OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes? "Third Quarter of 2010"

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oqo 03 A very interesting bit for the ultra mobile PC world has just come to our attention. User aekayser from our forums has pointed out that the site www.oqo.cc is now showing something that they are calling the “OQO Model03 inch. You’ll probably recall that OQO sadly went out of business in April of 2009 just before they were able to get the Atom powered OQO Model 2+ [Portal page] into the hands of customers. This was a sad moment for ultra mobile PC fans, but new hope may be emerging for anyone willing to pay premium prices to get their hands on this “OQO Model03 inch which is an upgrade version of the OQO 2+.

The entire site is in Chinese, but I’ve extracted as much info as I could using Google Translate.

Oqo.cc appears to be the official Chinese arm of OQO – An article on the site dated December 12, 2007 notes that “Austrian Technologies Co., Ltd. Beijing Century OQO exclusive commissioned by the United States, will complete the Greater China business. inch It would seem as though Oqo.cc went into hibernation after the US OQO went out of business, but now they have returned.

In an article dated July 18th, 2010, the OQO’s return is heralded with the hilariously translated headline “Return of the King! OQO Model 03 heavy equipment listed! inch The new Model 03 is of the Atom variety and features a 1.2GHz Z515, 1.6GHz Z530, 1.86GHz Z540, or 2.0GHz Z550, depending on the edition. Other notable changes include Windows 7, “WCDMA \ EVDO \ TD-SCDMA and other 3G network support inch, and supposedly a multi-touch screen. The same article says that this device will be launched in the “third quarter of 2010”.

Check out the specs list for the top end “Special for the Version of Industry inch model (I think it’s safe to assume that this means Special Industry Edition):

Operating system Windows 7
Processor 2.0 GHz Intel Z550
Memory SSD 128GB
Memory 2GB
LCD 4.8-inch bright LCD screen (supports 1024X600)
Touch mode Multi-touch
Graphics GMA500
Sound Performance Built-in speaker and microphone
Communication Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.0 chip, 3G, Ethernet (optional), etc.
Computer Interface High-speed USB2.0 port headphone jack DC power input port HDMI port
Interface expansion slots Power input port VGA port Ethernet interface (optional)
Input Devices Built-in keyboard pointer keys
Battery Type Polymer lithium battery
Power adapter V AC 12 V DC/100-240
Supplied Accessories Standard Battery Double the battery power adapter
Manual and the Windows CD
Volume 14.32 × 8.42 × 2.78 cm
Weight 426g (built-in standard battery)
Price 31,888 yuan

Looks cool huh? It’s still going to be an ultra-premium product just like the Model 2+ – that 31,888 yuan is around $4700 USD!

As far as I can see, there is nowhere to purchase any of the OQO’s that are offered on the site at the moment. I’ve dispatched an email to the company to see if they really will be selling the Model 03. Fingers-crossed for this legendary UMPC. We’ll keep you updated as we find more info.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: New article: OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes? http://bit.ly/bJqcTH

  2. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes?: A very interesting bit Read more …

    Related posts:Inkia plans on bringing t… http://bit.ly/cXaO4J

  3. ゲンジンアロ says:

    RT @benz145: New post [UMPCPortal.com]: OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes? – http://www.umpcportal.com/2010/08/oqo-model-03-rises-from-the-ashes/

  4. william mcbee says:

    RT @benz145: New post [UMPCPortal.com]: OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes? – http://www.umpcportal.com/2010/08/oqo-model-03-rises-from-the-ashes/

  5. 박수민 / Soo Min Park says:

    사용했던 UMPC중 최고였던 OQO,지금은 파산해서 사라졌는데,중국 사이트가 OQO Model 03 사이트를 오픈하고 3분기에 발표한다고 발표. 문제는 31,888위안으로 $4700불의 고가. 어쨌든 돌아만 와다오! http://j.mp/bZ6gTa

  6. chippy says:

    It would be great to see the quality and design values of OQO continued. Technology has finally caught up with their ideals although one would obviously consider what Moorestown / Oaktrail would and could bring in 2011. The price seems rather excessive there too.

  7. Paul says:

    Wow, I guess that’s how much it costs to put all that into a UMPC. I’d certainly would like one but I guess only real business users will get it (read as: company paid for) or people with money to burn.

  8. JoeJoe says:

    Hopefully they sell enough of these so I could get one off eBay in a couple years, haha. Or I could buy the consumer grade Viliv and UMID devices.

  9. JoeJoe says:

    Even the lowest end model(Z515, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD) is around $2000 US. I guess I can’t get my hopes up knowing that I can’t buy it anyway.

  10. Patrick says:

    Nice try, but seems like they haven’t learnt their lesson the last time ie. Don’t price yourself out of the market! I wanted one a few years ago, but with the advent of more capable (and cheaper) smartphones with better battery life and close to the same functionality, the need for a “real” computer in one’s pocket has diminished. Plus, with similar specs and a fraction of the cost, I can get myself a umid or viliv x5, n5.

  11. Reggie Ramos says:

    A new OQO model? http://ow.ly/2k3Rh

  12. Tikel says:

    it wont sell unless it is as cheap as unlocked smartphones $500 – $600

    doesnt matter how much more functional we all know it is, the mass market doesnt want Windows on a handheld. iOS, Android, Palm, WP7 have all killed that market.

  13. anon says:

    You don’t need to mass market specialist, niche products. Supply, demand and pricing always find a balance.

    The only unknown is whether and when someone has the idea to make and bring a product that people want to the market. Netbooks happened because someone did have that idea. A mass market pocketable UMPC? That would be a bit different kind of device.

    I am not sure whether I really want a clamshell like the Viliv N5 / UMID or a slider like these OQO devices. Maybe something like it, but lighter – more like the Compal MID (Aigo) design, just with a mouse and a bit better keyboard. Striking that perfect price and the (right) features in a good industrial design is hard!

  14. animatio says:

    yep …. this tops any price range … let them dream.
    probably a millionaires gadget … but these guys normally let use instead of using themselves ….
    thus one for the secretary or the “personal” assistant?

  15. Kubota, Y. says:

    おー、あのOQOが復活してるよ、中国企業に買収され中国での3番目のモデルが発売へ、最近ホワイトナイトは中国ってケースが多いよな。 http://drp.ly/1tdzdu

  16. ssagg says:

    I hope they keep the incredible quuality of the original.
    Anyway I wonder how a chinese product can be way more expensive than the american original (The better specs are just an up to date for the years passed)

  17. 山田道夫 says:

    RT @ykk0715: おー、あのOQOが復活してるよ、中国企業に買収され中国での3番目のモデルが発売へ、最近ホワイトナイトは中国ってケースが多いよな。 http://drp.ly/1tdzdu

  18. Ux says:

    Is it possible to run Mac OS X on the OQO model 03?

  19. Gearsguy says:

    I love OQO’s and want one badly, but this is wayyy out of proportion. I mean, for like 3000$ you get an OQO with the same specs as a Viliv N5. Personally, if they were like 1,000 USD for the 2ghz model, I’d save up to buy one. This place may be good for batteries though, like many users have said. If we can buy an OQO model 02 on eBay for like 400, then buy some brand new compatible batteries from these guys, well.. That’d just be EPICWIN.

  20. ヴァン・テ says:

    OQOがModel03で復活。中国企業として? http://bit.ly/dBdHfr どうやら、中国の代理店に買収されていた模様。そしてModel02を強化した03で華麗に復活。でも最近のvilliv N5あたりと比べるとその価格分の魅力があるかというと微妙な気も。

  21. Ja says:

    Didn’t the OQO Model 2+ have a 1.86 GHz Atom CPU and was less then $2,000?

  22. Smiley says:

    Quick, time to sell my OQO Model 02 non-plus that’s been collecting dust for some times now.

  23. DavidC1 says:

    With the “value” model costing $2000 and the high end model costing more than full desktop replacement laptops, the value proposition can’t be justified with these OQO models unless they pull a diamond encrusted model out of the ashes.

    No wonder OQO got bankrupt. People are saying the N5 costing under $700 is expensive and here comes a new model costing 5-6x more.

  24. naakee says:

    OQOって格好よかった。OQO 3が出るらしい。

  25. timon says:

    ‘around $4700 USD!’

    A tumuli cracksman? Hacker controls of the site?

  26. okl says:

    Sorry, you OQO arent relevant anymore.

    Consumers will auto go for Ipad.

  27. ssagg says:

    And you really don’t know what you are talking about. Three years later It hasn’t been surpassed

  28. aekayser says:

    Translating the website with Google is pretty useless. The best way is to marry a beautiful Chinese lady and have her translate for you. I did just that 12 years ago!!! Anyway, there is little indication that anyone from the original US company has anything to do with Audiotone producing the OQO 3. And these Chinese produced models are aimed squarely at the newly rich businessmen who like nothing better than showing their shiny new top of the line technology. The price of even the cheapest model is very close to what the average Chinese person makes in a year. I will be going to China in December and will be looking out for the new OQO. My hope is to find some batteries as the life of many OQO batteries is nearing an end. Since my wife has a model 2 and I have two model 2s, this will be a life saver if we can find them.

  29. ssagg says:

    What is a model 2s?

  30. Joseph says:

    The plural of “model 2.” You know, more than one. In this case, there are two model 2 devices he’s using.

  31. ssagg says:

    Sorry, I thought I missed a model

  32. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes? "Third Quarter of 2010" http://bit.ly/bJqcTH

  33. brandontx1 says:

    eat my Crockpot residue, there aint no way that i’ll pay anything over $3000 for a netbook LOL

  34. kns says:


  35. Carles Dijous (AA) says:

    OQO Model 03 Rises From the Ashes or returns from the tunnel of the time? http://bit.ly/a0kqLj

  36. anonymous says:

    VAIO P (best configuration) vs OQO 03 (best configuration)
    Welcome OQO 03 !
    However, missing the followings requirements:
    – Webcam 1.3 (at least) : Required
    – 256 SSD (instead of 128 SSD) : Required
    – Debian or Ubuntu support : Required
    – price should be competitive in such market : Required ($1000 – $2000 MAX)
    – USB 3.0 instead of 2.0 (for additional price, I agree) ($2500 MAX)

    Great to preserve Hdmi port, screen touch, leading quality

    Cons of VAIO P :
    – no hdmi port !!!
    – size, too big !!!
    – don’t have tested Debian (or Ubuntu) support

    So I definitly expect OQO 04, and will probably use asus eeepc 1015n and my oldest oqo e2. However really really really great news this come back ! (high quality, innovation, …)

    $3000 too high for such configuration

    Note: OQO e2+ (few years ago manufactured) still best product compared to current best product (vaio p: even if I do not really like this product due to size and hdmi port missing). Congratulation to ceo and the team efforts.

    Viliv, … well 1GB RAM !!! … Not a good solution. Min 2GB at least ! (expected 4GB for future)

    Sincerely, anonymous

  37.  Combi Boilers says:

    Lithium batteries offer higher capacity and very light weight compared to conventional batteries’.:

  38. Gearsguy says:

    I shall raise up, and buy the most expensive model. Then I shall tell you all about it

    (Im being about 75% serious, I want one of these and I don’t care if its 5k or even 9k)

  39. Eobard says:

    Any news on when the new OQO model comes out?

  40. みぃ says:

    これほすい http://www.umpcportal.com/2010/08/oqo-model-03-rises-from-the-ashes/

  41. Michal says:

    Guys it’s FAKE see what OQO says on their GENIUE website http://www.oqo.com/ ,
    “…The “OQO 03″ by Audiotone @http://oqo.cc/ is Clone/Copy/Fake…”

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