X70 Slate. 6.5 Hours of Windows in 420gm! Video

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I have been surprised at the claims of battery life on Oaktrail devices this week at CES. Taking into account the marketing BS (and subtracting 30% and questioning people about how they tested) I’m getting the feeling that Oaktrail devices might be slightly better that I expected. Certainly in terms of sizing we’re seeing some really important improvements. The Samsung PC 7 / Gloria will probably blow the Dell Duo away in that respect and if you compare the Viliv X70 EX on Menlow to the X70 Slate on Oaktrail, you can clearly see the differences. Viliv have shaved the weight down from 660gm to 420gm and slightly improved the battery life at the same time. That’s a massive improvement.

Full specifications are in the product database.

I hear that the X70 Slate is getting good feedback from potential customers which is pushing it up in priority for Viliv. Although the X7 Android tablet with the same casing will come first, the X70 Slate is likely to follow soon after. March/April is the earliest we can expect it though and given the usual date slips, May would seem more reasonable if you’re planning ahead.

What I do like is that Viliv have put an optical mouse pointer and mouse buttons on the frame which is going to be a real advantage for many. I hope it works smoothly as I was unable to test it on the production sample at CES. Don’t forget that the Oaktrail platform includes 2X (theoretical) 3D performance over Menlow and HD 720p encoding. Memory speeds should be much faster too. A 2GB option is likely (1GB would be a show-stopper for many i’m sure) and 3G options are also going to be available.

Here’s a video of the X70 Slate. Apologies for the terrible lighting but at least I can report that we’re promised an early sample. That’s one I’m looking forward to.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    X70 Slate. 6.5 Hours of Windows in 420gm! Video http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=23058

  2. Josh's Tech Items says:

    X70 Slate. 6.5 Hours of Windows in 420gm! Video: Read more … Related posts: – Viliv X70 on… http://goo.gl/fb/Ec7xm

  3. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    X70 Slate. 6.5 Hours of Windows in 420gm! Video:
    Read more …

    Related posts:Viliv X70 on Oaktrail makes Big S… http://bit.ly/erUQPX

  4. Alltop Mobile says:

    X70 Slate. 6.5 Hours of Windows in 420gm! Video http://bit.ly/hwS11u

  5. DrNick says:

    Thanks for the vid, Chippy! The micro usb seems like an odd choice. It would be great if they change it to a Standard A usb recepticle between now and when it is released.

  6. timon says:

    Chippy written:
    “What I do like is that Viliv have put an optical mouse pointer and mouse buttons on the frame which is going to be a real advantage for many”.

    Yes, it is a good design — an optical mouse pointer and mouse buttons.

    Unfortunately, x70 Windows its battery is a non-interchangeable way.
    Also, USB port is only a mini type, not a convenient way. at least it ought to provide a second USB port.

  7. Richard says:

    This looks like a really interesting device, the only let down for me would be not being able to take advantage of Windows 7’s handwriting recognition. Is it possible without an active digitiser?

  8. FireDragon says:

    I have same question in my mind too. With a digitizer for at least writing Windows 7 slates/tablets would be more attractive for better consumers and business market.

  9. Aaron says:

    How about an ubuntu version for this…

  10. StanB says:

    Thinner than my X70 but battery non-interchangeable and probably no Windows 7′s handwriting recognition and mini USB. Not even a Pixel QI screen to compensate. Looks like i will keep my X70 a while longer.

    This could have been the best win 7 tablet on the market.

  11. Lucien says:

    How does the CPU speed compare to the ‘old’ X70? 2GB is definitely a must…

    Too bad they haven’t kept the same mini-joystick as the S5/X70. Great for game emulators and little bit for mouse control (if you don’t want to touch that screen). Good they finally got a HDMI port.

    Still I find the Samsung more interesting because of the sliding keyboard (I know you could hook up wireless keyboard but easier to have it in 1 piece).

  12. animatio says:

    such a device without handwritimg recognition is a no go killer for professional usage. same might be said for not being bl to use a stylus for drawings and note taking (apart from these finger emulating things). i could live with mini usb, but depriving a windows device of one of its really strong features on a tablet is – stupid.

  13. DavidC1 says:

    Going from 5.5Hr with a 29WHr battery to a 6.5Hr with a 21WHr battery is quite a big improvement.

    5.27W vs. 3.23W or 63% better. It could have been good to have a 29WHr battery option for 9Hrs battery!

    Although, Menlow itself didn’t look too impressive against Pine Trail despite the 1/2 platform level TDP.

  14. 박수민 / Soo Min Park says:

    국내 개발사 빌립이 CES서 선보인 X70 윈도 7 기반 슬래이트 태블릿이 420gm으로 무게를 낮추고,6.5시간의 사용 시간을 보여준다네요. 오크트레일 기반이라 멘로보다 2배 이상의 3D 속도를 보여준다는군요. http://j.mp/f3sFVr

  15. toli says:

    how well does this perform in comparison to netbook Atom (n450/N550)? how does the GPU compare? is there a capacitive stylus?

    might be interesting to pick up a X7 & X70 for 2 vertical computing experiences, full & mobile.

  16. Power says:

    Will this Viliv X70 Slate support T-Mobile USA’s 3G frequencies?

  17. Chippy says:

    That depends on demand. No decisions have been made about markets yet I understand.

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