Samsung, Acer Chromebooks Coming on June 15th. Specifications and Videos

Posted on 11 May 2011, Last updated on 17 June 2018 by

It seems that every new app store has it’s version of Angry Birds but what we’re seeing demonstrated tonight takes Chrome OS a big step further into that land of the impressive PC. Boot and ready within 8 seconds. 3G. GPU acceleration.

Googles Chromebook web pages are available here.

UK France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, US, Italy are getting the first Chromebooks on June 15th.

Samsung, Acer have 12 inch versions coming with an Intel ‘dual-core’ CPU which we suspect is the N550 or N570. [Confirmed: N570 for both Samsung and Acer via]

Acer and Samsung Chromebook full specs and pics here.

These pictures are from ‘This is My Next’ who are currently live blogging the event.






Also mentioned was in-app purchasing for a flat rate of 5%. That undercuts other markets by a long long way.

But are these ultra mobile? Not at the moment they’re not but think about this.

Google have just thrown legacy PC support out of the window which clears the way for a new type of platform. The big thing that holds PCs back from always-on is Windows and legacy support. Chrome could be built on ARM or the new Intel mobile platforms now for an even lighter, smaller, longer battery life device.

12 inch is likely to be a sweet spot, I agree, but there’s some scope for ultra mobile versions here. Getting rid of PC legacy means more efficiency.

The ‘cloud’ has it’s issues in terms of mobility of course but it’s up to the app developers to solve this problem with cached applications. We’ve heard that Rovio have build a version of Angry Birds that can runs completely offline in Chrome OS. Other developers can do this too.

Video time. . .


Google closed the Chromebook keynote speach with the annoucnement that everyone at the keynote would get a Chromebook. Wow!

More videos:

7 Comments For This Post

  1. aftermath says:

    Brush up on the definition of “Personal Computer”. These are not PCs and have far more in common with the old client-server paradigm that PCs grew in response to rather than PCs themselves. Moreover, at 12 inches these are not ultra portable. I can understand the desire to cover this. Surely, you’d feel like you were missing out if you didn’t. However, it just doesn’t fit, unless we’re just going to do what we did with “tablets” and keep changing the meaning of things until illogical things seem to finally make sense.

  2. Chippy says:

    Chrome on Meego on a tablet, umpc? All the advantages of Chrome with a refined stack underneath for traditional working?
    I’m wideing my eyes at the thought of this now. I don’t think it’s hapenning for ultra mobile market soon but getting rid of legacy PC hardware support is a real opportunity for some areas.

  3. turn_self_off says:

    the introduction video is hilarious! :D

  4. toniel says:

    I wouldnt even consider 1 of these unless it was based on always-on ARM

  5. Chippy says:

    How about always-on Intel?

  6. vasu says:

    I wouldnt even consider 1 of these unless it was based on always-on ARM

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