Intel Shows Medfield Phone Running Android at MWC

Posted on 14 February 2011, Last updated on 14 February 2011 by

This video is hot off the Intel press event (which is still going on as I type this)


Listen to the competitive talk from Anand Chandrasekher.

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  1. Seanumi says:

    I must say Intel’s jump from 45nm+65nm to 32nm is one of their boldest move (die shrink wise) since the first Atom chip. The physical difference makes Medfield even more impressive. If Medfield has the most power/battery efficient “active mode” like Anand Chandrasekher just said then the ARM camp should gear up for some scalding competition. Having the lowest active mode TDP could be a great advantage in tablets & other non-smartphone devices.

    Medfield-for-Windows? Intel’s Atom architecture/initiative is rapidly maturing to be the do-it-all or “jack of all trades” of the smartphone/low power chip world. Things are starting to heat up.

    Strong words for Warren East there.

  2. droid says:

    Much better move than going with MeeGo. They should just work with Google to get better Android compatibility. I guess Intel will be the AMD of smartphone CPUs.

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