Ocosmos OCS1K Morphs into OCS1U and Loses Keyboard

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I’ve got bad news for many of you that were very interested in the Ocosmos OCS1K slider ultra mobile PC today. The slider version has now been dropped (Official. It won’t be produced.) in favour of the mini tablet version you see in the middle above. For a company that tries to promote its own multiway pad input solution, I guess this isn’t surprising.

Specs are shown above and the only thing I can add is that the battery should be bigger in the new version leading to longer battery life. If you look at the Oaktrail figures so far and the size of the device you’re probably looking at 4-5hrs of usable battery life.I can’t see how they could really squeeze much more out of it in real-world scenarios.

Here’s a video from the very noisy Showstoppers event last night.

IMG_6420 IMG_6416

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    Ocosmos OCS1K Morphs into OCS1U and Loses Keyboard http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=23066

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: Ocosmos OCS1K Morphs into OCS1U and Loses Keyboard http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=23066

  3. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Ocosmos OCS1K Morphs into OCS1U and Loses Keyboard:
    I’ve got Read more …

    Related posts:Viliv X70 on Oaktrai… http://bit.ly/gJDwcA

  4. johnkzin says:

    if the E model was capable of pairing with any random cell phone, like an iPhone, then you could have the cell phone run a remote desktop agent for controlling the “computer”.

    Though, not having the hardware keyboard is a disappointing.

  5. jay says:

    I think the u model is kinda cool. And the k model isn’t dropped, thryre jus not selling it out of korea. Ilike u model best(touch screen phone fan) playing counter strike or half life 2 should be fun. Also some need for speed, definately the sims 2 & 3, maybe sum deus ex invisible war (that would kick ass). GTA san andreas multiplayer wiuld also be fanominal. There’s a lot of possibilities with this thing. I’m not reely worried about battery life though, because the longest I’m out of the hous is when I’m at school and over a freinds house. I’m constantly next to a charger or outlet so battery life isn’t a problem. Its that cost of this nifty little device is what worries me. Base specs, no extas, talking mabe 32GB wifi+3G ipad range. The other thing I like is a max of 4 gigs of ram. If I could dual boot this thing with android, it’d be the perfect thing for me. Windows 7 in my pocket, literally, is a dream come true. (If I can offord it) I wander if it could make calls like the xpphone.

  6. Alltop Mobile says:

    Ocosmos OCS1K Morphs into OCS1U and Loses Keyboard http://bit.ly/hrP6yN

  7. frank says:

    I guess I won’t be buying anything from Ocosmos. I wonder how many of these tablets they’ll sell given that there is going be plenty of competition in the tablet arena. If I were in the tablet market, i’d be looking at other companies before Ocosmos that’s for sure. However, I’m in the UMPC with keyboard and mouse market. There really isn’t any competition there. Just Viliv, right now. I already have a Viliv N5 and was hoping for an announcement for an Oak Trail version or the Ocosmos slider to replace it this Fall. There’s still time for me so I’m still hoping.

  8. jay says:

    Hey u can always buy the keyboard one from korea. I personally I’m jus lookin for one that can play some older but decent games, and have win7 in my pocket

  9. jaime says:

    I just placed an order for the N5. I was hoping for this one though. I rather not deal wih importing if what jay says is true. Too many issues.

    I don’t want a keyboard taking up any of my already limited screen space and I make full use of keyboard shortcuts in all the software I use. A mouse pointer really makes things easier especially browsing.

    I just see tablets as a downgrade.

  10. zimmer says:

    I, too, was hoping to replace my N5 with the OCS1K since I prefer the slider form factor. I was hoping for a CES announcement and an actual release at the end of the summer. Viliv didn’t even upgrade the N5 to Oak Trail.

    I’m actually posting this from my N5 at a coffee shop right now over AT&T 3G. I love mobility.

  11. Dax says:

    Damn! I REALLY REALLY wanted a keyboard with this thing. Oh well, they aren’t getting my money after all.

  12. jay says:

    Jus buy the k version from korea. Its only bein sold in korea, no were else.

  13. jay says:

    The u and e versions are better if ur an expert screen keyboarder like me.

  14. James says:

    Hey jay, how did you know it will still be made in korea?

  15. joe says:

    According to Chippy in the article and video, it’s not going to be made. I’m going to believe Chippy over some guy in the comments section with no proof until a more reliable source says otherwise.

  16. James says:

    I want to believe they’re still going to make the k version. been waiting for months and now they suddenly going to drop the keyboard? The mere fact that they still show it along with the u and e versions on the flyer/poster gives me some faint hope.

  17. jay says:

    Think about it. Do u reely think the would put it on the spec sheet with the other 2 if they weren’t goin to sell it at all. Imean the psx (ps2 dvr) was only released in japan. They might jus do the same with the k version and only sell it in korea.

  18. gus says:

    But they specifically said it’s not going to be made. At least that’s what Chippy said. Did Sony say the PSX DVR was not going to be released at all or did they say it will only be released in Japan? That’s a big difference.

    I’m thinking they felt that the K version wouldn’t sell well because everyone is falling for the tablet hype right now. Being a small company they preferred to concentrate on what they think will sell more. However, they probably didn’t have enough time to change the spec sheet in time for CES. I’ve worked for start ups before and with their limited resources, they had to cut back on many things. Also, sometimes they didn’t meet deadlines for demonstrations so they just showed whatever they had.

    That’s just my guess, of course. Based on what you’re saying, it seems like you’re guessing too unless you don’t mind sharing where you’re getting your information from. I prefer your guess though since I was really wanting to buy the slider to replace my N5. I was hoping Oak Trail would provide decent enough battery life for that form factor. I was going to buy the Eking S515 but the battery life was to short.

    Ocosmos has the right to change their mind and actually make the K version. I’m still hoping. My credit card is ready.

  19. clayton says:

    i didn’t buy the eking because of the battery life too. maybe they’ll upgrade it to oak trail. with all these umpc manufacturers leaving the form factors i like, i ended up just getting the n5. while it’s not exactly what i wanted (video out, better usb placement for handheld use, faster cpu, less wide, t-mobile hspa+ support and extended battery option), it’s probably the best umpc that’s readily available right now.

    i got tired of waiting for the umid se to find out they went out of business. there were no more news about that oqo like device. i decided that ocosmos wasn’t going to deliver either. so i bought the n5 last week.

  20. Saber Mode says:

    The final nail in the coffin. Ocosmos sucks, for they hate money and hate perfect devices.

  21. jay says:

    Idk were I gt it from. I was reading an article on it and saw that it said I will only be released in korea. Yeah they do have the right to relase what they want and were. But how in the hell could this be a tablet? Its to small. If ppl want a tablet, they shoul buy the ocs9. Not the ocs1. 5 inches, in my opinion isn’t close to tablet status. 7 inches is closer to tablet. This could fit in a deap or large pocket. A tablet wont. Ppl shoudnt call this a tablet. Like I said I don’t know were I saw it, but that’s what it said. It would still be nice to have a keyboard.

  22. gus says:

    Maybe the article was old and Ocosmos changed their minds since then. I hope they change their minds again so I could buy it (assuming those old programs for emulating a mouse with a joystick still works on Windows 7 or Ocosmos provides their own software). In the meantime, I’ll make do with my N5.

    I don’t know what the definition of tablet is but it seems many people are into the whole touchscreen only device hype at all sizes.

  23. James says:

    I am going to email ocosmos and find out when I finish work today.
    Will let u guys know any updates.

  24. gus says:

    If enough people want it, I’m sure they’ll change their mind. Hopefully, the person responsible for not making it will back down.

  25. James says:

    Looks like their website is still dead. Anybody has their customer care email?

  26. mobile guy says:

    In terms of this site, CES was pretty disappointing. The two companies I expected to come out with some nice devices (Viliv and Ocosmos) put out duds instead.

  27. James says:

    Well, I for one wasn’t surprised to see every company came out with his own tablets….

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