Viliv N5 Launch Event, Pricing, Availability at Dynamism

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viliv_n5_4m_1_1 Just as we expected, the Dynamism pricing details for the Viliv N5 that we did our Open Review on last night are now available. Dynamism have sent the details over and as with previous Viliv launches, are including a special offer. If you order between July 6th and July 15th you get a free battery worth $50. That’s worth having because the N5 battery is tiny and yet appears to offer 3-5 hours of usage.

As we already know, there are only two models of the N5 available and both are Atom 1.3Ghz based with a relatively fast SSD. The 3G model also has voice capability.

Event Date:             July 6th 1PM EST through July 15th
Shipping Date:         July 19th and fulfilled based on order date
Promotion:              Free spare battery ($50 value)
32GB SSD                $649
32GB SSD with 3G    $799

Details and pre-order will be up at Dynamism later today.

We would have liked to have seen cheaper pricing of course, especially considering the similar UMID BZ is only $499 but the N5 does look (and perform) slightly better than the UMID BZ. With more RAM and faster SSD it’s more of a multi-tasker and definitely Windows 7 capable. Remember though that there’s no video-out and you only get Windows 7 Home Basic.

JKK and I will continue testing the N5 over the next week or two so keep an eye out for more content from us and if you want to discuss the N5, i’ve opened a new sub-forum. As usual, all the specifications along with links and comparison devices are in the UMPCPortal database.

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  1. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Viliv N5 Launch Event, Pricing, Availability at Dynamism: Just as we expected, the Dynamism pricing details for t…

  2. FredericDuy says:

    Chippy , can you please tell me if the orders at dynamism have taxes ? And do i have to pay american tax or Canadian tax ( which is where i live)
    Oh and how much is the shipping cost if i live in Montreal Quebec Canada.
    Please help me ive been waiting for this device for so long.

  3. Claudia says:


    Chippy is just giving us a heads-up on availability and pricing; he doesn’t actually work for Dynamism.

    If you place the N5 into your shopping cart and start going through the checkout process, you’ll find out how much shipping is and I’m sure the Dynamism sales support staff will be able to answer any other questions you might have about their sales, shipping and support policies.


    As always, many thanks for giving such a thorough review!

  4. Tim says:

    I wonder if I could just plug in a mini PCIe 3G modem in the non-3G version. I use T-Mobile US and they have that rarely used AWS band.

  5. FredericDuy says:

    Oh and do i just make a small deposit for the preorder or do i have to pay the whole 649$?

  6. FredericDuy says:

    Tim would you happen to know the answers to my questions?

  7. Mobilegadgetetgeek says:


    According to Dynamisms website FAQ, for special event orders a 100% deposit is taken at time of your order. If its not a special event then the charge is done when item is shipped. They ship from their Chicago office usually via Fedex. VAT is not included in pricing and Fedex will collect if you are subject to that. As stated above by Claudia you need to start the order process and see your final price in the cart. Unfortunately with the N5 you wont be able to do that until the 6th of July. But a quick call to Dynamism and the helpful people there would tell you how much shipping and tax would be for you.

  8. drifter77 says:

    I know I’ll be ordering one, but $800 sounds overpriced for 32 SSD and no multi-I/O. Still, for my needs this is the best UMPC currently in the market. The newer UMID BZ/SE still comes with no 3G and in cheap white!

  9. chippy says:

    Hi All.
    Please check Dynamism for details. Normally they take full payment on order and you’ll be liable for taxes on import. Tax rate will depend on country. For example, people in UK will have to pay VAT rate, people in Germany will have to pay MwSt rate (19%) and possible processing charge which is usually 20 euros or less in my experience.

    Customs is a black art and every time I think i’ve got it worked out, something different happens!

    Once again though, please speak to Dynamism.

    There are other suppliers around. CarTFT in Germany is one. Anyone know any others? Local resellers might be expensive but can sometimes give a better idea of local total pricing.

    Steve / Chippy.

  10. Dan Tse says:

    The FedEx country profiles could be helpful to find out if resorting countries will apply tax, and if so, how much for import goods.

  11. Brian says:


    I thought you said in the live review yesterday (and Jenn says it in her review) that the N5 came with Windows 7 Starter, but in the article above you state Windows 7 Home Basic. Would you please confirm which one it is?

    Dynamism only lists Windows 7 without a version specified.

    Thanks, and absolutely fantastic review yesterday.


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