Identity Tab (Enspert e201) Unboxing

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photo (2)We’ve mentioned the other day that we had an Enspert e201 [tracking page] inbound for testing, and it has arrived. I had to chase the FedEx truck several blocks down to get the box yesterday, and I did it all for you, dear readers! The Enspert e201 (which is available soon, exclusively from Dynamism) is being branded as the Identity Tab, here in the US.

I’m really surprised with the build-quality of the Identity Tab so far. It looks just like an iPad and I’m dreading the “hey is that a mini-iPad? inch questions that I’ll get when I’m using it out of the house; they may have copied the aesthetic, but they were fortunately also able to nail the build-quality. I’m really digging the physical buttons on the Identity Tab. The last three Android devices that I’ve tested (and numerous ones that I’ve covered) all use capacitive Android buttons (the Home, Back, Hidden-Menu, and Search buttons). The Identity Tab (though it might be lacking the search button) actually has physical clickable buttons, and I love it! The feedback on them is great, I don’t have to guess whether or not I’ve actually pressed them.

As I mention in the video, the Identity Tab is running Android 2.1 at the moment, but will be updated to 2.2 before shipping to customers. I think this is much better than promising a 2.2 download at some point later because companies sometimes don’t come through (*cough*Samsung*cough*), and even if they do, the process isn’t always easy! The device will also have official Android Market access when Android 2.2 comes through (we’ll have it on the device in about a week) and that will enable us to do much more with it. Stay tuned for more to come from the Identity Tab over the next week or two.

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  1. tHe-BiNk says:

    Tab is about 400 euros on (340 pound). So the price is not really that attractive, especially given its only 800×480.

  2. jb82 says:

    340 pounds = $550 …so we are looking at $200 difference … so the price IS fairly attractive.

    Slots in to compete with the archos 70.

  3. jb82 says:

    NB I was assuming you were referring to the samsung Tab since the indetity tab can be bought from dynamism UK for 250 pounds.

  4. jb82 says:

    Looks like a nice device. However most people are probably content to wait an extra few months for the honeycomb devices to start launching. Would have been great 6 months ago.

  5. says:

    The headset seemed like it came with a mic, so i guess this could be used for skype or other voip services.

  6. chippy says:

    Yup. I noticed that too. The 4 pole connector was a giveaway!

  7. Tmarks11 says:

    Normally, I hate the “they copied Apple” fanboi claim.

    In this case, it is too true. Aluminum bezel and back looks identical.

    If Apple doesn’t come through with a 7″ ipad in the near future, I think I will be getting one of these (or more likely the higher res 301)… Assuming it can be had with honeycomb. Buy now, update later? Yeah, right. No thanks.

  8. Ben says:

    Don’t think that Honeycomb will support 800×480 devices. Galaxy Tab might get it though.

  9. Tmarks11 says:

    Yep, that is why I said e301… The higher resolution version.

    I really wish the tablet manufacturers would get off their stupid 16:9 kick… 4:3 makes much more sense.

  10. Ben says:

    Ah yes I missed that he said e301. 4:3 does make much more sense for on-screen-interfaces but Android has found it’s way to 16:9, and that’s what they’re designing the software for.

  11. Open Soft Fan says:

    I beg to disagree. 16:9 IS the media format for today and the future.
    4:3 was the media format of the past. Movies are 16:9, TVs are 16:9, laptops are 16:9, and Google got it right with 16:9.
    4:3 on the iPad is one more turnoff in addition to the size (too big) and the lack of USB and SD. At this point, price is not even relevant.
    Android 7″ all the way.

  12. Matthew Therrien says:

    A great looking device with more than decent performance and stellar build quality – mine should arrive 02/15 or thereabouts.

  13. Open Soft Fan says:

    I ordered one for my wife. From what I saw in this unboxing, she will be thrilled.

  14. Open Soft Fan says:

    Thanks for the unboxing. Nice demo. Looking forward to your Android 2.2 review on this tablet. Also, benchmarks will be interesting. I like the quality.

  15. hKim says:

    Any news on the 2.2 upgrade?

  16. tsanders says:


  17. DarkRhino says:

    I just ordered one thru dynamism, and they are waiting for a shipment and then i should get it in two days. I like the Compass feature and i get mixed results about a front facing webcam. Some sites acknowledge it and other don’t mention it. I hope it does as it was one factor of why i am purchasing it. I also saw the pictures on the website and you can clearluy see a webcam in front. I saw it has a light meter,Bluetooth, and an 8 gb nand flash for nice storage. One thing I am curious about. Can i connect a usb keyboard and/or a mouse to it.

  18. tsanders says:

    Finally got my identity tab. Ordered on 27 of Feb didn’t get it till March 17. There was some kinda firmware that they wanted to install before it was released for retail sale. Had a scare at unboxing and first power up. It was acting very erratic flashing registering ghost clicks. I think it was all because it was at 5% charge(but I couldn’t wait). Once I charged it above 20% it was fine. Also it acts same way if you try to use it while plugged in and charging its hard to get screen unlocked while plugged in for charging.

    I have been seeing a lot of changing specs for the tab. First off its not an aluminum body its more plastic with metallic silver matted paint (that a better description). It only has 1 rear camera which is 3mp and takes above average pics and video.

    With all that past its a very nice tablet it has difficulty or should i say takes long time finding location so you can use Google maps and places.

    Yes it has official Google market just enter your g mail account info and your in. No hack needed like the Elocity a7 which is a good tablet that I own too.
    I have not tried any phone, messaging, streaming, or social media apps i mainly use mine for playing music in car and games.

    Its not rooted but I rooted it with with out problems.

    full Google market out of box
    decent camera(rear)
    Full size SD slot (storage 8g internal 32g sd card)
    full flash browsing (fast)
    Yes it has pinch to zoom(works perfectly)
    usb to pc cable
    great sound out of speakers
    tactical home menu back buttons

    not an aluminum body as I have seen stated in reviews
    slippery body
    Included charger is usb cable and adapter for home wall plug
    lacks device specific development and support(it’s a Korean product)suggest buying a ADHwarranty)
    no user replaceable battery(Cant tell battery life yet because not fully charged it yet but with 40% I got about 3-4 hours use.)
    unlighted tactical buttons
    my router says it an G not an N network device

    they say it can support android honeycomb

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