Tablet Toshiba Folio 100 – Its an AC100 Without the Keyboard!

Posted on 30 August 2010 by

There’s two ways of looking at this. Either you think about the issues of the Toshiba AC100 (no Google Apps, Market, Browser issues, crashes, standby battery life issues) and you think OMG – This is a fail from the word go, or you hope that the 2.2 upgrade and a touchscreen are going to fix it. Certainly if you take away the keyboard you won’t be tempted to try anything silly like writing a document so that at least solves one problem but I fear that the Market is still going to be missing.

There’s no way Google will licence Market for a device that is simply not supported by Android. Developers have no way at all to write screen-efficient apps for this screen size and the apps that do exist look annaemic on a 1024×600 screen.

I don’t want to be too negative but its difficult when you’ve tested three potentially great bits of hardware that were spoiled by having only half of an Android-based OS product.

I like the idea of Tegra 2 (with Android 2.2 it will, seriously, blow everything else out of the water in terms of Android benchmarks – i’ve seen it today) and the tablet form-factor at least ‘fits’ Android a little better but without the Google licensed apps, its only half of what it could be.

If I’m wrong about Google Market then great, we’ve got progress but i’m not holding my breath because I think only Android 3 can fix that.

Tablet Toshiba Folio 100: caratteristiche tecniche – Notebook Italia.

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  1. says:

    Lets see, the camera is only 1,3 and front facing. I see no mention of a compass, gps or accelerometer. Nope, i don’t think we will see google market on this at least before android 3.0…

    Still, it seems the dock they have made for it could be compatible with both samsung galaxy tab and dell streak. That is, if those metal bits on the sides of the port itself are removable or something.

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