Galaxy Tab Discounting Has Already Hit 630 Euros. (Updated)

Updated on 14 October 2015 by

galaxy-tab No. I’m not talking about carrier ‘discounts’ I’m talking about retail discounts. Real, no-strings attached, cash on the (internet) counter deals. My favorite pricing search engine is coming up with some interesting prices across the EU.

Galaxy Tab Information page here.

In Germany we’re obviously starting at 799 Euros. Amazon set the bar and everyone else has followed suit so far. (Geizhals link)  My guess is that no-one has actually negotiated a price with Samsung Germany yet (Samsung won’t fix a price until after meeting all of their potential customers at IFA obviously) but have put the RRP up to catch out some early fans. Tip: I saw MediaMarkt (THE big electronic chain store in Germany) in the Samsung customer lounge at IFA. They were huddled with Samsung suits and a lot of spreadsheets. Wait until the MediaMarkt price is announced before making a move in Germany.

Update: Just a few hours after we posted this, a German mobile phone retailer is offering the Galaxy Tab for 649 Euros.  A 579 price was posted earlier but the sales page appears to have been removed.

In the UK things are different. They have already hit 599 pounds which is 726 Euros. That’s still expensive and above the early street price of 600 Euro we were talking about a few days ago but how does 630 Euros grab you? One retailer in Austria is offering it for that price today. The pre-tax price is just 525.03 Euro. (Link to latest pricing at Other Austrian retailers are also discounting heavily.

I’ll raise a little flag at this point and say ‘warning’ because retailers tend to play a lot of games on these price comparison engines but clearly the competition is already big on the Galaxy Tab and our predictions are looking spot on. We’ll re-visit this in a weeks time.

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. Nobi says:

    sometimes i wish you, JKK, Sacha were American as i cant keep track of all these Euro’s, pounds, rupee’s, scootles, doodles, deeda’s, & woohaa’s!

    i think the main problem is, Samsung either on or off contract cannot sale these lower than the Galaxy phones. so at east in USD that means the price is going to be way too close to the iPad.

  2. chippy says:

    It’s a good point. The price of the Tab is likely to always be above the price of the ‘S’.

  3. MarcG says:

    Can’t do you any discounts on this one Chippy like I did with partially used Q1s… ;)

    Samsung has priced me out of this especially as I’m still a bit dubious of Android’s suitability for tablets. For me it’s still a Smartphone OS.

  4. NirScott says:

    only way to get the price below the phones is buy removing 3/4G & going wifi only, much like Apple did with the iPad. of course if they did that then it wouldnt get Google juice.

    anybody think Google DOESNT want Google juice to be available on non-3/4G Android devices because it would kill any chance of ChromeOS being a success?

    by the time Gingerbread comes out if Google hasnt changed their requirements then i think that would be proof enough.

  5. rudy says:

    IMO it’s still to expensive.

    For that price I can one of the new archos devices and a netbook.

    I had so much hopes for the tab.
    It appears i’ll be priced out of it.

  6. timeteller6 says:

    the price may be a tad bit high for my wallet.

  7. youri says:

    I agree with Rudy,

    for that price you´ll be better off with the new archos devices.
    i think samsung only makes the price this high, to let it look like the galaxy tab is better than the iPad, wich is even expensive as well!!

  8. TY says:

    no way ipad is cheaper

    and with my mifi card i pay $40 unlimited data so if the Galaxy Tab does not go down in price the ipad would come out the better so i hope it goes down in price soon.

  9. Mike Cane says:

    These Android tablets are already dead:

    Schmidt: Tablets Will Run Chrome OS, Not Android

  10. Nirk says:

    you might want to reread that because thats not what he said at all

  11. colon cleansing products says:

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