Eee Pad Transformer Review, Part 1 – Intro and Comparisons [video]

Posted on 12 June 2011, Last updated on 12 June 2011 by

Damian was lucky enough to get his hands on an Asus Eee Pad Transformer as well as the keyboard dock directly from Taiwan and we dedicate this video exploring the Transformer’s design and ergonomics with comparisons against an array of others tablets that we have handy at that time, including my beaten up, original Transformer, the HP TC1100 tablet pc.

Overall we were happy with the design and ergonomics of the Transformer and the keyboard dock provides a plethora of connector ports including HDMI, USB, and SD. The keyboard also had an in-built battery which, when docked with the tablet, provided around 16 hrs of useable battery life.

The presence of this battery made the dock almost as heavy as the tablet; the combined weight of the Transformer and dock puts it past 1kg, making it possibly a little heavy to carry around.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. Alslayer says:

    Nice overview. You have all the devices I have or want in this video. I can’t wait to see more.

    I have a Galaxy Tab and TC1100. I want the Atrix and the Transformer. Really good job.

  2. baDboyzs says:

    Slow, nice & easy Part 1 review !

    Excellent comparison of eee pad ergomomics & dock
    We are eagerly waiting for the dock to be released in Malaysia end of June 2011. The tablet itself was released early of the month

    Looking forward to Part 2, hopefully with version android 3.1, thxs

  3. Oryoki says:

    Gold star for your first Carrypad video. Lots of useful information, and the on-camera comparisons with competitor devices is excellent.

    A couple of suggestions: I

    First, improve the lighting for the video. It’s acceptable to use on-camera lighting when you’re at a trade show, but for a studio piece, you definitely want more light. Chippy’s studio is a good example of how to employ extra lighting.

    Second, be sure to say who you are and the organization you represent (Carrypad in this case) at both beginning and end of the video.

    Third, I like the way your voices are distinctive, yet blend well together. I’d upgrade the external mics you’re using to make sure the viewer can hear all comments. And I’d appreciate a little more emotion in your delivery.

    Oh, and good call to place the tablets on a table with a non-reflective surface.

    All in all, an impressive contribution. Thanks!

  4. Oryoki says:

    Let me take back that comment about a matte surface! In the second Transformer video, the camera operator moves more, and the table surface is shown to be shiny, indeed! That shiny surface will be more distracting when you add studio lighting, so get a matte cloth from a photography store to address the issue.

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