Angry Birds Now On Meego (Updated with Video)

Updated on 14 February 2011 by



I guess its no surprise right? Angry Birds are everywhere and Meego is not missing out on the action. Video later but for the proof, see the images. It works well. Hey, someone needs to test it!

Update: Video now available below.

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. Bambaclad says:

    Angry birds is everywhere except not not on WP7.

  2. Sleeper Service says:

    Yeah, it’s tough not to read anything into this. Rovio were noted Nokia supporters. Angry Birds is even on Maemo 5. This might just be a coincidence but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a message.

  3. Randall "Texrat" Arnold says:

    Ummm… ok, so how do I get it on MY MeeGo ideapad???

  4. Amy from Intel says:

    @Texrat – check out the AppUp Developer incentives for MeeGo applications. We will also be giving out MeeGo SDKs to developers who attend one of our upcoming MeeGo App Labs. Stay tuned for schedules and info.

    — @amybarton (yes, this is me again). :-)

  5. Randall "Texrat" Arnold says:

    Hi Amy! You sure get around. ;)

    Thanks for the info, and I will share everything on this subject with my blog and twitter followers. Also willing to test Angry Birds on MeeGo if there’s a public beta (and I think there should be).

  6. Amy from Intel says:

    @Texrat: Angry Birds is still a demo in MeeGo. I’ll connect you w/Bob Duffy – he will at least get the request into Rovio.


  7. paul says:

    Too bad Angry Birds won’t save MeeGo. Plus, I find Angry Birds very boring. Pretty much the same as those Flash games I played years ago.

  8. james says:

    I’m wondering why Angry Birds got so popular. All I know, all of a sudden many tech blogs started talking about it (I think about the Android version) and it took off from all the free advertising.

    The game is very boring.

  9. HeadLess says:

    proper video link:

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