a big site with a solid history and it’s offering the base iPad for 549 Euro. The high-end model clocks in at 879 Euro. I’m guessing that they’ve thrown 50 Euros onto the estimated retail price and are simply taking a risk by being first. SEO value + increased margin = Smart move!


At 499 Euro inclusive 19% local taxes (543 dollars before tax) it’s not cheap -the same cost as an unlocked HTC Desire. How will this fit with the easy-going EU public?

As we mentioned on the Meet:Mobility podcast this week, we don’t see the penetration being anything like what it is in the U.S. Based on my experience with resellers and affiliate schemes, EU conversions run way way below that what you’ll see in the U.S. I’m estimating about 20% of the penetration seen in the U.S. Assuming Apple sold 500,000 in one week among a population of 300 million in the U.S., I wouldn’t expect anything more than 100,000 sales in the first week across the Euro-zone which has a similar population.

If you’re in the EU, how are you feeling about a 500 Euro price tag?

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  1. Ben says:

    I’d never ever buy a more or less pure content consumption device – yes, I know, content creation has been emulated with the onscreen keyboard and the special office suit and Kames Kendrick already used it successfully to update his blog and so on, but still it’s an emulation – at all for €500,-.

    Especially when that is the WiFi only version without the option to pop a UMTS stick via USB into it. Given the extra $150,- they charge in the U.S. for 3G, I’d expect to spend at least €100,- more here in Europe, i.e. €600,- total.

    OK, in one scenario I’d dish out this kind of cash for it: If I’d be a student living alone in my one room (bed, desk, cupboard for your clothes), I could see myself buying this iPad as my TV, hiFi station and so on device, because I’d have too few space to place the real devices of each kind.

    But living in a decent sized appartement owning all these devices already I see no point in it ATM.

  2. focus says:

    Look here:http://www.expansys.com/d.aspx?i=195102
    The price is almost double!!!
    How can that be?

  3. Chippy says:

    Expansys tend to take pre-sale prices to the extreme!

  4. dan says:

    Ok sorry for my poor level of english, but take a second and see the prizes of apple products, like macbook pro, on the apple store of spain (the store of my country), there isn´t a 1:1 $ to € conversión.
    For example the base model of macbook pro 13″ on apple store USA is 1199 $ without the taxes of your state, and the same model of mbp 13″ in apple store Spain is 1099 € with the VAT euro taxes included(16% in the case of Spain).
    Is totally impossible that the base model of Ipad (wifi only and 16gb) cost with taxes more than 370 €, ok.

  5. dan says:

    Excuse me, i want to say 470 € not 370.

  6. Ron says:

    I´m not buying one. At an exchange rate of 1 Euro = 1.30 us dollar the base model should cost about 383 Euro´s. I´m not going to pay 116 Euro´s more…. because I´m European!
    There will be enough apple fan-boys to sell a lot of ipads but I doubt they will win over new customers with prices like that. Just take a look at what kind of hardware you can get for Euro 879!!!! That’s a very nice laptop indeed or even a pretty decent desktop with win 7.
    So no thank you…. i will not bend over!!!!

  7. Lanette Schoffstall says:

    I believe you actually, It looks like! Will this be probable that will have your site translated directly into Italian? English is actually my own second language.

  8. htc pure says:

    i’ve had my pure for per week now and that i still dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to whatever i would like it not simply the essential ones on the phone… every thing about this cellphone is complicating.. i additionally needed to vary to that android software because home windows is simply too sluggish and somebody please assist me how to do this

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