Samsung Galaxy Tab Open Review Videos Published (3hr Detailed Testing Session)

Posted on 16 October 2010, Last updated on 06 October 2014 by

We (that’s JKK and I) spent a full 3 hours testing the Samsung Galaxy Tab this evening. An amazing 1700 people stepped in to join us in the live session via Ustream and we had a constant 100+ people in the live chat asking questions.  As usual they were guiding us well  – there’s always someone out there with better knowledge and that’s one of the reasons we love to do these live review sessions. We learn from other experts and we can pass that information on.  We recorded two sections of the session and they are now available below. (Recordings made from the live stream)

A very brief summary is that there are no showstoppers. That’s rare! We usually manage to find a serious issue or two in these deep testing sessions. The device works smoothly, returns great battery life and, most importantly, Angry Birds works! This really is a great consumer tablet.

I’ll be working on a full review but don’t expect anything within the next two weeks because there’s a huge amount of great stuff to write about and test further and I want to make sure I cover everything.

Thanks again to Techdepot for supporting us.

Previous Galaxy Tab news: See the first impressions post here and the unboxing and overview post here.

Our Galaxy Tab information page is here.

The rest of the session was not recorded. Make sure you join us live next time!

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  1. Alslayer says:

    I had to meet with my accountant so I couldn’t make it. But the videos you posted were amazing. I like how you guys said it will save you money lol. I can’t wait to grab one.

  2. Aaron says:

    I love your live reviews. I would have to say there are some definite flaws I didn’t expect, but it is an absolutely great device. Sadly, I cannot justify the price, $650 is just too much and is completely unreasonable.

    it looks like I will end up with the Archos 70 afterall. It is almost as nice, and even has the marketplace now with a one-click hack, and costs almost four hundred dollars/euros less. I can’t ignore that number. I mean sure I could pay $400 and get it on contract, but the data plans are outrageous and are more expensive than just tethering to a phone.

    Its so sad though, this could have been a great device. And I know you, Chippy and JKK, have said it over and over that you still think this is the best android tablet out. However, I have to ask: At what cost?

  3. harzerpower says:

    Hi Steve,

    sorry, I have to apologize my English, what I did not practise since leaving school in 1966 !! I hope it is understandable for all, what I wrote down here.

    I was looking your live stream and it was so far OK.

    But I am a little disappointed that a lot of questions are not really answered in the chat.

    There were some guys they had also questions and wishes to look for some business apps. Ok sometimes your dialogs were funny with that guy was calling you during the presentation, but it was in my opinion boring.

    What about the ThinkFree Mobile App, what is very important for business users. There were more than one interests to take a look on that, but nothing! (

    Sometimes you were talking to much about devices from Archos, but most of viewers were interest in the Galaxy tab and you spent to much time to talk about devices what never can reach the specs of the Galaxy Tab and never will be really competitive because of missing functions.

    I thought, you will give an overall view, but you ignored a lot of wishes from the viewers to look on. I am sorry.

    All in all I did my decision before your live stream to go to the Galaxy Tab and will sell my current Samsung Omnia II GT-i8000. My fingers are to big to use the Omnia with performance and I want take only one device with me to get overall mobility. The Galaxy Tab is the first fill this gap for me. 7″ fits very very good in my hands. Phone calls I did always with my bluetooth headset, also in my car!

    The price is not really high, when you do not compare APPLES with oranges.

    If you buy a cheaper tablet without mobile phone function plus a mobile phone with the functions from the Galaxy Tab, you have to pay much more money for booth. That is not to discuss, like Apples with oranges! :-)

    Sorry, I have forgotten some facts.

    Samsung Omnia II GT-i8000 was one year ago 529,00 EUR without contract or plan !!!

    iPhone 4 is current about 800,00 EUR without plan or contract in Germany!!!

    And now compare prices!!

    Kind regards

  4. chippy says:

    Thanks for the feedback. This is the stuff that’s hard to read but helps us to improve.
    A few points:
    – It’s hard to track all the chat questions – even with two people.
    – We do this as a raw, fun, open session for the community.
    – We are looking for ways to improve quality but money comes into play – We’re independent bloggers without the backing of sponsors or a parent media company.

    Keep the feedback coming though. It really helps us.

  5. harzerpower says:

    Thank you for your reply.

    As you reviewed the other device you were using a black foldable stand.

    Where ist that to buy in Europe or Germany?

    I think it is not expensive and very usefull.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help-

  6. LeeN says:

    I’ve never used an Android device before, outside of the microSD how do you transfer documents and mp3s to it? iTunes is one of the reasons I don’t care for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, and as I understand, the iPad is the same.

    I have been eyeing the Galaxy Tab for some time now, my only reservation is the 3G monthly cost, I’m hoping a carrier has a similar deal to that of the iPad. Mifi data plans I’m guessing are higher because it is general purpose, and you can hook up a PC and run any software you want. Where as the iPad is a controlled device, with limited software. So I am guessing that the Galaxy Tab being a controlled device also would see similar discounts on data.

  7. chippy says:

    One of the things I like about the Tab is that there are multiple ways to get files onto the device, without resitrictions.
    1) The device appears as a hard drive when you connect it to a PC
    2) The micro SD is hot-swappable so you can copy file that way.
    3) Bluetooth file transfer (i’ve only used this to transfer file from the Tab)
    4) There are applications that let you discover shared drives and content on your home network.
    5) Downloading from mail and IM attachements. (The iPad can do this too)

    Flexibility is the key here.

    One thing missing is the ability to plug a USB hard drive or USB stick on to the device. I think this is enabled through an adaptor though. (Not confirmed)

  8. Sweep says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights about the Galaxy Tab!
    I am interested in it because I like to watch videos- online((hulu/viikii) or video files on the go. I want to know,can it play .srt and .ass files for subtitled videos like Archos devices?

  9. Alex says:

    Do you think you could try installing Mozilla Fennec on it, see how the browser performs on something with enough ram and storage space to make it worthwhile?

  10. Emtz says:

    I’m curious about the smoothness of the GUI, as you’ve said it’s not exactly like ipad smoothness, but how smooth is it?
    And it’s quite a few times I saw that you have to press a few times to activate some functions/programs, is it lagging or unresponsive in any way?


  11. Tomas says:

    hi, just one question about the battery.Is the battery replaceable when the battery in the Galaxy tab die??

  12. chippy says:

    No. Its a sealed unit.

  13. oudinmelanie09 says:

    This is my first time to get so high tech – Samsung Galaxy Tab which is reallly perfect tab but I also have the same problem with you.
    Galaxy supported video formats: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, XviD, WMV, AVI, 3GP. The way I resolve this problem is decoding my video to formats that my phone


    Via google, I find Aunsoft Video Converter which is powerful in converting various video formts to Samsung Galaxy Tab video format listed above .
    I believe It will help you out.

  14. george says:

    can i connect tha galaxy tab with an external hard disk for watching any video format without convert or transfer?

  15. EstherC. says:

    i would love to know this only concern at this time!!!

  16. EstherC. says:

    would really appreciate if someone can help..

  17. Komal says:

    i’m planing to buy myself a galaxy tab but
    before i do that i just want to know that does galaxy tab have a wi-fi ?

    kindly answer my question soon..

  18. chippy says:

    Yes. It, like every other tablet, does support wifi.

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