Archos 70 Combines Value with Some Good Features, Some Missing Features.

Posted on 05 September 2010, Last updated on 10 June 2018 by

Archos 70 (3) Most of you will have heard about the Archos 70, part of the new range of tablet devices being launched over the next few months. Archos have stripped away their recording software and docking station, bumped up the processor, improved the operating system and hit a very competitive pricing point. Add features like HDMI, USB host, capacitive multitouch, multiple video format support and you’ve almost got a full Android Tablet specification list. It’s not complete though. While 800×480 might be acceptable as a resolution, the lack of Google applications isn’t. No Gmail. No free Google Navigation, No Contacts sync and of course, no Google Market. We’ve experienced it on the Archos 5 and it really is noticeable.

Having said that, if you consider the Archos 70 as a sofa tablet, car tablet, holiday tablet and bedside tablet, you’ve got a video and audio player that returns a great browsing experience and offers a stylish way to view photos and ebooks. If you’ve got a way to ‘sideload’ some Android applications you’ll also benefit from some really great applications for entertainment and communications.

Pricing is $275 and it’s coming in Sept or Oct. Note that it might ship with 2.1 but 2.2 will, apparently, follow-up very quickly.

We’ve had some hands-on at IFA and this is how it went…

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  1. says:

    outside of the market issue, largely thanks to google parading markest as “part” of android every chance they get, i wonder how many that not already are heavy users of google services will miss the google apps.

  2. MarcG says:

    Never buy an Archos product on what you think it may get (eg 2.2).

    They make some great kit, but you tend to feel like a beta tester for a lot of their products life cycle….

  3. John Q. Public says:

    I bought an Archos 5IT and while it is a great piece of hardware, I agree with MarcG’s comments about feeling like a beta tester. It took many months before they came out with firmware that didn’t spontaneously reboot every hour or so. I want to buy a larger tablet and despite the problems with the A5IT, I’d consider either the 70 or 101 from Archos but I definitely would not buy until they really do release a 2.2 and it gets good reviews. I also would not buy if there were a decent competitive product available from someone else, even for more money. Promises from Archos aren’t worth much so buyer beware. It’s also interesting to note that these tablets don’t have real Android buttons, the buttons are still on the screen! I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere.

  4. John Q. Public says:

    One last thing, since they don’t mention RAM in the specs it must not be 512MB but rather 256MB. That would be quite disappointing since low free memory is the cause for slowdowns in the A5IT, especially when starting a new application. It could also be the cause for the A5IT spontaneously rebooting. So approach the new Archos tablets with a bit of caution.

  5. says:

    I suspect there will be less such issues with the new devices, as Archos have moved away from the hybrid firmware they used in 5IT (the media player was outside of android, so there could be control conflicts). Now the media player is just another android program.

  6. chippy says:

    That’s what i’ve been thinking too. They slimeed down the whole Archos software….hopefuly.

  7. BrailenCaster says:

    Archos needs to learn to start making the bezel equal on all sides (ie Galaxy, VS7) instead of those silly handlebar arches as it makes it look akward when in portrait mode. i also hate how the Archos screen sits below the bezel, makes it easier for dirt to get trapped.

    how does this 1gz OMAP feel compared to the 600mhz SnapDragon (VS7)?

  8. says:

    They have housed the speakers there form the looks of it, so that when in the stand the sound is directed at the viewer rather then away (like say if they where mounted in the back).

  9. Jpernel says:

    Hi Chippy,

    does the archos 70 feel cheap ? I mean plastic and easily breakable.
    Can you also confirm the RAM size to us : 256 or 512Mb ?
    Thank you !

  10. Computer World says:

    No the Archos 70 dosen’t fell cheap. It,s made out of high quality plastic and it’s not easily breakable. I just don’t like the fingerprint marks that it collects.

  11. The Rammer says:

    Does it have a GPS receiver?

    Will it be capable of running Android 3.0? I’m expecting 1024×600 screen resolution would be required.

    Has Google failed with botched Android Market? Limiting manufacture access, only allowing sales in a few countries, not allowing PayPal payment, not having a non-Android browse/download/management http interface. Google may try not to be evil, but Hugo has his head up his @$$.

  12. says:


  13. says:

    ah, hugo barra. never mind…

  14. will says:

    From what I’ve read Google requires GPS and certain other features to allow marketplace for a device.

    They have to be able to figure out where you are to send you the right ads. Otherwise they don’t make any money. And that’s what it’s all about….

  15. Evan says:

    Well, I have had the 70 for about 16 hours now and my first impressions are:

    1) Does not charge from the usb connection – you have to carry their stupid power block with a non-standard connector.

    2) While it will work with my google email with their standard email program, it does not add my google contacts – what is up with that?? It has a menu item to “add an account” but that appears to only be corporate accounts – like I would buy one of these for corporate use????

    3) Nice size, very light, and except for the kick stand seems to be built fairly well. I expect it is only a very short while before the cheap plastic kicks stand breaks off. Again, other than that, very good build.

    4) Side loaded the Kindle for Android software, works with the exception that the Home/Back/Menu/Search bar covers some of the text. I think Kindle assumes the bar is in a dedicated area and not in the main screen as Archos has it. Nook reader is part of the Archos market and works well.

    5) Bluetooth will pair with my T-Mobile G2 phone, but they will not connect – so much for bluetooth tethering. They claim to support usb tethering, but wouldn’t that require a micro-usb to micro-usb cable, don’t think that exists. (sigh – I will have to wait until T-Mobile figures out how much they are going to charge to allow your G2 to become a wifi hotspot).

  16. chippy says:

    Regarding contacts, you need to look into connecting Google via the exchange protocol in the email program. It should give you an option to sync contact and calendar.

  17. Evan says:

    -> Chippy, looked around for connecting Google via exchange protocol and didn’t find anything in either the mail settings or through a google search.

    -> Follow up on issues – Just a bit of a nit, but I plugged the charger in to the Archos in a dark room and checked later – wasn’t charging – checked some more and found out that the ac adapter plug happens to be a perfect size to plug into the audio 3.5 jack, which of course does not charge the Archos :)

  18. Evan says:

    Ah, found it “Google Sync”, took a little while to find the settings, the mail server is rather than Currently downloading contacts, will see how this goes.

  19. TARDIShire says:

    I am SO glad to hear about the Nook compatibility! So that resolves my issue en re the NookColour. Cheers!

  20. Archos Lover says:

    I was able to load the android market, get fmail, google maps, and all the great features that come with the market. I am running froyo 2.2. I paid 300 dollars half the price of the galaxy tab and have no contract. You can add the market easily. Just google how to add android market to archos and you will find it on the archos fan forum…loving this device, sleek, fast, and all the apps you want!

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