Moving on from the Nokia N8 Cameraphone. Updated with ‘Backtrack’

Updated on 21 July 2011 by

It was a tough move but following a failed OVI store upgrade on my N8 (loan from Nokia) this morning I decided that enough is enough. I’ve seen enough software install and update failures to tell me that I should move on. Considering the fact that I’m excited about Google Plus on Android along with the instant photo upload feature, the time is right. I know I’ll miss that camera but I have to move on so the N8 is packaged and ready to be returned. Thanks for the thousands of great camera shots Nokia. Thanks for a great phone and thanks for some interesting HDMI capabilities. Maps wasn’t so successful on the phone and as for apps, I didn’t really find myself using it as my go-to Internet device. I had my Galaxy Tab by my side for Internet and Apps and to be honest, without it, I would have been a little lost.




I enter another phase of phone choices now and one that will again be led by photography. The Meego-based N9 looks nice but I suspect I’ll be going to Android now. I don’t need high-end but I want a great camera and I want 2 day battery life (in a phone-only mode.) Screen size should be 3.5 – 4.2″ and nothing more. Price, up to about 400 Euro. I don’t need a slider as i’ll do most of my thumbing on the Galaxy Tab so here’s the shortlist.

  • HTC Desire HD
  • Sony Xperia Arc
  • HTC Incredible S
  • LG Electronics P990 Optimus Speed

Incredible S looks good value and photos seem OK but I wonder how sensitive it is.  The search starts here.

What will I do in the meantime? Galaxy Tab + Headset + N82 as pub-phone.

Update: Just 2 days after putting the N8 away I’m suffering. The old N82 might be good (I prefer the form factor) but the screen, battery life and photo quality has me reaching for the N8 again. Once you’ve had the best (show me any camera that is as high quality and connected as this one) you can’t go back. The big problem though is that this isn’t really my camera. It’s a long-term loan device for testing N8 firmware upgrades. Ah! There’s my loophole. Ill keep it until I’ve tested Anna and the camera firmware upgrade that is due soon. The N8 is back in the stable.

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  1. mrwed says:

    I will miss the N8 photos you post…the indoor shots seemed orders of magnitude better than those from any other phone (except perhaps the N82!). I often chuckled comparing them to Sascha P’s. There are a few other phone cameras that seem interesting:

    1) Your old Sony Xperia X10 with Gingerbread (battery life too short, perhaps?)
    2) The iPhone 4 with the Google + app (although JKK would be irate!)
    3) I had the impression that the N9 will be able to run Android apps in a java RTE
    4) The myTouch 4G Slide looks interesting

    I have the Evo 4G, which takes great outdoor shots…now you’ve got me keeping an eye out for a good indoor phone camera. I’m thinking of waiting for a Nokia WP7 phone…I wonder if it will have some app equivalent to Google+? Or Google+ itself, for WP7? In any case I’m very interested to see what you choose.

  2. chippy says:


    You’re making me scared to send back the N8. I just know that there isn’t going to be another phone that will match it!
    Interesting about the MyTouch 4G slide tho. Thanks.
    Iphone 4 is just too processed for me.
    Xperia X10 with upgrade is something, yes, but I think my wife would have something to say about me taking her daily phone away ;-)

  3. robotnO says:

    Go with the N9 instead..

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