Starting the 1k Challenge with the Galaxy Tab

Posted on 18 October 2010, Last updated on 18 March 2012 by

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been very disruptive over the weekend. I had never planned to have it and it’s completely changed the plans. Videos have been going out at a rate of knots and it’s left me no time to get on with the challenge. I’ve started now though and here I am laying on my back on the sofa with the Galaxy Tab in portrait mode using the Samsung on-screen keyboard with auto correction, word prediction and a low level of haptic feedback. The Tab is light enough to be very comfortable and the thumbboard in this mode is just perfect. I guess im already running at 60 percent of my normal typing speed and i bet there’ll be less spelling errors at the end of it than is normal!

I’m using the WordPress application to input the text and although there’s no auto save feature, simple formatting and linking is possible. You can also upload an image into the post via the app. It’s not feature rich but where you’re only writing, it doesn’t matter too much.

One other nice little feature here is that im working in a very low light room. Try doing that with a normal keyboard!

The Galaxy Tab has surprised me this weekend. I thought i would be hitting some major issues with applications that don’t scale to the full screen size but in general, everything is working out well. Some games and graphical apps only scale to 800×480 and center themselves in the middle but I’ve only found four apps out of about 30 that I’ve tried

I have to be little carefull about my excitement levels for the Tab and keep those in check because this is, for me, uber gadget of the year. Im sitting here with a 3Mp digital cam, web browser, music player, great video player, navigation device and thousand and thousands of apps. Its weighs just 380gm and lasts for over 24hrs without a charge. Wouldn’t you get exited about that too?

Later in the week ill be looking for a Bluetooth keyboard that will work with the Tab. Apparently the Apple BT keyboard works ok so i might give that a shot. I might also look for the Samsung keyboard too. It looks great and provides us ports. I guess there’s Usb Otg support built in here.

So that’s it for now. This has been a very easy post write. Way easier than i imagined and let me just say that word prediction and correction on the Samsung keyboard are absolutely top notch. I’ve been correcting a few mistakes as i go bit as i reach the end of this article im getting very confident that what im typing is going into the post Write intended. Great job Samsung!

P.S. that’s about 450 words there in about 45 minutes including formatting, corrections and posting.

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