Tega V2 Windows 7 Tablet to launch in US, EU, AU on Oct 12th

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12 We’re waiting for a price on this productive tablet from Tegatech but if it’s anywhere near what Viewsonic are proposing for the equivalent (we assume same OED) Viewpad 10 – around 550 Euros for an entry-level version-  it will be well worth checking out.

Update: The launch is postponed untilt he 15th due to global Windows Phone 7 launch events.

We tested the Viewpad 10 at IFA last month so we’re already fairly confident that the performance and responsiveness is  acceptable and with Windows 7 Pro, 2GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD and 3G option, it really would make an interesting modular PC. Take it from me, someone that has been using a ultra mobile PC and netbook exclusively since March, you will be able to use this as a desktop PC for most day-to-day scenrios.

As with all Windows-based tablets, I tend to look immediately for a docking port and unfortunately, it’s missing on the Tega v2. (and Viewpad 10.) I can not overstate the usefulness of a docking port and docking cradle on a productive tablet, especially when you’re looking at having to charge during the day and with the possibility that 10 inch in portrait mode makes a superb second screen.

We’ve added the Tega V2 specs, links and images to the database.

With a confirmed (we checked out the hardware at IFA) 4hrs of battery life possible, it’s not bad for an 800gm PC with a 10 inch screen.

Our only issue is that if you’re using the 16GB drive version, there won’t be much storage space left after Windows has gobbled up most of it.

As for the included Android Open Source build, well, it’s interesting. You might find some use for it. A sideloaded Amazon Kindle app comes to mind if you fancy holding an 800gm book but we don’t see Android as being a key feature here.

As we mentioned, we don’t have prices for the Tega V2 yet but we do know that Tegatech have now expanded operations into Europe and US which is perhaps a sign that the pro-mobile segment is benefiting from the consumer tablet craze.

Our hands-on with the similar (unconfirmed but we suspect the two devices are coming from the same production line) Viewpad 10 is shown below.

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14 Comments For This Post

  1. Alltop Mobile says:

    Tega V2 Windows 7 Tablet to launch in US, EU, AU on Oct 12th http://bit.ly/atvXuw

  2. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Tega V2 Windows 7 Tablet to launch in US, EU, AU on Oct 12th: We’re waiting for a price on this produc Read more … http://bit.ly/bP9j3O

  3. TWatcher says:

    When exactly did Microsoft announce that windows 7 had been ported to the ARM processor ?

  4. TWatcher says:

    Bugger..I saw Tega2 and read TegraV2 :)

  5. Chippy says:

    You have no idea how many times i’ve done that too!

  6. Gearsguy says:

    Woah, a tablet! Isn’t that new..

  7. jon says:

    Windows 7 Pro and 32 GB doesn’t sound very good. Anyway, has anyone used these huge tablets and actually think they’re usable while standing or sitting without a table? I’ve used an iPad and it wasn’t very comfortable. My arm got tired and my neck was getting strained. I wished I had a table and a notebook. Now with tablets in the 10 inch or greater sizes, someone would have to pay me to use them.

    I don’t see why people are going crazy over tablets especially ones with netbook parts and OSs.

  8. haj says:

    Ya, I don’t see how tablets, especially ones running smartphone OS’s, are useful. For the same price you could get a UMPC, netbook or ultraportable that can do a whole lot more. I sure hope touch screens aren’t the future with it’s fingerprints, fat hands and virtual keyboards covering up the screen.

    I guess Apple’s marketing is working on everyone. Even on those who hate Apple and are getting non-Apple tablets instead.

  9. bourne says:

    I also don’t see how tablets fit in or provide anything better than current devices in the same size range. Of course, people told me similar things about my UMPCs and netbooks. I guess I’m no different from those critics and lack the insight tablet users have.

  10. Sumocat says:

    “Our hands-on with the similar (unconfirmed but we suspect the two devices are coming from the same production line) Viewpad 10 is shown below.” — I have not confirmed this with Tegatech, but their documentation on Android dual-booting indicates the ODM model they are using. Viewsonic is almost certainly using the same one.


  11. at says:

    As repeatly saying, both ViewPad 10 and Tega V2 are actually the OEM products from China. The China version is Teso Lpad L10 (maybe also a OEM from another unknown Chinese factory).

  12. animatio says:

    well, well …. docking, craddle and stuff. in my opinion this only makes sense if it is a combi of sleeve, keybord extension, connectivity replicator/enhancer and loading support.

  13. jiga says:

    You just described a laptop. It’s all built in.

  14. Jerry Fahrni says:

    Tega V2 Windows 7 Tablet to launch in US, EU, AU on Oct 12th | UMPCPortal http://j.mp/cjl0ev <–looking forward to reviews of this dude

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