‘PalmPad’ Sounds a bit like ‘CarryPad’

Posted on 19 July 2010, Last updated on 31 July 2015 by

This is interesting, at least for us. Palm have registered the trademark PALMPAD in the U.S. according to a news item from MyHPMini.

The WePad got crushed and turned into a ‘Tab’ and the EeePad hasn’t actually launched so it will be interesting to see how far ‘PalmPad’ goes. It will also be interesting to see what happens to my 4 year old company ‘CarryPad‘ that runs mobile computing websites from Germany. Could this turn into another Smartbook story with a German company aiming for a quick and evil kill with legal proceedings, bans against bloggers and general selfish behaviour. Could Carrypad take the hard-line and say that it has exclusive rights to this whole ‘pad’ market? Will we see Chippy getting all big and official?

Or is ‘Pad’ and bad as ‘MID’

Yup Pad is a terrible stand-alone generic name for a mobile computer so there’s really no need for anyone to worry. The more pads the merrier and I can’t wait to see the PalmPad. I’m still estimating Q1 2011 for it and am sure that both Intel and all the ARM-based silicon suppliers are fighting it out right now to be the platform inside. Anyone care to place bets on it being an Intel Moorestown-based device? Intel’s MeeGo and Android kernel,driver, userspace and power work would slip in quite nicely with a WebOS architecture on top.

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