AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up

Posted on 31 January 2011, Last updated on 19 November 2012 by

By now we’re fully aware that the Fusion platform comprising AMD Ontario/Zacate CPU and Radeon 6250 can turn in some impressive 3D performance. With HD video decoding on board too it’s a double-punch to Intel platforms with the Atom CPU but with the high-end E-series requiring power that most mobile computers can’t deliver it’s only the C-series (C-30 single-core and C-50 dual core) that we’re concerned with here and in day-to-day usage mobile computing usage, where the CPU is all-important, we need to find out how it’s going to compare with dual-core Atom CPUs

I have a personal interest in getting as much CPU power as possible in my netbook but all I want to do here is highlight some reports that are coming in via the C-50-based Toshiba NB550D. Overall, it looks like the high-end Atom N550 is still the best performing mobile CPU. Here are the test results we’ve seen so far.

Passmark, a company that collects 3rd-party reports via its own software now has a few reports in from the C-50. The first benchmark was received just a few days ago so be aware that there are only 2 data points so far. The C-50 is clocking in with an average CPU mark of 480. It’s a better score than the older N470 (score:355) but the Atom N550 is averaging a score of 559 16% more.

Eprice have had reports of the NB550d before but on the 25th Jan a new report was posted that included PCMark05 scores. Unfortunately the device used is an engineering test sample with a single-core C-30 APU inside so bear that in mind. The report does links to a Cinebench mark of 1271 for the C-50 CPU, however. For the Atom N550 CPU i’ve found cinebench scores of 1504 and 1461 and 1444 – An average 15% more.

Netbooknews are currently testing an NB550D and has delivered a full suite of test results and a video.


It’s an interesting Crystal Mark score. The total is about the same as I’ve seen on two Atom N550 based devices but the CPU score is down, especial for the ALU tests. Below is a result I took from an Acer D255. (Atom N550.) I saw similar results on a Samsung N350.

D255 ALU result

Overall then, were seeing the C-50 CPU score lower than the Atom N550 .

It’s not the complete picture of course (Graphics and video decoding on the C-50 APU is in another performance bracket altogether!) but for those wanting to number-crunch on a netbook, these results should help you decide.

With my requirements firmly in the ‘office’ space with a view to some low-end video editing, I’d choose the dual-core Atom-based devices. What about you?

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up < Atom N550 wins on CPU. Thx @netbook_news

  3. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up: By now we’re fully aware that the Fusion platform comprising AMD …

  4. Josh's Tech Items says:

    AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up: By now we’re fully aware that the Fusion…

  5. Guy Adams says:

    RT @umpcportal AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up

  6. NotUsed says:

    I think you should try to get hands on HP dm1z with Fusion cpu. I was comparing Dell netbook with N550, Lenovo Ideapad with CoreSolo u3500 cpu and mentioned Fusion system and in everyday usage it’s much better. I must say that it’s mostly because of the media performance but generally system was more responsive than on Atom, and if I thrown in something more graphic consuming it was winning hands down. Synthetic test scores might be better for Atom due to the higher frequency 1,5Ghz vs 1Ghz but in real world scenario imho Fusion is the winner. I had no problems playing 1080p video on my system and battery life is good enough for me with 6h on a charge.

  7. Chippy says:

    Yup. Real world usage and ui responsiveness could be better with better 3d support. I am very close to buying the Toshiba nb550d for further testing.

  8. NotUsed says:

    I was in love with the my first netbook Dell Mini 10, and than Asus 1018p, well I still love Asus design, but I don’t need to be as mobile as you are and decided that 11,6 inches fulfill my needs better, mainly higher resolution screen and size wise they are not that much larger, still small enough to carry anywhere. I was about to get new 10″ netbook with dual core Atom and than new macbook air 11,6 arrived but as I never used OSX and price wasn’t as easy to ignore as on netbooks I was still debating… and than HP came along with Fusion in nice looking, small and CHEAP package.
    Please do not get Toshiba nb550d with those ugly speakers and only 1024×600 resolution screen, wait for some other options if it needs to be 10″.
    I was under the impression that even you considered Apple MBA for your HD videos setup so maybe that’s the way, still very mobile and performance higher than Fusion or any Atom netbook.

  9. Todim says:

    Chippy, why not pick up an Acer 522 instead? you’ll get the same APU but with a 720p screen.

    i know it cant be because of those hideous Toshiba speakers.

  10. Peter says:

    The Acerr 522 is currently only available in the US, unlike the Toshiba one.

  11. FrikeHi says:

    if you combine CPU/GPU, what AMD has done with Ontario-Fusion is FAR more impressive & efficient than what Intel has done. even if Atom wins a bit in CPU it still has that apparent “laggy” feel that Win7 machine running on Atom have, you wont feel that with Fusion. but thats the difference between synthetic benchmarks & real world performance. in-order versus out-of-order

    you definitely dont want to be rocking Atom if you run into any flash videos while browsing or highbit videos at all.

    so Atom can keep it’s extra 100pts (which might not even be noticeably) but i’ll take a much better balanced & non-laggy performance of Fusion anyday.

    i wouldnt buy Atom anything until the next iteration at least, they need to get their GPU problems handled.

  12. Schugy says:

    I feel desperate there won’t be an Ontario based Everun Note successor with bluetooth, 3g, gps, touchscreen and mouse sensor.

  13. zviera says:

    Yes. Everun note or Fujitsu U-series or Viliv N5 with capacitive touch screen and new AMD 5W Fusion APU.
    I don’t care about tablets.

  14. Schugy says:

    I don’t care about tablets too.
    We’re lost.

  15. zera says:

    I agree. I’d rather see more UMPC clamshells and sliders.

  16. tsog says:

    Or something like 5W Fusion APU in kojinsha SK3 with 5 hour batter life.

    A clamshell is much better as a general purpose computer form factor than a slate.

  17. Alltop Mobile says:

    AMD C-50 (Ontario) – CPU Performance Round-Up

  18. sophocha says:

    What`s wrong with an EEE PC 901 with moded hard disk and touchscreen? I need to see something WOW in order to spend my money on another netbook.In the end I`ll end up with a million devices in my hands not knowing what to do with them.So far my N900 is my companion wherever I go, but I`m open to the market for a new windows tablet….that 7 inch viliv will be great….

  19. Schugy says:

    An EEE901 doesn’t fit into any pocket (max. 12 cm as a CD), isn’t Fusion based and has no HDMI.

  20. Cyberdude says:

    knocking on Viliv Camp, please make N5 like device with AMD Fusion on board !!!

  21. Cyberdude says:

    knocking on Viliv Camp please make N5 like device with AMD Fusion on board !!!

  22. Chippy says:

    A return of the everun note!

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