Blackberry Playbook Specs. New UMPC on the Block?

Updated on 14 October 2015 by

playbook12 It’s a simple question that we probably can’t answer until the devices reach experienced hands. The Blackberry Playbook was announced this evening and despite the rather humorous and consumer-sounding name promises a “high fidelity inch web experience.

CPU and screen details sound promising so if it really can offer a full internet experience this could be one of the first ARM-based tablets to offer an alternative to Windows-based tablets for Web-application users.

No keyboard, no 3G, unknown storage, unknown removable storage and a lack of information about apps and the app ecosystem will probably mean ‘hold on’ for almost everyone but lets keep an eye on this because there’s a definite lean towards productivity here.

The name and form factor smacks of ‘sofa’ so it’s highly likely that this isn’t your swiss-army knife.

Full specs along with images and comparison now available through the product database.

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  1. Josh's Tech Items says:

    Blackberry Playbook Specs. New UMPC on the Block?: It’s a s Read more … Related posts…

  2. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Blackberry Playbook Specs. New UMPC on the Block?: It’s a s Read more …

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  3. aftermath says:

    It’s too early to tell. However, at this point, it doesn’t really look like a personal computer. It’s hard to be a UMPC without being a PC. As you noted, it appears to be more of a slate-style web terminal.

  4. zviera says:

    I have seen the BB DEVCON keynote completely and must say, that this is going to be the best companion device for my BB ever. Not just by Hardware , but also by Bullet proof software and SupperApps. I am happy chippy, that your predictions
    ” Don’t expect a cool gaming or entertainment device but do expect something that can be used for more than just emails and that could be a no-brainer add-on for a Blackberry owner.”
    turned to be wrong.
    This is going to be also gaming and entertaining device and my full office, doctor, financial adviser, internet ….on the go. Welcome new Foleo in 2010.
    I am tired of waiting for fully loaded windows based UMPC’S. UMPC is for me dead. I know what I was searching for all those years now. Please see recorded keynote if you don’t believe me. But I still enjoy your web site. All the Best Chippy.

  5. Chippy says:

    Yup. I am somewhat suprised at the name and the entertainment capabilities. It seems to go against the grain of convincing IT managers that they should buy them for staff. Then again, there are a lot of Blackberry fans (in the U.S. mainly) that don’t need permission from an IT department.
    At least I was right in saying its a no-brainer add-on ;-)

    How do you feel about tethering though? I hate relying on my last-resort voice phone as a 3G modem.

  6. zviera says:

    Actually I am looking forward for tethering. Great idea. No second contract for data. I have unlimited data for my BB include tethering.
    I will get a new BB with keyboard and new OS 7 when it’s out, which can be used for typing on PlayBook. I have a BB storm now, so I will need some with keyboard. 7″ screen is perfect size.
    Perfect combination for technician and salesman … Video conferencing, show problems by camera, open electrical , pneumatical diagrams, spare parts book. See procedures, how to repair and fix problems,make presentation by HDMI for new machines…Endless possibility.
    And when I am not working or taking car of my wife and kids, watch internet, movie or just play a game.
    Technicians and Business mans are humans as well. Nice thing, it’s still pocketable and can be hold by one hand. That’s the key. Bigger pocket of course.

  7. Alltop Mobile says:

    Blackberry Playbook Specs. New UMPC on the Block?

  8. Patrick says:

    QNX is a rock solid RTOS and if it’s got a Cortex A9 processor and an acceptable price point (US$500 mark) this will be a hitmaker.

  9. Patrick says:

    BTW 1GB of RAM really changes the game.

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