Viewpad 10 available for Pre-Order in UK – £429

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Viewsonic Viewpad 100 - _5_ We’ve seen that the consumer-focused Viewpad 7 is now available for pre-order well those of you with a productivity slant might be more interested in the Viewpad 10 which is now available for pre order at Amazon in the UK.

At 429 pounds from Amazon UK it looks like a good price but WATCH OUT, that N550 and 2GB specification is WRONG as far as I know. (Perhaps you should try ordering and demand the free upgrade – we suspect even the price is wrong) Look at the Maplin page for more accurate specifications (1GB, N450, 16GB SSD) and a price of 499 pounds.

There’s an obvious comparison with the Tega V2 here and it could cause Tegatech some issues although don’t forget, those guys at Tegatech are set up with a long history of Tablet knowledge and will be able to advise corporate customers better than Viewsonic. Also don’t forget that the Tega V2 really does come with 2GB of RAM along with 32GB of SSD, car charger, simple stand, screen cleaner and VGA dongle, for a special offer price of about 570 pounds. There really isn’t much in it if you take the (more likely) 499 price of the Viewpad 10

As with the Viewpad 7, there’s a press event on Thursday that we’re trying to get to. You’ll hear full RRP details then I’m sure and hopefully, the online channels will sort themselves out!

More Viewpad 10 information available here.

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  1. Josh's Tech Items says:

    Viewpad 10 available for Pre-Order in UK – £429: Viewpad 100 – _5_" src="http://www…

  2. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Viewpad 10 available for Pre-Order in UK – £429: Viewpad 100 – _5_" src="

  3. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: Viewpad 10 available for Pre-Order in UK – £429

  4. Garry Knight says:

    Viewpad 10 available for Pre-Order in UK – £429 (UMPC Portal) #tablet

  5. KF@CN says:

    It looks like that it is same.
    But as mentioned do not compare “apple with pears”.
    – N450 is slower (DDR2 memory)and utilizes more power than N455
    – 2GB is a must and saves energy and time
    – 32GB SSD also (consider the “winsxs” pain in Windows 7)
    – Look on the OS if it is included Windows 7 and the appropriate version
    – adapters (Mini DVI to VGA, USB to RJ45) and accessories

    Imho N550 is a hoax (or a dream).

  6. Simon says:


    Just wanted to let you know that you can purchase from
    We dont have any up on the site as yet but will do shortly. We supply viliv and viewsonic tablets.

    Get in touch for latest pricing and availability!


  7. Chippy says:

    Good stuff. Thx Simon.

  8. Lucien says:

    I also noticed another slate: ExoPC. Chippy: will you review that device as well?

    See review here:

    Looks similar and cheaper than the HP with larger screen+res. Not sure yet where it’s available.

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