Ocosmos OCS1 – Oaktrail UMPC Hands-On

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Could this be a new rising for the UMPC? If you take a look at the operating systems shown on nearly all the tablets here at ID, Windows 7 proliferates. The N-Series CPU appears in most too which is strange considering that Oaktrail was highlighted by Intel as the platform that would be used for tablets. Of course, Oaktrail isn’t ready yet so in the scramble to get tablet products out manufacturers are using the N-Series platform and in most cases I’m hearing that an Oaktrail swap-out is planned at a later date. The issue there is that designs could be much much smaller if designed around Oaktrail.

Take this example of an Oaktrail product. Yes I know it doesn’t have a 10 inch screen but if you consider that most of this device is battery, slider and keyboard mechanics, you can imagine just how small the motherboard is and how low the thermal specifications are. I’ve also handled a Moorestown-based tablet and that was significantly small and lighter than anything I’ve seen that’s based on netbook technology. Having said that, I’m not sure if a 1.5Ghz single-core will be enough for Windows 7 Home Premium. The Viliv S10 I use sometimes struggles with 7 and I’m worried that the same experience will transfer over to Oaktrail. Improved graphics performance could help here though.


IMG_5133.JPG IMG_5141.JPG IMG_5139.JPG

OCS1 gallery also available

In terms of UMPCs and mobile computing, the Ocosmos OCS1 (labeled as a TC Tiny Computer in the media materials) is interesting and attractive. It’s targeted at gaming which is why you see the dual controllers on the device. These controllers can be mapped to keys to enable a flexible Windows gaming setup. If you’re worried about graphics, you’ll be pleased to hear that the GMA600 in the Oaktrail platform is running at twice the clockspeed of the GMA500 found on Menlow. I’ve seen some nice graphics demos too and given that AppUp is starting to product some interesting Atom-focused games now, the OCS1 is well positioned to take advantage of this in 2011. The keyboard is good though so this will find use outside just the gaming circles.


  • Display: 4.8 inch Capacitive 1024×600 screen
  • Storage: 32GB SSD
  • Wifi: 802.11 b/g
  • Controllers: OMOS Key Interface
  • GPS included
  • USB 2.0 port (full size) and USB Mini
  • Camera: 3.0mp on rear. 1.3mp on front
  • Audio port 3.5mm
  • Micro SD card slot
  • HDMI out port (via micro-connector)

Note that the battery shown is a large-capacity option

On battery life, Ocosmos are saying that they are aiming for 10hrs but that might be a little optimistic. My opinion: With a 15wh battery I’m expecting 7hrs with screen-on and Wifi on in idle. In-use, the power utilization could go up to 5W meaning 3hrs could be a minimum. Don’t expect miracles with Oaktrail. A 30% efficiency in in-use scenarios (in comparison to Menlow-based devices) would be a reasonable expectation.

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  1. GizmoDuck says:

    Can those joysticks be used as a mouse?

  2. Jon says:

    I’d move the USB ports to the upper half of the device so it’ll be more usable during handheld use. From the video, a USB drive or 3G modem would be less in the way if placed there. Also, I don’t like how it’s very shiny likely scratch prone.

    Well, I’m hoping Oak Trail will encourage manufacturers to create more devices in the UMPC category.

  3. kiz says:


    how is the gaming performance on this compared to gma950

    what 3d graphics features does it support

    latest versions of vertex/pixel shaders ?


  4. kiz says:

    do they have updated drivers for menlow for the games to run on this
    can we use the same drivers on the older menlow netbooks


  5. drebon says:

    I realise this is meant to run a full operating system but this is too big for a handheld device.
    its disappointing to see intel promise so much over the past four years and deliver so little.their devices are always too big to go in the pocket and too small to do any real work on. a slew of devices are promised which always arrive very late and at premium prices. they are always hampered by their keyboards and always have poor battery life.their os is not suitable for the screen sizes they come in and in the end even the best of these devices disappoint.
    it should be obvious by now that intel in the handheld market occupies a niche in which they
    will remain until an arm based operating system is sufficiently mature enough to muscle them out.

  6. scoobie says:

    Too big? I think its pretty small and small enough for a pocket. Chippy shows me can cross his thumbs- that means its pretty small

  7. Alltop Mobile says:

    Ocosmos OCS1 – Oaktrail UMPC Hands-On http://bit.ly/9gqaiY

  8. minuz says:

    is the umpc perfect for me,
    i hope is not a vaporware like miuphone (http://www.miubit.com/eng/index.php).
    I want one!!!

  9. Dave P says:

    If I were designing it, I’d replace one of the controllers with an optical mouse. That said, I want one. It looks like it would fit in a normal front pants pocket and certainly in an inside suit pocket or jacket pocket.

    Any estimate on how heavy it is?

  10. Cellcat says:

    This is a perfect shape.

    Please increase the screen size to 7″ which would obviously extend the width of the machine.
    -maybe use that “flexible screen” to keep a minimal thickness
    -also, by increasing the width, space is made available for flat hotkeys around the keyboard

    Make sure the keyboard stays the same width

    Definitely incorporate hotkeys for repetitive actions

    Put the connector jacks around the side and back edges… no jacks at the bottom.

    The long-life battery size is a perfect size for weighting the computer

    !!!!Please, please, please don’t make it smaller. We don’t need more handhelds the size of phones. The fonts are too small when looking at the full browser on the screen and don’t allow for much productivity.

  11. Norman D. Robinson says:

    I’m very excited. Will they be adding F1-F12 keys. Will they be making a version with a metal case. Also what about using an N-trig screen to enable pen and multi-touch. I would also like to see Blu-Tooth as I would not by a PC anymore. This would be my everything device. I could manage an entire data center with this device.

    I’m ready to make a purchase. Just hope this isn’t put on the self somewhere to never see the light of day. Getting tired of my laptop and netbook.

  12. Allan says:

    Add a mouse and move the USB ports up a little bit so they don’t get in the way during use and I’d buy it.

  13. debianMW says:

    Really I don’t care for the price, I want this one now, pls pls let this not be vaporware!!!

  14. yamete888 says:

    Hmmm….looks interesting, but I don’t see mentioned much about tentative built-in ram…1gb? 2gb? or 3g functionality…what about telephony functionality like the xpphone? that would be so cool…!
    xpphone? that’s another story…last time I emailed the folk at ITG a couple months ago, they said that a 1gb model would be coming out…any more updates on that Chippy? Since their forum is just full of spam, and no useful at all for any info…thanx!

  15. fraglez says:

    Dimensions?!? weight!? This is umpc site not PCWorld or other.

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