Get Breathtaking Astronomical Backgrounds on Your Android Device Automatically Every Day from NASA

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apodIf you are at all interested in astronomy, you’ve likely heard of a little site called APOD. Short for Astronomy Picture of the Day, NASA’s APOD posts an incredible astronomical photo each day, with a written description by a professional astronomer.

“But Ben, how does this fit into mobile technology which is covered on this site? inch you might ask. Well dear readers, it turns out that astrophotos make awesome background images.

One of my favorite Android apps is called Astronomy Picture of the Day (by Sam Oakley). In addition to downloading the latest picture and description from APOD for your perusal, it’ll automatically set the photo as your background. This is even cooler if you have multiple Android devices because it’ll keep them visually in sync.

Did I mention that it’s free? Definitely give it a try if you want a hassle free way to get a fresh background automatically every day.

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  1. Jamie says:

    This sounds awesome, will give it a try, thanks :)

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