MSI Windpad 120W – Bring on the Cedar Trail USPs

Posted on 01 June 2011, Last updated on 01 June 2011 by

Windpad NicoleThis is the way it’s going. You’ve got a CPU and a GPU but it isn’t enough to differentiate as power envelopes, battery life and processing power from all vendors converge. You’ve got to provide more than just a CPU and GPU and that’s what Cedar Trail is all about. WiDi, wireless audio, Fast Flash Standby and integrated 3G.

The Windpad 120W could be one of the first to feature these USPs and although I’m sure they will come at a price premium, they will certainly set the 120W apart from the AMD based 110W and if executed well, provide some real value. What will also be interesting is to see how the dual-core, dual threading 1.86Ghz CPU performs. It should turn in scores 20-30% better than the Z-01 based Windpad 110W. Battery life will be a figure to compare too. I’d really like to get both of these under the cameras for a live session as soon as I can.

Netbooknews have again done a good job with the video and in the article here you’ll find specs and a couple of pictures. The video is embedded below and we’ll try and get the Windpad 120W in the database later today.

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  1. name says:

    Why they don´t put in this digitazer pen?

  2. Roili says:

    Nicole is WAY to focused on the overall score when it only takes 1 poor component to bring it down, she should be comparing each component independently.

    any word if Cedar Trail will will support highrez external monitors (at least 19×10 for HDTV)?

  3. zeo says:

    The new GMA is based on PowerVR SGX545, a more capable version of the SGX535 used in the older GMA 500 that Intel ran at 200MHz, which they upped to 400MHz for the GMA 600 used in Oak Trail and Anandtech reported could play…

    “1080p H.264 base, main and high profile content at up to 20Mbps. At 1.1W platform power during video playback”

    So there shouldn’t be any problems besides CPU performance for playing high resolution media and supporting a wide range of output options.

    The new GMA specs also supports HDMI 1.3a, Display Port 1.1, eDP, support Blu Ray 2.0, DX 10.1, OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.0 capabilities.

    The GMA 5600 is the 400MHz version for the lower end N2600 Cedar Trail and the GMA 5650 is the 640MHz version for the higher end N2800.

    Though they will still pale in comparison to the AMD Fusion GPU’s, it’s quite a step up from Intel’s normal offerings and Intel’s goal was to provide at least twice the performance of the GMA 3150.

  4. DavidC1 says:

    BTW, the naming is 3600/3650 not 5600/5650.

  5. Norman D. Robinson says:

    That’s all very interesting and all. However, where is the active digitizer for all this devices that have the Windows OS. Mercy OEM’s…., are you serious about providing support for this necessary into method. How can it be that everyone looks to build tablet’s and support only half the human natural interface…., *sigh*…., I’m sooooo…., disappointed again. :-(

  6. Norman D. Robinson says:

    So upset I am, that I posted the above statement without reviewing it first. I’m certain you all note the point and frustration I’m attempting to convey. Will they ever get it right? :-o

  7. Vit says:

    So, OEMs neutered Windows OS by not providing one single functionality that differentiate it from Androids, Apples, and others. I mean digitizer support. How do they plan to compete with all the above? Windows doesn’t have instant On, finger friendly interface, it is more business oriented, and one feature that could attract buyers was stripped away! Really?

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