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I’m sitting here and experiencing real peace and quiet right now. Being away from the desk makes you think differently and in this case I was cycling up a foothill of the Alps here in Bavaria thinking about how many websites are struggling to compete against the big boys. Media companies like AOL are all over the web now covering every important topic and working-in coverage of niche keywords while they do it. The SEO power of these media companies is quite phenomenal. They’re also getting good at theatre.

The Daily Mail is a classic example of news theater and has built a huge following based on it. Techcrunch is one example of a website that works its theater well too. Teasing headlines, controversial content and often a slightly off-balance focus.

Security and privacy stories are the worst with many issues never being tested and analysed for true risk.

I’m seeing it all over now and as the big guys fight amongst each other for 10 hard-hitting stories per day it’s only going to get worse.

As what you might call a second-tier blogger who runs 4 websites privately, I don’t get involved in the fight but it does affect my traffic. A lot of private websites that used to ‘link-love’ are now part of these big media networks and with their celebrity bloggers are able to drive traffic via social networks with more efficiency. The theater happens there too. Twitter is full of it although when I take a look into the German language on social networks it doesn’t happen so much. It tells me that it’s largely coming from the USA which makes sense to me. Silicon Valley and the USA in general has always been good at theater!

Are you experiencing ‘theater’ more on websites now? Is sensationalism creating into the equation? Are you a private blogger trying to make a living in this tough environment? Maybe all blogs need to become part of a network eventually?

Posted, possibly while reclining, with the Galaxy Tab 7

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  1. BRYAN B says:

    That’s the interesting thing about “Quite time” you have the chance to reflect on the” Woulda, coulda, shoulda”.
    The process is always informative buthardlyy ever is it good for “Piece of mind”.


  2. chippy says:

    I watched a TED presentation about being bored recently. Apparently its good for activating a different part of the brain We never truly have down-time!

  3. BRYAN B says:

    I have never been there, but how can you possibly be bored biking in the Alps?
    I’m not sure I agree with never having down time in the brain. I meditate regularly, it is possible, just to have a thought that just hangs there,,,,,,,, for a short time span at least.

  4. chippy says:

    My wife says that too. I doubt think I’ve ever personally had brain downtime but then I’ve never persisted with meditation. (have tried)

  5. BRYAN B says:

    Perhaps this article will help with some of your lack of mental stimulation(boredom).

    I found it entertaining.


  6. chippy says:

    I never said I was bored! On the contrary, I’m sitting outside bar in Bavaria enjoying my Tab and a beer ;-)

  7. chippy says:

    Interesting article. Something I’m very aware of as I live my life and bring my children up. Good reading.

  8. BRYAN B says:

    Glad you found the article of interest, should I wish you a happy cold beer or a happy warm one.
    I on the other hand, have no beer handy, cold or otherwise. I will have to content myself with completing the setup of my new Motorola Atrix( new to me, it’s been out for several months) Just downloaded LGCamera from the market, I can now record in 1080p, waaahoooo!!!!

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