XPPhone Now Available WorldWide

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The last time I met ITG was at Computex back in July. The XPPhone was actually shipping in limited quantities then but  it seems that it’s now availble worldwide.

Remember the XPPhone is running windows XP Embedded so this isn’t your average desktop OS. There’s also a rather old AMD Geode inside (they call it ‘Super Mobile CPU’ – we know it as Geode LX800 or LX900 as seen in the original Everun) so don’t expect desktop performance either but, as always with UMPCs, they’re aiming at a specific type of segment. The transport industry comes to mind immediately. The price, with 3G, voice but without taxes, is just shy of $800.

Other UMPCs including a desktop OS and voice capability include the Viliv X70 and Viliv S5 although they do not have the unique wake-from-standby-on-call feature of the XPPhone which is important for long-duration usage.

Here’s a video we made in July demonstrating the features.

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ITG’s long-awaited xpPhone finally and unbelievably available for purchase!.

11 Comments For This Post

  1. UMPCPortal says:

    XPPhone Now Available WorldWide http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=22782

  2. Garry Knight says:

    XPPhone Now Available WorldWide (UMPC Portal) http://is.gd/hBvlW #mobile {Yes, that's Windows XP on a phone…

  3. jay says:

    I really like the slider form factor and keyboard design but the hardware inside isn’t likely to give a very good UMPC experience. Hopefully version 2 or a slider device from another company will make use of Oak Trail

  4. nick95 says:

    wait for the ocosmos ocs1 which isn’t a phone or for the ocosmos ocs7 with 2 ghz moorestown processor,which is a phone

  5. ssagg says:

    Jen, from pocketables showed a video of the XPphone running W7. Dunno if the specs are the same (I hope they are not as 512 Mb with W7 could be painfull)
    Here is the link

  6. ssagg says:

    This device with updated specs could be the first real OQO succesor

  7. focus says:

    Yes!but succesor of oqo1,of course :)

  8. Me. says:

    Will this run software like ..
    dropbox ?

  9. focus says:

    I don`t think it will run windows 7,because geode is not suported by w7.

  10. ssagg says:

    In the video I mentioned erlier (in pocketables.net) It’s shown running W7
    What I don’t know if it has the same Geode processor than the one that runs XP

  11. Neogeo says:

    Only 512MB RAM? I know it’s running XPe, but 512 RAM is a little bit sort for today standard. I doubt it can run any flash game on the facebook site.

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