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Posted on 03 September 2010, Last updated on 14 October 2015 by

Galaxy Tab Keyboard (10) In our meeting with Samsung today they came clean about pricing. We also heard about the CPU, some Samsung Market information and got a look at the accessory pack.

Pricing is indeed 799 Euro. This is, however, ‘u.v.p’ which is the same as ‘recommended retail price.’ What this means is that Samsung have built in a big pricing buffer that their customers (the carriers and resellers) can play with. We’re expecting street prices to be way lower than this and we saw a few nods when we mentioned 500 Euros. I get the impression we’re going to see early pricing hit 700 immediately and then a decline to the 600 mark over the next 3 months. Yes, the Galaxy Tab is expensive, but not as expensive as we first thought. Note: German pricing includes 19% tax. 670 Euros is the pre-tax price.

If we’re lucky, Viewsonic will get that truly comparable, although not as sweet, Viewpad 7 out for 399 Euro and make Samsung think twice! 400 certainly seems the right price point for a full 3G, GPS, compass, capacitive touch equipped consumer Android tablet.

Note about the O2 price mentioned in the video (via Twitter) beware, it could be a contract for the hardware only. O2 Germany usually offer all their mobile devices in separate hardware / call / data contracts. That would bring the cost of the device to 759 Euros not the cheap deal it might seem.

On the Samsung Market: It sits alongside the Google Market and offers developers a channel for Galaxy specific apps to be built for the device. Samsung will launch a promo campaign for this shortly.

Anyway, on to the video….

9 Comments For This Post

  1. says:

    And thinkfree is bundled, right? I think i read that claim somewhere.

    They didn’t show a folding case?

  2. Nodame says:

    nobody is going to buy a tablet on contract, even Apple knew that.

  3. End User says:

    The expectation was that Android tablets would be cheaper than the iPad. 799 Euro is just ridiculous. Even at 499 Euro this thing is overpriced. Bump it down to 399 Euro and it starts to make sense.

  4. says:

    Did a quick comparison and the difference between the galaxy tab and a similarly equipped ipad is the camera. And i will agree that $400 extra for a 3mpix camera seems excessive.

  5. harzerpower says:

    I am sorry, but I think you are in the hurry, when you compared the specs!

    You can not make phone calls like a mobile phone with the iPad!

    There no Flash support to view YouTube videos!

    There are 2 cameras with the Galaxy Tab, one for video call and another back for photo and video.

    The iPad for about 499,00 EUR has only WiFi!!

    The iPad has only 256 MB RAM !!!

    When you compare prices, than do not compare Apple with oranges!!

    The iPad with WiFi and 3G is 599,00 without any camera and without mobile phone function!

  6. harzerpower says:

    for that, what the iPad can do, it is about 100,00 EUR too expensive,

    but they have the best markting and the fans from Apple gadets believe them with their ads.

    Why the android device should be much cheaper as you expected?

    Compare the really specs without any doubts and you will see yourself, that you cannot produce a high tech device for less money!

    See the next Reply!!!!

  7. Hong Cho says:

    Looking at the resolution (1024×600), don’t you wish Pixel Qi made a 7 inch version?

  8. Mike Cane says:

    It makes the price of the Archos 70 — which I’ve complained about — look reasonable now.

  9. jjsjjsva says:

    Any reviews on the Toshiba Libretto W100? I do like the dual screens and windows 7 but a dual boot with Android/Google apps would be sweet.

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