5 New Archos Tablets – Sorry, No Google Apps.

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It’s just so depressing to see this. 2nd generation Android tablets coming out from Archos that still don’t have Google apps included. No contacts sync. No Gmail. No Buzz. No Maps. No Latitude. No Market. Again – No Google Market!

I hate to start on such a low note but really, haven’t we all learned that an Android device without Google apps is only half an Android product?

[and relax…]


Moving on to the details then. We have two sub 4 inch devices that we’re not covering here, a 4.3 inch device (Archos 43) with a resistive (cough) screen that will ‘eventually’ replace the Archos 5 (according to Engadget this will also upset the patient Archos 5 owners that are wanting  2.x upgrades) , a 7 inch tablet (Archos 70) with a capacitive screen…wait for it… at 800×480 resolution and a 10 inch device (Archos 101) with a 420 gram, 1024×600 capacitive screen.

It’s the 10 inch device that appears to have the right ingredients. At 420gm that’s ebook-light and if Archos are including their video playback skills (we assume they are due to the HDMI-out) then you’ve got yourself a flexible friend there assuming you can handle a bit of sideloading.

There’s a ton of specs on the Archos UK site and they include Android 2.2, a 1Ghz CPU and multitouch on the capacitive screens. Unfortunately, I don’t see any mention of 3G.

Archos 43 Specifications – $199 Mid October – More info, specs and comparison in our database.

Archos 70 Specifications. – $274 Mid October- More info, specs and comparison in our database.

Archos 101 Specifications – $300 Mid October – More info, specs and comparison in our database.

Should we discuss below? We’ll get the specs in the DB as soon as we can.

Info via Engadget who have a hands-on report.

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  1. turn.self.off says:

    Looking at the specs it’s easy to see why there is no google apps. the CDD clearly specify compass and gps as must haves, and none of these have either.

  2. chippy says:

    Well spotted. Another example of Android tablets having to fight against Google rules. Thx for feedback.

  3. Kobe Beef says:

    I like having minimum requirements for official Android devices. With that, I know what kind of minimum experience to expect when going from one Android device to another. I don’t have to worry too much about if some apps will fully work or some other experience I can expect from an official Android device. Of course, they shouldn’t be as anal as Apple.

  4. aftermath says:

    Are you being sincere? Is there something that makes these “Android tablets” other than the fact that Archos decided to install Google’s Android operating system software on them? If not then this a bit of a non sequitur, unless by “fight” you meant “shadowboxing”.

    I am about as far as you can get from a fan of putting restrictions on software, which is why whenever possible I use software, including operating system software, where these artificial limitations, even when thinly veiled as “hardware requirements”, are not relevant (shouldn’t I be allowed to determine if the experience is sufficient and not Google?). I am also about as far as you can get from a fan of embracing things that are known to be flawed (e.g. money, certain women, certain cars) and then whining about the thing or the flaw. This seems to happen a lot when it comes to smartphone operating systems, especially on “tablets”: “…can’t run Flash”, “…only runs version 1.X/2.X”, “…can’t run app X”, etc.

    As was pointed out, what you object to isn’t Archos’s fault. It’s Google’s fault. Your analysis has been over-compartmentalized in my opinion. The problem with these devices isn’t the absence of Google apps. The problem is the presence of Google Android.

    I can’t wait for the Archos Community to get a real operating system released, one in which we can complain about what still needs to be done rather than one in which we just complain about what we’re not allowed to do. At least in the case of the former, we can do something more about it than just complain. Else, just trust Google.

    I’m not trying to be a pain, it’s just that this is “deja vu all over again” for the Linux community. We fought this nonsense over desktops, then we fought this nonsense over laptops, and now we’re fighting this nonsense over handhelds.

  5. Mike Cane says:

    I know you think I’m wrong for complaining about the 70’s price, especially when compared to what people (you!) paid for the Archos 5, but I still think I’m justified here. They should have never wasted time and money on the original A7HT. That set a price anchor in my mind — and many minds — of something better coming in at about $200. Instead it’s $274, just $25 less than the 101! That is poor price differentiation. The 70 should be $225, tops. I’m glad to see you woke up to the lack of 3G on the 101 (where it would be expected!) — but also, no GPS, either! I guess now we see why it’s $299. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is priced at. Both subsidized and tied to Verizon (as was today’s BGR rumor) and unlocked.

  6. chippy says:

    Personally I think its competitive. A $270 browser, ereader, HQ PMP and gming device…assuming you can sideload. I’m expectnig the Galaxy Tab to be 400+ with Wifi only. (I’m expecting HQ screen in terms of res and brightness, Google apps and better electronic and s/w engineering) I guess we should wait until the next podcast to discuss!

  7. DrNick says:

    I was hoping there would be a new 4.8in or 5in device to have a cheaper alternative to the Dell Streak but, I guess, not this time. 4.3in is cool but Archos had a decent foundation to build on with the Archos 5 AIT and I wish they would have continued in that direction.

  8. chippy says:

    I’m with you. A FULL Archos 5 Android with capacative, 2.2 and Google apps would have been big news.

  9. Tadud says:

    even if it was updated to Gingerbread that would help since it will be a “real” tablet OS & not a phone OS with large pixels (7″ 800×480). but we all know Archos wont update to Gingerbread instead making a whole new line of tablets that you have to rebuy.

  10. Mike says:

    *sigh* that is so frustrating with this android tablets. Basically a mp3 player with a big screen and a browser. ArchPodTouchBig ;-)

    The devices are looking good and from the specs I would say they are very nice. Battery life remains to be seen. Maybe the yet to come HP Tablet or MeeGo Tablets can finally deliver what we all want…

    On the other hand the 101 could be a nice development platform for MeeGo if it’s possible to reflash the OS or even dualboot.

  11. Modems says:

    Do any of these devices support 3G modems through USB-OTG or USB host add ons like the SmartQ tablets?

  12. Jon says:

    I could live without the 3G support (like I want to pay for a data plan for a tablet…what’s with that? Amazon gives you free 3G with the Kindle), but the lack of GPS and compass is just stupid. If they put that into the Archos it would be a great buy. They SHOULD offer a slightly more expensive 3G model for those that want it.

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